Back to School Blues? Unicorn Jazz Is a Great Book For Your Child and Confidence

/ July 31, 2019

By Author, Lisa Caprelli

When I was young, I was super shy and introverted and could relate to the fear of fitting in or developing friendships at school.

This is a time of year that children of all ages can have the Back to School Blues, worries, or fear of what to expect at a new school grade, fitting in, having friends, a new school, change or just the idea of having spent their summer away from school – going back can be rather challenging.

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It is important to provide empathy and have discussions with your child(ren) and get help when needed.

I hope this book Unicorn Jazz and my books to come in this series can help your child be happier and thrive!

Don’t forget to check out the Unicorn Jazz Friendship song to put a smile on your kid’s face (and music!)

Unicorn Jazz has a musical note for a tail, see how she is different already!  And her friend, Woof the Crow is a bird that has a dog’s name – so how is that for being different.

I also have many positive book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and from smiling faces as shown on my Instagram and Facebook and classroom visits.

Here is a recent blogger’s review where she points out the above messages also:

Teachers-a really great book for the first day of school! The message is appropriate for girls and boys. A great reminder that even if someone looks different than you do, they have special gifts, just like you. Be a friend, even if someone can’t do what you can do, they have something special, too! And, you should always be proud of what makes you special!

School librarians may want to order these in, because the kids will want to check them out on Library Day!

If your child loves Unicorn Jazz’s messages, please share with me!

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