Dance & Sing With Me – Kids Music Video Casting Call

/ February 1, 2021

Casting Call for fun upbeat music video.  Unicorn Jazz’s Dance & Sing With Me song.

Details and How to Send Music Video Details | Pitch for 12+ kids/singers/dancers/musicians

Kids Music Video Casting Call

Kids who are already selected for this project will be sent an email (to parents) for first Zoom meeting to discuss project particulars in early February.

If you want to audition for this music video, pick out around 30 seconds of your favorite verses and send via video format to

Parents, Include child’s name, headshot, resume if applicable and contact information.


    1. To create a final beautifully made a) music video showcasing the Dance & Sing With Music Video and song.
    2. Bring all children together to make a fun, entertaining and collaborative work for children.
    3. Dance & Sing With Me is already on  30 music platforms such as:  YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, IheartRadio, Itunes, etc)
    4. Awareness.  To bring awareness and showcase all the kid talent via social media, blog story (we will write a final blog story about the children who are part of this music video
    5. Social Media collaborative – Unicorn Jazz will deliver social media graphic posts with carefully crafted messages to each contributor for their own social outreach

Special thanks to Dayna Womack for singing and helping put together the DANCE & SING WITH ME SONG.  The song is written by Lisa Caprelli

We love sharing happiness for kids and bringing together kid talent that can inspire other kids!

In April, at the onset of Covid-19, we had the vision to bring 19 kids and adults together to create the music video – THE THING I DO.  It was challenging, it was back and forth communication and we learned a lot and we created a fun and successful music video with friends and family.  As we grew, we have been appreciative of the tremendous TALENT that comes our way!

Description for Project – Dance & Sing With Me Kids Music Video Casting Call

  1. We are looking for a combination of children (contributor) (ages 6-15) boys and girls to a) sing, dance (choreograph will be decided) and also b) record video (in proper format for re-use by our film team) of said child(ren) singing the song.  Recording a creative video piece is encouraged!
  2. Each child will sing and/or dance verses from the song as well as sing collaborative lyrics in the song to be seen together in the music video.  (Similar to The Thing I Do music video on YouTube listed above).
    1. Sing it a) A cappella and also b) with the instrumental music audio file we will provide and c) videotaping your best singing with your verse (for the music video)
    2. Use headphones when singing and recording.
  3. Directors for this music video will be Lisa Caprelli and Singer Dayna Womack
  4. Choreographer will be led by Shelby Kaufman

We will deliver music sheets to children/parents upon acceptance of the project.

We will appreciate getting as many children/parents on one joint Zoom meeting call to discuss particulars, creatives and ideas for final delivery. (We did this with The Thing I Do music video).

Deadline for sending in video and song elements will be decided once we determine the full cast for this music video.


Kids Casting Call  

Written and Created by Lisa Caprelli, Director of THE THING I DO Show on Amazon TV

Created to connect kids of all ages and adults as part of Unicorn Jazz’s Read Across America Dance & Sing With Me Tour!

The song and music video will be part of a future 2021 Episode of The Thing I Do. Each actor/singer will receive an IMDB credit.

Unicorn Jazz in care of publisher Happy & Fun Lifestyle, LLC will give the following in exchange for providing your submission of a song/music/dancing in the form of video.

  • Social media promotion and marketing efforts to include your child and his/her brand along with co-contributors.
  • Profits that may occur from this music video will to to help fund The Thing I Do kids show.  As well as build awareness for the Unicorn Jazz community.  While we realize it may take time, months or years for a song to “profit,” we wanted to define this.
  • A $50 Amazon Gift card compensation will be given for this song.
  • Copyright will be owned by Happy and Fun Lifestyle, Director Lisa Caprelli.
  • Parent permission required and agreement will be emailed to parent for signature and acceptance.


Send final video pieces via Google drive (ask for our link) to upload content.

Lyrics to Dance & Sing With Me Song

Dance & Sing with Me Move your body side to side
Rock, Rhythm & Slide
Dance and sing with me
Move your Body
Just be Free
Sway your arms side to side
Step your legs– let them glide
Rock ….Rhythm and Slide
Dance & Sing
Tap your nose
Swing your body (and)
Touch your toes!
(Chorus) Dance and sing with me
Move your Body
Just be Free! (Eeee!)
Hands High to the sky
Pretend you can fly
Rock ….Rhythm & Slide
Dance and sing
Give a high five…
It’s good to be alive
Dance and sing with me
Move your Body
Just be Free
Dance and sing with me
Move your Body
Just be Free
Hop to the beat And shake those feet
Get creative…
You’re on your own
Feel the music —you’re in the zone


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