Exploring with Dr. Chris Adventures with Animals, Nature, Puppets and a Kids Game Show

/ June 15, 2020

Exploring with multi-faceted Dr. Chris, an outdoor adventurer with a marine biology background.

An outdoor adventurer with a marine biology degree, Dr. Chris Herzig, leading the the way — showing kids through fun YouTube videos and a kids show THE THING I DO!

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The growing kids show is Unicorn Jazz “The THING I Do” which was created to reach more children at the start of the pandemic.  Children’s author, Lisa Caprelli, and Dr. Chris, teamed up to share fun experiences and entertaining videos for kids to learn more about kid-friendly and educational topics.

While the two are polar opposites, she the writer, he the analytical thinker, they compliment each other in the joys of learning new things.



“Chris has so much knowledge in outdoor adventures, coupled with a marine biology degree as well as that of a physician in radiology.  He constantly teaches me ideas and concepts, and my approach to soaking up great information is to teach me like I am a first grader.”

Interestingly enough, Chris does not like writing as much as Lisa gets ecstatic joy.  They trade off the roles that they do.  Every day they are like two kids playing together when they both turn on their “first grader” play hat.

In order to think like a kid, you have to take yourself back in time to what it was like.  Reaching the amount of children, I am so blessed to do, thanks to the books that connect us, I found that staying young means letting go of boundaries and adding a lot of creativity.

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Dr. Chris can take a concept about ocean animals, like a narwhal and turn it into 30 to 90 second video for kids.  Through online learning, he taught himself how to create the videos, fun scripts that kids of all ages appreciate.

Even the adults we know, love what they learn.  It is like being a kid all over again.

We have requests for Dr. Chris to create an enormous amount of fun teaching videos.

Lisa helps write the scripts or they both bounce ideas off of each other.  With her background in producing talk shows, marketing and story-boarding, they never grow tired of creating content.


Both Chris and Lisa are generally introverts.  She found that creating home made puppets, yes, even sock puppets, would be a way to extend themselves into new characters and personalities.

“We could be more than two people with puppets and silly voices.  We could be four or more characters.  With our limited household casting and the joy kids get out of role playing with puppets, stars were born.

An Outdoor adventurer by heart, Dr. Chris grew up doing all kinds of outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, backpacking, fishing.

The goal of THE THING I DO kids show’s area of education that Dr. Chris teaches is to show the youth how to creatively explore the grand beauty of the natural world around them.

Whether that is in the mountains, the desert, the ocean or if it’s cold or hot, there is always a way to enjoy mother Earth.

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Top Show Segments by Dr. Chris

  • Narwhal
  • Deep Sea Green Turtles
  • Bees and Nature
  • Dolphins and fun facts

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