Children’s Unicorn Book Series Shares the Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song on Audible, Sung by Kerri Kasem

/ June 4, 2019

By Lisa Caprelli

Behind the scenes for the making of the first Unicorn Jazz book was serendipitous. Creating and finding the perfect voice for this children’s book was a process!

First, my fiance, Chris, went through 70 voices until the voices and talent of Tiffany Marz shined through a short 30 second or so recording.  I did not have the time to listen to all the auditions, so him, being an avid audiobook lover said, “I would love to take on this project because it is important!”

We had the page of Woof the Crow for the audition to be read. It was quite entertaining to hear other people’s takes on Woof the Crow’s voice.  Many were good, however, one in particular captured the essence of Unicorn Jazz and her cast of characters. He had me listen to it, and I smiled ear to ear.  I called her up and explaining the importance of what this book and its subsequent books would mean because I wanted her to put as much passion into creating it as we have for its long term visions.


What would a children’s book be without a song?  After writing Unicorn Jazz’s first book, I called around to find a professional singer/songwriter who could help me turn the verse I wrote in the story into a fully developed song.

I went through a few singers who did not get it, or who did not have the same passion for the vision I had for the children.  And then I contacted Thanecha Anderson.  She read the story, immediately called me and said, “Yes, I will do it.  I think it’s a lovely story; thank you for thinking of me.”

Then I called my very dear friend, Kerri Kasem, who is a singer among many other great talents. I needed advice on what kind of studio I would need and she gave me recommendations.  I asked her if she could be the singer of the song Thanecha would ultimately create for us along with guitar and song lyrics.

It was so much fun singing the Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song over and over, with Thanecha getting the guitar music just right.  I could tell that everyone saw the importance of what we were creating based on the messages in the book. It was really surreal that this was all happening.

The process by now was taking three months and I was anxious to get it out to children and parents to sing along.  By April we got it produced and recorded in a professional studio by William Parrish.

The final best recorded Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song will be made available later on Itunes and Spotify.  

Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song by Kerri kasem unicorn childrens book

Unicorn children’s books combined with this Unicorn Jazz Friendship song that goes with Unicorn Jazz book

We have an older version available on YouTube.

We also have it as a free BONUS at the END of the Audiobook and on June 3, 2019 it ranked #1 New Release!  

Video about the audiobook on Audible:

Click Here!


Above: Kerri Kasem and Lisa Caprelli reading and singing the Friendship Song at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, April 2019


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