Who is Unicorn Jazz?

/ May 26, 2019

Unicorn Jazz carries with it a timelessly serene message of hope for our upcoming generations. An Amazonian Wonder-Woman tale in the form of a harmonious unicorn fable, Unicorn Jazz depicts the features that warm and empower the essence of our natural fibers as we grow through our childhood stages of psychological self-development. 

Written By Paul Knowman

Jazz is a dazzling young unicorn with incandescent purple hair and a golden horn with shining hoofs to match. Although quite timid in nature, her most stunning quality is that of her voice in song, whose melody surpasses and soothes all other animals who hear her sing. When she and her parents move to a new place where Jazz is to go to school for the first time, she finds herself at odds with the other animal members of her class, such as the horses, giraffes and geckos.

While Jazz thought that she and the animals would get along nicely, they didn’t seem to accept her.  The book conveys the feelings from her observations.

Feeling lonely and discouraged, Jazz takes a walk through a forest and begins to sing her heart away when Woof The Crow descends.  Here she finds a newfound friend who believes in her. He points out her incredible voice and celebrates her splendid hair and horn.

This soothing colored book provides a very relatable yet individually unique feeling any child can attend to, serving to remind us that we are never completely alone. Even in our darkest days a light will cast a rainbow shadow that is always around to whisper words of prosperity whenever we forget that our distinctness is iconic rather than problematic, putting us back on our golden path whose road is wide enough only for only the most truly different and radiant of passengers.

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