Magical unicorns have a way of captivating children of all ages. In best-selling author Lisa Caprelli’s newest children’s book, “Unicorn Jazz ™,” a shy unicorn moves to a new magical land with her family but has difficulty making new friends with the other animals. The book engages young readers while also imparting some valuable life lessons for audiences of any age about the power of confidence, the value of diversity, and why we should celebrate what makes us unique.


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About the Book

A Magical World Filled With Colorful Characters

The book is the first part in a series that Lisa Caprelli writes and Davey Villalobos illustrates to inspire young readers by creating imaginative stories with colorful characters. Unicorn Jazz ™ Bold and Brave, Woof the Crow and more Unicorn Jazz ™ products such as coloring book, t-shirts, gift subscription boxes  are being released in 2019 and beyond.

In addition to stories, music sheets, coloring books, songs and more under the brand name Unicorn Jazz ™, Caprelli has also created a curriculum guide for teachers and parents seeking to integrate the lessons from the story into a classroom setting.

Unicorn Jazz ™ is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Lisa Caprelli, Author

Lisa Caprelli is an author who has studied human behavior and communication for over 25 years. She is host of the Happy Lifestyle Online Show and uses her words to inspire audiences of all ages. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Caprelli currently resides in Huntington Beach, California, and writes fiction and non-fiction books.