An Entertaining Children’s Unicorn Book Series that Celebrates Love, Kindness, Being Unique, and Believing in Others!

Kids picture books have a way of captivating children of all ages, especially Unicorn Jazz with her magical tail shaped like a musical note.  Unicorn Jazz is a children’s book trilogy, and growing with books: Unicorn Jazz, Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz & Friends, and Eye See You: Choosing Kindness available on Amazon and fine bookstores everywhere. 

Unicorn Jazz is the most unique unicorn in the world with a musical note for a tail.  An educational brand with animal characters found in plush toys, songs, coloring activities, play script & more.  Seeking to find licensees in animation cartoons, games and technology. 

Unicorn Jazz has empowering messages that engages young readers while creating conversations about friendship and basic social-emotional learning skills.

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childrens unicorn book series Eye See You Unicorn Jazzchildrens unicorn booksEye See You: Choosing Kindness on Amazon now

Our Mission: To create and share meaningful and positive stories to entertain children and to encourage imagination and social skills through reading, writing and communication to build a strong, positive community!

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kids unicorn book series unicorn jazzNominated for an Odyssey Award for its narrations on Audible, you will find the story come to life with character voices of this children’s unicorn book for your child to sing along with the bonus “Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song.”

Besides the Notable Children’s Recordings Award Nominee via the American Library Association, Unicorn Jazz, children’s unicorn book is on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO! You can watch the unicorn fairy book story come to life with its friendly cast of animal character combined with the cutest voices by Tiffany Marz.  What would a children’s picture book be without a song?  We included the bonus song, sung by Kerri Kasem. 

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A Magical Fantasy World Filled With Colorful Characters

Unicorn Jazz is a children’s book series authored by Lisa Caprelli and illustrated by Davey Villalobos. Its goal is to inspire young readers by creating imaginative stories with vibrant animal characters brimming with diverse personalities.

In addition to the picture book series, the Unicorn Jazz brand also includes other artistic works for kids to enjoy, such as Unicorn Jazz coloring books and soothing, positive songs to sing along to that blend perfectly with the Unicorn Jazz brand message.

Unicorn toys such as plush dolls, stuffed animals and more picture books about unicorns are forthcoming – including a cast of animal character friends like, Woof the Crow, Bee Happy, Narhwal Nayeli and Flamingo Asia!

Unicorn Jazz ™ Bold and Brave, Woof the Crow and more Unicorn Jazz ™ products such as unicorn coloring books, t-shirts, toys, birthday bundles, unicorn gifts and more!

Lisa Caprelli, Author

childrens book author lisa caprelli, author visitsAnimal characters that evolve into icons through their own picture book stories and graphic novels are known to help kids develop a lifetime of reading engagement and literacy while also encouraging the love of writing. I created the Unicorn Jazz book series for children with the purpose of teaching kids how to evoke conversations centered around these social-emotional skills: communication, laughter, empathy, silliness, strength, kindness, confidence, and the wider range of feelings and emotions that all lead to human connection.

I emphasize the meaning and significance of these skills when I write my children’s books because early childhood is the most critical point in a person’s life to learn the basics of handling their social and emotional functioning.

Social intelligence is vitally important because we can’t efficiently connect with others and form meaningful relationships without it; it’s how we learn to adapt to our external environment. Emotional intelligence on the other hand determines how well we connect with our own self and mind and how we overcome internal struggle.

Therefore, developing strong social-emotional intelligence early on is a key component regarding a child’s overall success for the future.


Lisa Caprelli is an author who has studied human behavior and communication for over 25 years. She is host of the Happy Lifestyle Online Show and uses her words and messages to inspire audiences of all ages. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Caprelli currently resides in Huntington Beach, California, and writes fiction and non-fiction books for children of all ages from elementary school to middle school grades and high school. Caprelli has also created her own activity and curriculum guides for teachers and parents seeking to integrate the lessons from her stories into a classroom setting that educators, counselors, principals and librarians have appreciated!

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It is hard to imagine what the world would be like without picture books for children.   Stories that children love to read over and over again can bring smiles, an inquisitive nature and even spark their own creativity. There is a Treasure Trove – “It’s called Reading!” In Skip a Step research that is intended for young readers, the book Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds, Michael Gerber, best-selling author was quoted as saying the number one best thing a child or young person can do to get ahead, is to READ.  It was important that we created a Skip a Step Journal that students can use and apply to based on their reading.  Read the full article here. In 2020, Skip a Step children’s comics and children’s graphic novels will be forthcoming.

Enhancing Social-Emotional Development with Children’s Story Books


Reading to kids can be a big boost to their social-emotional learning based on how they come to perceive and understand the morals contained within each story.

A single children’s book comes with the power to hold an infinite amount of value that a child can take away with them after learning its true lesson and meaning. The lessons and teachings that kids attain from story books can also be considered a form of educating outside of a classroom setting.

Elementary school libraries are full of picture books for the same purpose – so that kids have a chance to gain higher social-emotional knowledge alongside their academic curriculum. The best part about picture books is that they bring the lessons to life through powerful illustrations that every child can easily grasp, and I’m delighted to know that the Unicorn Jazz series can be considered among them.

We are pleased to bring you a wonderful unicorn picture book series and brand for kids that will be a timeless experience treasured by unicorn lovers and people of all ages!