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Discover the entertaining children’s unicorn book series families Adore that celebrates love, kindness, Diversity, being unique, believing in others. A social emotional learning book series, you can Help kids discover their passions & Creativity with the Amazon TV family show – Unicorn Jazz Presents The THING I Do!

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Learn about Kindness, Friendship, & Belonging
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A Social Emotional Learning & Children's Unicorn Book Series With Songs

Unicorn Jazz™ is a social emotional learning children’s unicorn book series authored by Lisa Caprelli and illustrated by Davey Villalobos. Its goal is to inspire young readers through creative and imaginative stories filled with a colorful cast of animal characters brimming with diverse personalities. In addition to the unicorn picture book series, the brand includes a range of different unicorn toys, unicorn coloring books, a unicorn plush doll, and unicorn songs for kids to sing along with. The Unicorn Jazz store also offers a variety of other unicorn products for people of any age to enjoy!

With her trademarked musical note for a tail, Unicorn Jazz is officially one of the most unique unicorn brands in the world. Explore how a unicorn book can help teach children about confidence, diversity, and the power of love—and follow along as the adventures of Unicorn Jazz continue for years to come! The characters within the magical world of Unicorn Jazz include a variety of different animals, allowing children to learn while having fun. Trezekke, Woof the Crow, Bee Happy, Narhwal Nayeli, and Flamingo Asia are just a few of Unicorn Jazz’s friends you might encounter. 

Literacy is important for kids! Stories can help children be inspired to do more, be more and create more. I love creating meaningful and positive stories to entertain children and to encourage communication and imagination through reading, writing and art.

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Unicorn Jazz

An award-winning book, Unicorn Jazz is the first storybook in this magical unicorn book series.  Unicorn Jazz moves to a new land in search of new animal friends. Discover why this shy unique unicorn has a musical tail for a note and how sometimes it takes just one person to believe in you.  When she meets Woof the Crow he encourages her to be bold & brave and loves her singing, just the way her mom sang to her.

unicorn jazz childrens unicorn book series official website lisa caprelli author
bee-ing happy with unicorn jazz and friends childrens book about happiness lisa caprelli author

Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends

Happiness book for kids of all ages! Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends brings animal friends together in this heartfelt book filled with ways to be happy with colorful hand-drawn, kid-like art that has been said to be as creative as Dr. Seuss’s books! Unicorn Jazz and animal friends in this happiness books for kids include a bee named BEE HAPPY, octopus, gorilla, cat, ocean friends, and Woof the Crow, all showing imaginative and creative ideas on what being happy can mean.

Eye See You: Choosing Kindness

With its hand-drawn, kid-like art, Woof the Crow shares with Unicorn Jazz himself as a baby crow and his struggles to fit in.  Besides wearing glasses, he gets bullied by Billy Bob the Butterfly and Flamingo Asia tells him to apologize. This kindness book for kids is about belonging, friendship and nuggets of humor adults of all ages appreciate reading with their kids.

unicorn jazz eye see you choosing kindness childrens unicorn book series lisa caprelli

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Lisa Caprelli, Unicorn Jazz Author

Lisa Caprelli, Unicorn Jazz Author

Lisa Caprelli is the author of the Unicorn Jazz children unicorn book series. She has studied human behavior and communication for over 25 years. She is host of the Happy Lifestyle Online Show and uses her words and messages to inspire audiences of all ages. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Caprelli currently resides in Huntington Beach, California, and writes fiction and non-fiction books for children of all ages from elementary school to middle school grades and high school. Caprelli has also created her own activity and curriculum guides for teachers and parents seeking to integrate the lessons from her stories into a classroom setting that educators, counselors, principals and librarians have appreciated!

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