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This podcast interview with Lisa Caprelli, hosted by Dr. Sharon Jones, is available at

How does a Latina mom go from humble beginnings to becoming an award winning 16 book author and the brains behind the purpose filled children’s brand Unicorn Jazz? Find out by listening in to the podcast interview at

Find out more about Lisa’s inspiring story through her podcast interview with host Linda Heeler available at

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Lisa Caprelli expands on her thoughts concerning leadership and how to master the art of children’s book writing. Podcast available at

Saturday, February 19th – 11 am – 11:45 am. Lisa shares how she made her characters come to life with puppets, writing, reading, and imagination. Inspired by Sesame Street and with her kids multi-media brand of Unicorn Jazz’s Show, Lisa has created a way to teach and entertain entire school audiences, from grades K-8. Visit at

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You can listen to this podcast interview at

There are so many messages that educators, moms and children have given as positive feedback for the children’s book that include social emotional learning skills that open up important conversations that begin with children.  Whether it is the importance of believing in others, friendship, the power of being unique, being bold and brave, or belonging, these are the messages that inspire Lisa to keep growing Unicorn Jazz.™

Read her full blog article – click here.

Bee-ing Happy can include many moments in life, such as catching snowflakes, making a wish on your birthday, making up silly words, baking sweets with mom, bringing your teacher flowers and more. 

Read the full list of book recommendations by mom blogger, Kristal Leon – click here

 “Ms. Caprelli did a phenomenal job telling a beautiful story about a kind and friendly unicorn named Jazz, who’s juuuust a bit shy. You see, Unicorn Jazz wants to be a singer, so her shyness is making things difficult for her. It’s not helping that she doesn’t seem to be fitting in with the variety of other animals at her new home in the El Paso Zoo. Fortunately, as tends to happen to people (or Unicorns!) who put good vibes out into the world, good vibes come her way when  he meets a raspy-voiced crow named Woof, who turns her life around.”  See his full post here: 

Unicorn Jazz unicorn book for girls

Barnes and Noble, Bella Terra location is having a delightful morning with local Huntington Beach author, Lisa Caprelli who will do a fun Unicorn Jazz story time for children on July 24, 2019 at 10:30 am. Info here.

You will have the option to purchase an autographed book of Unicorn Jazz, English or Unicornio Jazz, Spanish book.

Children’s book author, Lisa Caprelli, will be giving away free stickers, bookmarks and coloring book pages to the first 15 people who attend.  See you there!

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Reading with your Kids – Hosted by Jed Doherty.  Our chat ranges from how did Lisa get the idea for Unicorn Jazz and the inspiring story behind its creation, the truth about how Lisa felt initially about writing for children, upcoming books and more. Be sure to tune in and meet the many friendly characters that will befriend and help Jazz on her way to discovering her talent for singing!  Click here for the full podcast.unicorn kids book podcast author visit

Join Storymakery and author Lisa Caprelli for a Unicorn Jazz Time story-time and sing-along magical event followed by an inspiring writing workshop for kids of all ages. Lisa will read ‘Unicorn Jazz‘, a book about a shy unicorn named Jazz with a musical note for a tail.  This book teaches the importance of friendship, being unique and about the power of believing in others while providing a fun read your child is sure to enjoy! After reading the story the author will take your child on a journey to sing-along the Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song.

Storymakery writers then will work with children on expressing themselves through writing their own storybooks about the importance of family and friends with a focus on finding strength in being unique. Register below for this one of a kind event!

For more info click here

Partners in Education Nomination by Counselor Mrs. Soto and Principal Mrs. Poblano from Del Norte Elementary School at the area Ysleta Independent School District luncheon.

Unicorn Jazz Time Reading and sing-along with children.

Interviewed on 101.1 Gold FM at 8:15am by host Ms. KC Counts.  
5p-8p. Barnes and Noble, where FOX/CBS & ABC are also scheduled to come by!

The Fountains at Farah, El Paso. Meet the author and illustrator of Unicorn Jazz.

CHOC – Children’s Hospital of Orange County Storytime and Sing-a-long of Unicorn Jazz and Bee-ing Happy with Friends by Lisa Caprelli and Dr. Chris Herzig

Sensational Story Time (1:30pm): Gather around as Children’s Author Lisa Caprelli reads her story, Unicorn Jazz. Unicorn Jazz discovers how difficult it can be to make new friends, but thanks to her mother she learns how to celebrate her uniqueness and meets Woof the Crow, who helps her realize her talent.

Presented Unicorn Jazz to Mr. O’s classroom of 3rd graders along with singer/songwriter, Thanecha Anderson.  This was a great classroom of engaged students who gave us thank you letters as well!

Author Visit by Lisa Caprelli to discuss her journey from El Paso, Texas to California as well as her books and life changing messages and experiences for the students to show that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and with the right people in your life, such as teachers, parents, mentors.

Lisa is the motivational speaker to 200 high school students, discussing Skipping Steps based on her work with Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom to Young Entrepreneur Minds

Mrs. Yearby reads Unicorn Jazz and brings magic to life reading the story.  “Reading is vital for so many different reasons. It helps with imagination, with creativity, with focus and concentration, with communication, with language development, and with intellect, to name a few.”


Mrs. Yearby’s Class Reading

Unicorn Jazz Story and Sing-a-long with Kerri Kasem.

Interview sharing the magic of Unicorn Jazz with my illustrator, Davey Villalobos.

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, Isabel and Caprelli participated in a Zoom reading of Caprelli’s “The Thing I Do” for students from De Anza Elementary in San Jacinto. The goal was to present music, reading and messages of empowerment and kindness to the children. 

The books represent the importance of family and friends and finding the strength to embrace your unique quirks, ambitions and talents. The series is the recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards medal and also consists of free online activities, songs, coloring pages and even a unicorn plush doll.

The author of more than 15 books, Caprelli has a passion for writing about human behavior and maximizing one’s potential and happiness.  “If you want to go fast, go alone,” she says. “If you want to go far, go together.” Besides, “the magic of reading to children never gets old.” —- Click here to read the full story.

Emily Isabel school visit with Unicorn Jazz in El Paso, Texas

(COOLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — Feb. 12, 2021) — Author Lisa Caprelli inspired Cooley students to sing, dance and — most importantly — read, during a Zoom visit Thursday morning.

The former El Pasoan, known for her Unicorn Jazz book series, asked child actress Emily Isabel to join her on the virtual visit to talk about kindness and celebrating the “thing you do.”

“I really started writing as a little girl,” Caprelli told the students. “Each one of you have a special thing – each one of you is unique.”   READ THE FULL EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT STORY – click HERE.

Cooley elementary school el paso texas author visit lisa caprelli unicorn jazz

Lisa Caprelli sharing her children's unicorn book series in a Texas Elementary School Author Visit

unicorn jazz childrens unicorn best books mom bloggerAbove: 

KVIA News TV Interview:  Sharing the children’s book author journey of Unicorn Jazz with Lisa Caprelli and Lucid Love, an anti-bullying non-profit with book EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness

Left:  Priscilla with Eye See You: Choosing Kindness. Check out the wonderful blog article and outstanding review of our trilogy books by Kristal Leon, click here.

School Author Visit. Sharing the joy of reading, writing, songs and art with over 950 students from grades PreK to 5th graders! Thanks to the school librarian, teachers, parents for making this another wonderful teaching day!


Good Day Orange County Interview

Best-selling author Lisa Caprelli sits down with the ladies from Good Day Orange County to discuss her book writing workshops, what it takes to get take a book from concept to publishing, and the release of her children’s unicorn books, Unicorn Jazz.

“So many people want to write a book, and many people have a story in them. We all come from unique experiences . . . in wanting to write my own book as a little girl and putting that voice down onto paper I learned how to self-publish along the way to create adorable children’s unicorn books.”


Lisa Caprelli has built numerous brands.  In recent years, she has become a full-time author and owner of a publishing company to help other authors realize their dream of writing and publishing their own books.   Writing is one of her favorite accomplishments. To see all of her books in print, go to Author Page.

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to make it as a Children’s Book Author?  With all of the beautiful books in the world, it takes something special to stand out and Lisa Caprelli is making an impact with her unique Unicorn Jazz.  Her Unicorn Book Series, celebrates friendship, belonging, the power of believing in others and HAPPINESS! There are deep lessons in these stories that make a positive difference for children and celebrate what makes us unique.  To Listen to the full interview, click here.

Children’s unicorn books review: “The message behind the story of Jazz, is that there is magic in everyone, and it’s okay to be different.  To believe in yourself, even if no one else does.  This was the exact message I wanted to give my girls before they started this new journey…. also the books come in both English and Spanish.”


“Ms. Caprelli did a phenomenal job telling a beautiful story about a kind and friendly unicorn named Jazz, who’s juuuust a bit shy. You see, Unicorn Jazz wants to be a singer, so her shyness is making things difficult for her. It’s not helping that she doesn’t seem to be fitting in with the variety of other animals at her new home in the El Paso Zoo. Fortunately, as tends to happen to people (or Unicorns!) who put good vibes out into the world, good vibes come her way when he meets a raspy-voiced crow named Woof, who turns her life around.”

Laura's Books And Blogs Review

Unicorn Jazz is everything a great picture book should be. Jazz is a well-rounded main character who shy, introverted readers can relate to and all readers can admire. Meanwhile, Woof represents that rare breed of beings who aren’t afraid to be themselves and are a godsend for shy misfits who have trouble making friends. The moral of the story is acceptance. It teaches you that if you feel different from everybody else, embrace those differences, and others will respect you for it. Likewise, if you see someone who looks out of place, be sure to accept them for who they are, and include them.  It’s when Jazz tries to be like the others that they dismiss her, but when she stops trying, that’s when they notice her and the talent that she possesses.”  

The Reading Teacher

Reading of the first children’s unicorn book series book – Unicorn Jazz, read by “The Reading Teacher” Erin Carl Young. 


More Reviews...

Sweet Beet Books

“Unicorns have a global popularity in itself, and it will not be surprising to see creator, Lisa Caprelli, build this Unicorn Jazz ™ empire in the coming months and years.   She knows how to operate successful companies so it is not any surprise she can fill the hats of writing, planning, blogging, connecting with influencers on Instagram or Facebook, speaking in front of children organizations, doing author visits all while building and impacting the lives of children.” 

A Sailor's Wife

“These days as a mom I love when I find books that are not only enjoyable and exciting but also present wisdom. Unicorn Jazz by Lisa Caprelli is one of those books that teach kids self-acceptance, self-love, self-confidence and overcoming your fears . . . This book contains a great message for children to live by and really reminds me of the quote, “be a unicorn in a field of horses.” It is also full of activities that both you and your little one can do together after reading this beautiful book.”

Green Gables Book Reviews

“Oh my Goodness! “Unicorn Jazz” by Lisa Caprelli, is the tune I’m singing today! This is by far the sweetest, cutest, most encouraging book I’ve read in a while. It has a wonderful wholesome, “be proud of who you are” message. The illustrations are colorful and fun, the song is catchy and the message is so encouraging! This is the book that is going to be on every kids “to be read list!” A great reminder that even if someone looks different than you do, they have special gifts, just like you.”

childrens unicorn books author visits huntington beach california

The Unicorn Jazz children’s book series has helped and changed so many kids’ and parents’ lives in so many positive ways, and author Lisa Caprelli hopes to inspire you too! To grab a book, or to view the entire collection of stories in the UJ series so far, be sure to visit Lisa Caprelli’s author page.

About Lisa Caprelli

Huntington Beach Author lISA cAPRELLI

Meet children’s author Lisa Caprelli, a Latina mom on a mission to inspire kids to learn.  Lisa was inspired by Sesame Street’s combination of music, puppetry and talent to teach. 

During the pandemic, she found the silver lining for children to express themselves creatively while sharing HAPPINESS.  Utilizing technology platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live and Amazon TV, “Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do” was born. It has been described as a modern, educational and fun show for kids –with puppets, stories and with real kids — who could send in their short videos and merge them into a TV show series.  

2020 tested many of us and it was during that time Lisa did not stop her nationwide school tour of presenting and encouraging the arts, reading, writing, music, and storytelling … Instead of feeling defeated, she took the opportunity to impact more families in the quickest, most efficient way possible —  by producing and directing an online kids’ show!

To date, Unicorn Jazz, a multi-media brand has reached over 500,000 children through school tours, social media influencers, bloggers and podcast outreach!

Lisa uses her characters from the Unicorn Jazz series, offering social emotional learning in its books – turned some into puppets, Unicorn Jazz and Trezekke (pronounced tray-zee-kee) a zebracorn —  along with a puppet led game show — “Happiness News” — ocean animals —  original music soundtracks — like: 

  • The Friendship Song
  • Rainbow song
  • Make that smile a little bit bigger 
  • Baby, I love you …  
  • and more!  

Created with numerous talented kids, actors and singers, the show has talent ~ like 13 year old, Broadway star, Emily Isabel. Rhett Drennen shares his joy of reading — along with fun facts to make learning fun and imaginative!

Lisa Caprelli is an author of 16 books, a songwriter, speaker, and host of the Amazon TV show called UNICORN JAZZ PRESENTS THE THING I DO.   Directed by Lisa Caprelli and Produced and created with a winning team of kid actors, singers and writers!  Click Here for Lisa’s Bio & Press Kit

Lisa grew up with humble beginnings in the sun city of El Paso, Texas. She is proud of her Latin roots and culture.  She always wanted to live near the ocean and today lives in Huntington Beach, California. She has made Orange County, California her home for the past 20 years.  Lisa has experience presenting to elementary, middle and high school students and has taught at Long Beach State, California.

Having worked with over 150 CEO’s and brands and with a 27+ years of writing, marketing, branding, public relations, FM/AM radio, The Business Experience Show, podcasting and writing background, Lisa Caprelli has made stories her life.  As an entrepreneur, Lisa went on a 2.5 year journey researching & interviewing 13 notable entrepreneurs on what makes for a MEANINGFUL, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS life.  Enter her book Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom For Young Entrepreneur Minds.   It was through Skip a Step that she fulfilled her life’s purpose to create the UNICORN JAZZ world in 2018.

Her books—“Skip a Step” and talks like “The 5 Hats”—draw from her experiences interviewing hundreds of people, specifically entrepreneurs, during the course of her more than 10 years in live radio broadcasting.   Caprelli has helped more than 150 brands build their business.

Caprelli also does virtual and in person author visits for elementary school age students. She currently resides in Southern California and is the proud mother of two boys. When she is not working as an entrepreneur, writing books, or interviewing the next generation of business leaders, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, and running.

book childrens author to speak virtual storytime lisa caprelli

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