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Learn, create, dream, and grow through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  


Unicorn Jazz ™ is a children’s book series that Celebrates Belonging,Being Unique, Believing In Others and Being Kind. Created by director and author, Lisa Caprelli, she helps students learn from reading, writing and literacy. 


WHAT YOU GET:   Virtual author sessions you can schedule for your classroom and/or school  throughout the 2020-21 school year.  Author, Lisa Caprelli gives a 40 minute learning session that includes Q&A to a teacher’s classroom, or several classrooms per school. Your school receives collaborative education to create a meaningful and educational author visit.  

To learn more about rates and scheduling – contact us today!

A fun learning experience for Librarians Teachers Counselors Principals Parent


Because each event or elementary school virtual author visit is a unique experience can be tailored to your school or event’s liking, it is important that I first meet with you to have a phone call discussion.  I have a lot to provide and like to know what you are focusing on:

School assembly, classroom readings, writing projects, literacy time, avid reader recognition, coloring or writing contest, the importance of reading, journey of a story, journey of an author, imaginative play, singing, art, technology 3D printing capabilities (see 3D video), play script based on books, etc.)

orange county childrens book author visit by lisa caprelli
  • My presentation includes a story time reading of one of my books, (based on grade level) a sing-a-long song that accompanies Unicorn Jazz, the importance of reading discussion, encouraging library skills, and a book signing afterwards.  Optional children’s writing workshops for upper grades with my 7 page guide. 
  • BEYOND THE BOOK – Free curriculum, activity guides, DIY animal fun puppet kits, coloring pages, zoo field trip guide, Free PRINTABLES, mazes and activities that go beyond the book can be requested by contacting us today. SOME can be downloaded – click here.
  • Technology RESOURCES available such as 3D printer file.
  • Curriculum Guides meet the Common Core Standards (CCSS) in the areas of Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing Literature and Math, Art, Music and Drama. 
  • Free printables and coloring pages.
  • Q&A Session.  The importance of reading and writing, how to use imagination to create a story and how I discovered my ability to be a good writer while in elementary school.  
  • Each presentation generally lasts between 30-45 minutes. I understand that Kindergarteners, if applicable, need attention.  As such, I can tailor presentations.  I recommend K-2 or K-3 and the 3-5 or 3-6 separate presentations. Ask me for my former itineraries that work!
  • At the end of each presentation, I facilitate an official book signing.  
  • Paperback or hardcover books for students, faculty and staff are offered at a discounted rate.  I will provide you with advanced forms to send home so that children can get their signed and inscribed copy!
  • Full and half classroom sets of books are available in hardcover as well.
  • Please reach out to me for honorariums.  
children's book author lisa caprelli
Lisa caprelli childrens book author
childrens book author visits by lisa caprelli
childrens book play script play script unicorn jazz
best selling childrens unicorn book series
I’m happy to report that every child that I have read this book to has absolutely loved it and I have an almost constant demand for them to be able to check it out of the library. If you’re hesitant, let me just say now- buy her book for your library. It has a wonderful story of love and acceptance and the song that goes with it is so catchy and my kids have been singing it almost constantly since we read the book! -H. Grace, Elementary School Librarian


 We had a writers workshop with 5th graders next. She shared her book and explained how to use the writing template she provided. They were all so inspired and excited to collaborate and then share in small groups, their own stories in a speed writing session. We moved on to an assembly with our 2nd thru 4th graders, approximately 230 students. She shared with them the Unicorn Jazz friendship song. Everyone danced, clapped, high-fived and sang along. We were then treated to a sneak peek of her newest book Eye See You. Everyone was overjoyed and can’t wait for its release!

After that we moved on to a group of our 1st graders who were again in awe of Ms. Caprelli and giant Jazz. We ate lunch in the library with several of my library helpers.

She got to know them a bit, even took the time to listen to a short story one of them created about Jazz. She had another wonderful reading & singing session with more kinder and TK students. We had one more exciting writers workshop with more 5th graders. 

Then sadly we had to say good bye. All along the way she was posing for pictures for and with us. Signing books, cards and notebooks for anyone who asked. She smiled all thru the ambitious day I scheduled for us. She is such a humble and kind soul. We were all Unicorn Jazz fans before she came, but she made this a day that anyone who met her will not soon forget! We feel truly honored to have had her at McKinley Elementary and can’t wait for her to return.”

book childrens author to speak“Ms. Caprelli showed up at our school first thing all smiles and hugs with a life size Unicorn Jazz in tow. She set up in our library with Jazz and tons of activities and extras for teachers. All of our kindergarteners squealed with delight and were truly in awe. Lisa shared her story about how she and her team came to create the Unicorn Jazz book. She read them Bee-ing Happy and truly engaged every student about what the characters and scenes in each page meant to her. 

Book Children's Author, Lisa Caprelli Today!

Engaging with your students and classrooms is one of the best parts of being an author. The children have so many take aways and are inspired to do more than they have imagined using their creativity, writing, language arts, music ability, social emotional learning, emotional intelligence and more!
Caprelli is an author of 15 books and counting for grades K-3, 4-6, middle and high school. She is known for engaging author visits inspiring children in small classroom or entire assemblies. Tailoring her presenttions based on grade levels, she draws from her experience and research from over 25 years in social psychology, entrepreneurship, working with thousands of CEO's and more. Her talks will include behind the scenes making of Unicorn Jazz and the TEAMWORK and KINDNESS it brings along with joy for literacy, songs, arts and imagination! Upper grades receive SKIP A STEP: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds concepts.

"Sometimes it takes just one person to show them they EACH have talent. I remind them that they have amazing people all around them to BELIEVE in them.
I encourage reading, writing, the power of their libraries, teachers and educators!
Through examples and stories and the use of STORY CHARACTERS, the experiences are educational, informative and most of all FUN!" - LC

About Unicorn Jazz BOOK SERIES

Unicorn Jazz moves to a new land with zoo animals such as horses, giraffes, geckos, and a crow named Woof! She discovers how difficult it can be to make new friends. Her mother teaches Unicorn Jazz to celebrate her uniqueness. She meets a friend who helps her realize her talent, named “Woof the Crow.” There are various lessons heard in this book that children can relate to.  In the next book, “BEE HAPPY” is the name of the bee who presents an easy to read book about happiness.  The third book, “Unicorn Jazz’s – Eye See You Bee-ing Smart” is forthcoming to be published Dec 2019.

childrens unicorn books seriesWhat is unique about this unicorn is that Unicorn Jazz has a musical tail for a note.  

Social Emotional Learning, Emotional Intelligence for children classroom is encouraged by teachers, counselors and school librarians in elementary schools. 

With Unicorn Jazz presentations, children enjoy learning about the importance of friendship, being unique, the power of believing in others, perspective, happiness and more.

READING AND WRITING can be done at almost any age. She shares her four step writing-to-story process to encourage the love of creativity, illustration and art process of picture books, storyboarding, editing, publishing and more.

Librarians, if you are ordering hard covers, here are ISBN’s for your school:

  • Unicorn Jazz – ISBN 978-1645167983 
  • Unicorn Jazz with Curriculum Guide – paperback ISBN 978-1646063512  
  • Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends –  ISBN: 978-1-951203-02-3
  • Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends – paperback
  • Unicornio Jazz – Spanish edition – ISBN 978-1646063505
  • Coloring books also available
  • Forthcoming – December 2019 is the next book:  “Eye See you Being Smart by Unicorn Jazz”

Books are also available on Amazon (for quicker shipping) and select Barnes & Noble bookstores.  Coloring books and curriculum also available. Please ask!  Purchase Orders are also available directly through the author and are encouraged! Thank you.