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Sign up for a live in person author visit school visit or children’s  storytime by Bilingual Book creator, and Latina speaker, Lisa Caprelli. We are on a city-by-city elementary school tour and have many InspirEd program packages to make your school author visit work for you!

Librarians/Teachers, get the social emotional learning curriculum, KINDNESS book activity pages – over 115 learning digital downloads for all books. Click here for TPT.

Empower the Unique Spark in Every Child! Join Lisa Caprelli, an inspiring Latina author, as she brings the magical world of ‘Unicorn Jazz’ to life, blending storytelling and music to foster curiosity, joy, and uniqueness in young minds. Dedicated to reaching children from all backgrounds, especially those in lower socio-economic areas, Lisa’s engaging work in social-emotional learning helps inspire a generation of children to lead meaningful and purposeful lives. Be part of this transformative journey that ignites creativity and empathy in every lovable, curious, and unique child!

Encourage fun learning through FREE curriculum, PBIS, STEAM, reading, writing, art, and music, while developing powerful social-emotional learning skills in your classroom with free resources for your school! If you are a school librarian, teacher, parent or educator, Lisa Caprelli is ready to connect with YOU and bring Unicorn Jazz to life. Children’s author visits are a fabulous way to connect authors to students in your classroom.

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What to Expect with
Assembly Author Visits

Lisa brings books to life for local students, PBIS and SEL school led programs! Bring positive attention to your school! Author of 20 books in English & Spanish, coming from El Paso Texas has always taught students the importance of reading, believing in themselves, and taking stock of the good things in everyday life.

30 to 45 Minute Entertaining Education Sessions

Includes story time read aloud, song, behind the scenes lessons on the importance of writing, creating, literacy, puppetry and music and a free puppet video from The Thing I Do show – with Q&A at the end of the session. Author will coordinate an agenda beforehand to assist everyone live in person school author visit. We are in California – PST time zone and we include a short geography tip for your young scholars.

I also share videos with the students in upper grades about WHERE DO GOOD IDEAS COME FROM, using examples from famous author Steven Johnson and get them into critical creative thinking of “behind the scenes” of different creative careers (video, editing, writing of course, the arts, music, careers in nursing, being an entrepreneur and the teamwork it takes to create something bigger than you ever thought possible.

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Virtual Author Visits are Entertaining and Educational encouraging literacy!

Social Emotional Learning for Free In Person Deliverables with Our Author Visits and YOU!

Enjoy a question and answer session that offers students and reading fans of Unicorn Jazz the chance to interact with Lisa Caprelli gain further insight into the author, characters, and process of creating children’s stories with your in person school author visit .

SEL – Social Emotional Learning approved for activities for schools beyond all our Unicorn Jazz books.

PBISSchool-wide PBIS and our InspirEd program help make schools more effective places. It establishes a social culture and the behavior supports needed to improve.

Virtual Author Visit Teaching - Beyond the Book Bonuses

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Free Virtual author visit librarian or teacher packets!

Teachers, Librarians, & Parents
Love Unicorn Jazz Author Visits!

About Children's Author Lisa Caprelli

Lisa Caprelli, Children's Author & Kids Show Host

Lisa Caprelli, Children's Author & Kids Show Host

Lisa Caprelli is an author who has studied human behavior and communication for over 25 years. She is host of Unicorn Jazz "The THING I Do" kids show. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Caprelli currently resides in Huntington Beach, California, and writes fiction and non-fiction books for children of all ages from elementary school to middle school grades and high school. Caprelli has also created her own activity and curriculum guides for teachers and parents seeking to integrate the lessons from her stories into a classroom setting that educators, counselors, principals and librarians have appreciated!

About the Unicorn Jazz Book Series

Unicorn Jazz™ is a children’s unicorn book series authored by Lisa Caprelli and illustrated by Davey Villalobos. Its goal is to inspire young readers through creative and imaginative stories filled with a colorful cast of animal characters brimming with diverse personalities. In addition to the unicorn picture book series, the brand includes a range of different unicorn toys, unicorn coloring books, a unicorn plush doll, and unicorn songs for kids to sing along with. The Unicorn Jazz store also offers a variety of other unicorn products for people of any age to enjoy, such as unicorn apparel, unicorn coffee mugs, and more! Book your virtual author visit today and take advantage of free education resources for free.

Lisa caprelli, in an author visit in orange county california, southern california author visits

Lisa caprelli, in an author visit in orange county california, southern california author visits

The characters within the magical world of Unicorn Jazz include a variety of different animals, allowing children to learn while having fun. Trezekke, Woof the Crow, Bee Happy, Narhwal Nayeli, and Flamingo Asia are just a few of Unicorn Jazz’s friends you might encounter. With her trademarked musical note for a tail, Unicorn Jazz is officially one of the most unique unicorn brands in the world. Explore how a unicorn book can help teach children about confidence, diversity, and the power of love—and follow along as the adventures of Unicorn Jazz continue for years to come! 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of Unicorn Jazz, where every author visit becomes a vibrant celebration of creativity, friendship, and the joy of reading. Lisa Caprelli, a distinguished children’s author based in Orange County, CA, crafts magical moments that captivate young minds and nurture their love for literature during her author visits. Through her interactive author visits and dynamic storytelling, Lisa brings a treasure trove of tales to life, featuring the beloved Unicorn Jazz and her colorful friends. Whether it’s a school assembly in Los Angeles, a library reading in San Diego, or a special book fair in Sacramento, each author visit is designed to spark imagination, promote social-emotional learning, and reinforce the importance of kindness and diversity among students.

Dive deep into the heart of literacy with our tailored educational programs that extend beyond the pages of a book. Lisa Caprelli’s author visits are more than just readings; they’re a comprehensive journey through the creative process, from the initial spark of an idea to the final stroke of the illustrator’s brush. Schools across the country have witnessed the transformative power of these author visits, where children are encouraged to express themselves through writing, art, and music. By integrating elements of PBIS and STEAM, Lisa’s programs during author visits support a well-rounded educational experience, fostering a culture of positivity and respect that resonates within and beyond the classroom walls.

Ready to bring the magic of Unicorn Jazz to your community? Engage with Lisa Caprelli’s award-winning author visits, available across the USA. Each author visit is a unique opportunity for children to connect with the world of storytelling, encouraging them to be confident in their uniqueness and to embrace their individual talents. As we continue our city-by-city elementary school tour, we invite educators, librarians, and parents to join us in our mission to inspire the next generation of readers and thinkers through enriching author visits. Discover how a unicorn book and an author visit can make a lasting impact on your students’ journey toward confidence, empathy, and lifelong learning.

Literacy is important for kids! Stories can help children be inspired to do more, be more and create more. I love creating meaningful and positive stories to entertain children and to encourage communication and imagination through reading, writing and art.

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School Author Visit Review, Created Assembly Style for the Entire School — Grades TK-6:

Ms. Caprelli showed up for an author visit at our school first thing all smiles and hugs with a life size Unicorn Jazz in tow. She set up in our library with Jazz and tons of activities and extras for teachersAll of our kindergarteners squealed with delight and were truly in awe. Lisa shared her story about how she and her team came to create the Unicorn Jazz book. She read them Bee-ing Happy Book and truly engaged every student about what the characters and scenes in each page meant to her.

We had a writers workshop with 5th graders next. She shared her book and explained how to use the writing template she provided. They were all so inspired and excited to collaborate and then share in small groups, their own stories in a speed writing session. We moved on to an assembly with our 2nd thru 4th graders, approximately 230 students.

She shared with them the Unicorn Jazz friendship song. Everyone danced, clapped, high-fived and sang along. We were then treated to a sneak peek of her newest book Eye See You. Everyone was overjoyed and can’t wait for its release! After that we moved on to a group of our 1st graders who were again in awe of Ms. Caprelli and giant Jazz. We ate lunch in the library with several of my library helpers. She got to know them a bit, even took the time to listen to a short story one of them created about Jazz. She had another wonderful reading & singing session with more kinder and TK students. We had one more exciting writers workshop with more 5th graders. Then sadly we had to say goodbye. All along the way she was posing for pictures for and with us: Signing books, cards and notebooks for anyone who asked. She smiled all through the ambitious day I scheduled for us. 

She is such a humble and kind soul. We were all Unicorn Jazz fans before she came, but she made this a day that anyone who met her will not soon forget! We feel truly honored to have had her at McKinley Elementary and can’t wait for her to return. ~Librarian, Ashley Fisher, Tracy Unified School District

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