Connecting With Kids Learning Through Music and Children’s Books

/ February 15, 2022

Connecting With Kids Learning Through Music and Children’s Books

From the happy birthday song to wedding anthems, music connects people to those happy, lighthearted moments in our lives. That’s why music is an important part of childhood!

Connecting With Kids Learning Through Music and Children’s Books

Music can enhance learning, brain development, and social-emotional wellbeing. Most kids even learn their very first lessons through songs and movements. They can sing their ABCs and clap their hands when they’re happy.

Music and Learning – A Tale of History

There are so many ways to define what music means to us. From singing melodies, odes, hymns, and lullabies to listening and playing our favorite instruments, music is a huge part of human life that has evolved so much throughout our history.

Did you know that the ancient epic tales of Gilgamesh and Homer’s Odyssey were passed down in oral tradition through singing and even instruments? That’s right! Hearing those stories by song and tune helped the oral scops remember the legends much quicker, and these are two of the oldest tales known to time! So, no secret there – even more than 2000 years after the Odyssey was first conceived, music, stories, and learning are still interconnected in our developmental process.

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The Power to Have Fun and Be Focused

Music aids us in expressing ourselves in everything that we do. Not only does it have the power to soothe us when we want to relax, it can also help push us to be more edgy when we need to get things done. After all, movies and video games don’t just have their own music tracks to them because they sound nice – the beats and melodies are there to help us pay attention to what’s going on and concentrate on the task at hand.

The power of music is that it makes things fun! Whether you’re hanging out listening to your favorite songs or playing them in the background while you study, clean, or work on a project, music has the unique ability to get us in the groove to set our minds to whatever it is we need to do.

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But the Most Important Part of Why Music Matters?

It brings people together. From concerts and orchestras to sing-a-longs and karaoke, to Christmas carols and proud national anthems, music is not just a developmental art form, it’s a social and interconnectional one too.

So, take a moment today to share the joys of music. Hum, sing, dance, and clap into a happy place with your family!

Special thanks to Keyana Martinez and The StoryTime Box for sharing the power of music and storytelling.

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