Educational Free Zoo Field Trip Guide for Elementary School Teacher and Librarians

/ September 6, 2019

Share the love for visiting your local zoo with Unicorn Jazz free zoo field trip guide!

Share the love for visiting your local zoo with Unicorn Jazz free zoo field trip guide! Make it fun, engaging and educational, too.


Visiting a zoo and creating a field trip out of it, can help children to understand the importance of animals and how they correlate with nature and the environment.  While visiting a zoo, you can ask questions, to learn and understand a variety of animals as  you walk around and explore.  We made it simple by incorporating this free zoo field trip guide!

free zoo field trip guide

We have made it simple to get your child’s imagination and joy for animals in this FREE zoo field trip guide that accompanies Unicorn Jazz.

It’s Free. Unicorn Jazz Zoo Field Trip Guide – children’s unicorn book series – for Teachers and Parents to download our guide.

According to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, zoos and aquariums have over 181 million visitors each year. Source

free zoo field trip guideUnicorn Jazz is a dazzling young unicorn with incandescent purple hair, a golden horn and shining hoofs to match. Although quite timid in nature, her most stunning quality is her voice in song. When she and her parents move to a new place for the first time, she finds herself at odds with the other animal members.

Jazz’s adventures take place at a Zoo. In real life, the El Paso Zoo is located in El Paso, Texas and has been a longtime community landmark and family favorite and where author, Lisa Caprelli, grew up. Lisa was inspired by her own zoo memories. She included the historical zoo animal, Mona the Elephant, in the story because it was a favorite attraction as a child. “Let’s go see Mona! was a common request I had as a little girl,” Lisa recalls.

“I encourage children to visit your local zoo to discover, get outdoors, encourage bonding, explore and enjoy through a fresh perspective.”

Educators can create more childhood memories by making the most of their classroom zoo visits. The Unicorn Jazz™ Field Trip Guide is designed to help students think critically, make predictions, and explore the zoo environment with curiosity and excitement.

The Unicorn Jazz Field Trip Guide includes:

  • Pre-visit discussion questions
  • Guided field trip activities
  • Post-visit reflection questions
  • Observation worksheets
  • Coloring page sheets

All activities are aligned to meet the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

In addition, visiting a zoo can promote:

  • Educational Benefits of Visiting a Zoo
  • Enhanced Language Development, Words and Concepts
  • Promote Family Bonding
  • Gets you outdoors and it’s great exercise
  • Encourages Environmental Awareness
  • Allows for Exploration and Self-Discovery

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