Happiness News Puppets Talk about Serendipity, Zebracorn Trezekke & Basketball Moves

/ August 18, 2020

Happiness News Puppets – Unicorn Jazz The Thing I Do Show – Serendipity, Trezekke & Basketball Moves

Happiness News Puppets Transcript from our kids show – THE THING I DO

Unicorn Jack: Welcome to another edition of Happiness News, I am Unicorn Jack. Today we decided to let someone begin the role of finding happiness welcome, Unicorn Jazz.

Unicorn Jazz: Thank you for letting me audition for a role in Happiness News, Unicorn Jack.

Unicorn Jack: No, this is not an addition; this is live you are on the air.

Unicorn Jazz: What?

Unicorn Jack: Just pretend like no one is watching.

Unicorn Jazz: Oh, my goodness.

Unicorn Jack: You can do it.

Unicorn Jazz: Alright, bold and brave I will be. This is serendipity.

Unicorn Jack: What? What is serendipity?

Unicorn Jazz: It is when something happens by chance and in a happy way. It was serendipity that I have been finding kids who do what they love, like acting, singing, playing, creating something new or cool. People will find a way to connect, if it does mean it brings themselves joy and brings happiness to others, now that is serendipity.

Unicorn Jazz: Hi Sam Lololo.

Sam: Hi Unicorn Jazz.

Unicorn Jazz: Wow, it is summertime; sometimes I wish I did not have to sleep so that I can do more things. What would you do if you never had to sleep?

Sam: I would make books about my adventures.

Unicorn Jazz: What kind of adventure would your book be about?

Sam: It would be about playing in outer space.

Unicorn Jazz: Outer space, how fun Well tell me Sam how do you like to exercise?

Sam: Well, I like to go to the trampoline park and bounce around.

Unicorn Jazz: I want to bounce too let us bounce.

Sam: Okay, I like to bounce.

Unicorn Jazz: Oh, what a neat idea. All, let us show the kids at home how we bounce.

Sam: Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Unicorn Jazz: That was fun, see you next time Sam.

Sam: Goodbye Unicorn Jazz.

Unicorn Jazz: Bye Sam.

Unicorn Jack: That makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. I think the world’s going to like you Unicorn Jazz. Keep doing what you are doing.

Unicorn Jazz: I will show you more next time on happiness news Jack.

Unicorn Jack: See you next time.

Unicorn Jazz: As my friend Nina Sparkles says, “hasta lluego!:

Unicorn Jack: Trezekke,, you are up next.

Trezekke: I want to show you an exciting sport called basketball. Do you know who invented basketball? James Naismith wrote the sports original 13 rules as part of 1891 class assignment for the YMCA. Wow: That is cool let me show you how someone can practice basketball for fun and exercise. Here is my friend Trey, dribbling all fancy through his legs, does the spin around, move back to the center and shoots a three-point shot will he make it? Yes, it is good. Now it’s in slow motion, Trey throws the ball up, arms back, ready to fly. He is jumping in the air for a tip in shot, and will he make it? Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, and it is good. It’s in, yay.

Unicorn Jack: You will have to show us next time, more cool things that people can do outside.

Trezekke: I am Trezekke, and I approve this message.

 Unicorn Jack: I am kind of wondering why the producers of this show pick someone with the name close to Unicorn Jack, Jack, Jazz.

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