Kirsten Field, Owner of Kids Crafts™: A Woman-Owned Business on a Mission

/ November 14, 2022

Did you know that two-thirds of girls don’t think they can be whatever they want to be? Well, Kids Crafts is here to change that!

Kids Crafts

Founded in 2013 by Kirsten Field, Kids Crafts is a woman-owned company on a mission to introduce young girls to the stories of mighty women who have trailblazed a path before them. With Kids Crafts, girls have the opportunity to learn the stories of so many remarkable women while creating a tangible keepsake to remind them to be a trailblazer and not just a spectator.

Kids Crafts: Empowering Young Girls of All Ages

Kids Crafts

While designing a new line of niche products in order to adapt to the changes in business-owning brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kirsten reflected on her job as a mom and concluded that the 2020 lockdown brought her two essential realizations. The first one was that her daughters spend way too much time on technology, and secondly, she also saw the impact that her work as a successful small business owner had on them was far more positive than she realized.

The impact of watching her run her own business inspired her daughters to start their own businesses, like lemonade stands at the end of the driveway or mini-events to sell their rock painting collections. To sum it up, they had the power to do anything because they saw their mom do it.

“I realized that if I could show my girls how to be unstoppable, the impact of highlighting historically mighty women through our crafts could do the same.” Says Kirsten, “This realization sparked the creation and rebranding of our entire company. We decided to start over from scratch and develop a company with the sole mission of empowering girls through our crafts.”

In order to achieve this mission, Kids Crafts came out with two special new collections:

  • The LeadHER™ collection introduces pre-teen girls ages, 7-12, to mighty trailblazing women like Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, Amelia Earhart, and Rosa Parks, while creating a lasting, year-round, keepsake that can be displayed proudly in their room. Each LeadHER box features an educational story about the mighty woman, a high-quality craft about the story behind their trailblazer, and carefully curated LeadHER questions that serve as a teachable parental resource and challenge girls to think beyond themselves.
  • The Kids Craft’s InnovateHER™ collection is for the crafty girl with an entrepreneurial spirit. This collection is designed to jumpstart your girl’s first business! This collection features everything she’ll need to construct, package, and sell the handmade crafts she creates. The InnovateHER collection box also includes a Mighty Girl Biz Plan (think of it as a business plan for pre-teens) to get her thinking like a boss, because lemonade stands are so last century.

Kids Crafts

“We truly believe every girl has the power to change the world. To us, crafts are more than beads, paint, or jewels — they’re the tools that inspire girls to embrace their creativity and be whoever they want to be. By sharing the stories of female trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and creators we’re showing the next generation of leaders that anything (and everything!) is possible.” – Kirsten Field, Owner, Kids Crafts™

To find out more about Kids Crafts and the social mission behind the brand, be sure to visit or the Kids Crafts Instagram and Facebook pages for more info.

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