Make Reading Fun For Kids!

/ February 1, 2021

Make Reading Fun For Kids! We often set our children to reading without ever realizing how fun it could be. We find tricks and tactics to help children learn more and more every time we have the chance.

Books hold more than we can ever imagine for our children. In fact, it’s good to make reading fun for our kids because of the following exciting facts:

Make Reading Fun For Kids – Reading a lot of words takes just a little of your time. 

Let me tell you one interesting fact you didn’t know. Sacrificing twenty minutes a day makes you read so many words in the year that you gain a lot of knowledge. When you take 20 minutes reading every day, you’ll have read 1.8 million words by the end of a year. Is that too much to ask of you?

Make Reading Fun For Kids

Owning books matters. 
A little home library, as small as one bookshelf, gives children a lot of benefits. Having at least 20 books in the child’s home library gives them the benefit of getting three more schooling years. Children who don’t have a home library will never get this benefit. So, decide for yourself the kind of education you want to have. I know most parents will not want their children to lag. But you know what you’re supposed to do.

Make Reading Fun For Kids

All that you read pays off. 
Did you know that students who read at least one million words a year join the list of the top two percent of the reading achievement? It’s that simple. Remember, the formula for reading this number of words is when you read twenty minutes a day.

Make Reading Fun For Kids -You build your vocabulary by reading. 
There’re different ways you can use it to build your vocabulary. But none is faster than reading books. And building vocabulary is a way of enhancing and building your language. Remember, intellectuals use these vocabularies when they communicate.

Choose your path wisely. 
For your readiness, remember that children learn between four thousand and twelve thousand words in a year by reading.

Every book you read counts. 
I should note that reading a book a day to your child creates a huge difference in their life. Like every day counts, also remember that every book counts. If you want to enrich your child with books, read them a book a day, and they will have read 1825 books when they celebrate their fifth birthday.

Make Reading Fun For Kids – Reading works magic on stress. 
Experts note that reading is a good way of reducing stress. It’s believed that reading for an average of six minutes a day reduces stress by 68 percent. Surprising? Well, at least you now know that reading is the ultimate form of self-care. Subjecting children to books will definitely reduce their stress levels.

Classroom libraries are not just a decoration. 
Students learning in the classrooms that do not have a library read 50 percent less than their counterparts in the classrooms with libraries. And by now, you know the benefits that come from reading.

These are some of the most interesting reading facts for kids I have for you. You now have every reason to make reading fun for your children. Always remember that books matter.

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