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unicorn jazz childrens unicorn book series

Unicorn Jazz™ is a children’s book series authored by Lisa Caprelli and illustrated by Davey Villalobos. Its goal is to inspire young readers through creative and imaginative stories filled with a colorful cast of animal characters brimming with diverse personalities. nicorn Jazz is the most unique unicorn in the world with a musical note for a tail. Children’s song accompany Unicorn Jazz books as found on 30+ music platforms. In addition to the unicorn picture book series, the brand includes a range of different unicorn toys, unicorn coloring books, a unicorn plush doll, and unicorn songs for kids to sing along with. The Unicorn Jazz store also offers a variety of other unicorn products for people of any age to enjoy, such as unicorn puppets, a kids show centered around Unicorn Jazz messages and more! 

Best-Selling Unicorn Books For Kids

unicorn jazz childrens best selling unicorn book series for kids ages 6 to 8

Unicorn Jazz - Original

beeing happy with unicorn jazz and friends best selling childrens book ages 6 to 8

Bee-ing Happy

eye see you choosing kindess books for kids best selling childrens book author lisa caprelli

Eye See You

spanish childrens book unicornio jazz autoro

Unicorn Jazz (Spanish)

abejita feliz spanish childrens book about happiness

Bee-ing Happy (Spanish)

unicorn jazz coloring book best seller

Unicorn Jazz Coloring Book


Bee-ing Happy Coloring Book


Curriculum Guide

Unicorn Plush, Unicorn Puppets and Unicorn Gifts

unicorn jazz stuffed animal unicorn plush toy for kids gift

Unicorn Jazz Plush Doll

unicorn jazz puzzle

Unicorn Puzzle (110 Pieces)


Unicorn Jazz Mugs

unicorn jazz shirts

Unicorn Jazz Shirts

"Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song"
and "The Thing I Do" Song

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