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/ October 3, 2021

Unicorn books for kids are at the heart of children and generations to come.  Upholding the Unicorn Jazz series theme, imparting life lessons matter. These best-selling books support social-emotional learning in young readers.Add these Unicorn books for kids to  your  collection!unicorn books for kids unicorn jazz series Best-selling author Lisa Caprelli and publisher Happy and Fun Lifestyle LLC share the book releases of it unicorn books for kids. These popular kid books are great conversation starters in kids of all ages.

The Unicorn Jazz brand is on track to achieve success parallel to the most well-known brands in children’s literature and goods — Unicorn Jazz.

A popular kid’s book series and brand is the most unique unicorn in the world 

unicorn books for kids unicorn jazz series


Unicorn Jazz is the first book in the unicorn books for kids collection. Unicorn Jazz, with a musical tail, moves to a new land in search of new animal friends. Little does she know that she will grow up with a friend, teacher like Woof the Crow.  Being unique, friendship, kindness and the power of believing in someone are huge talking points of this book.

With encouragement from her family and her mother’s special song, Jazz learns to be brave and confident. It’s always a great message to love yourself.  Grab the free teacher curriculum and activity sheets that go with book one on the author’s home page.

Actress and Singer Emily Isabel reads Unicorn Jazz with a special message at the end of the video

We learned so much about Jazz and what makes her special, different and unique. Tell me, what are the things that make you special how are you different i would love to know!

unicorn books for kids


Unicorn Jazz – Eye See You Choosing Kindness is full of graphic novel like art. In this precious story, Woof the Crow takes Unicorn Jazz on a journey back in time to some lessons about kindness and serendipity.  Unicorn Jazz and classmates learn what it’s like to wear glasses. Billy Bob the Butterfly Bully sheds light on discussions about bullying and choosing kindness.

unicorn books for kids unicorn jazz series


Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends, is full of art pages, similar to Love Is books, but original. The author loves this additions for unicorn books for kids collection.  It is simple and easy picture book to connect kids with the fun in their childhood.  Adults young at heart enjoy the memories it brings in conversations.

unicorn books for kids unicorn jazz series

Available on Amazon and major book stores.Unicorn Jazz – The Thing I Do is the masterpiece in the unicorn books for kids collection.  Show, don’t tell would be descriptive of the art telling the story.  With the introduction of the zebracorn, Trezekke, the book takes you (through the eyes of his classmates) on a journey. The zebracorn wants you to guess the “thing” he does.  It lets kids of all ages explore what they like to do.   Careers are discovered out of doing what you love.  The Thing I Do kids book should be on every child’s library as well as teacher’s book list.

unicorn books for kids unicorn jazz series

The Thing I Do – Activity pages for students – download here

The Thing I Do – Ready by actress, singer, Emily Isabel:

Songs for all Unicorn Jazz books – click here

Meet the Unicorn Jazz Unicorn Books for Kids Characters:


Bee-ing Happy introduces new Unicorn Jazz characters who demonstrate fun and creative ways to help themselves and others feel happy.

Upholding the brand’s theme of imparting valuable life lessons are important. Unicorn Jazz supports social-emotional learning in young readers.  Bee-ing Happy introduces new Unicorn Jazz characters who demonstrate fun and creative ways to help themselves and others feel happy.

kids unicorn book series


“We need books like these to help children understand the importance of diversity, uniqueness, kindness and acceptance,” said Christopher Gardner, a school librarian in Virginia.



In addition, the Unicorn Jazz brand’s social-emotional learning (SEL) focus has become increasingly useful in educational settings.

According to the Committee for Children, SEL teaches critically needed skills. Start early with effective problem-solving, self-discipline, impulse control, emotion management. Providing a foundation for positive, long-term effects on kids, adults, and communities. In addition, extensive research has also shown that students who participated in SEL demonstrated “significantly improved social and emotional skills.”  Kids attitudes, behavior, and academic performance reflected an 11-percentile-point gain in achievement.”

Student response to the Unicorn Jazz unicorn books for kids, teaching curriculum, and activities that go beyond the book have been very positive.


“Every child who has read these books has absolutely loved them, and I have a constant demand for them to be checked out of the library,” said Heather Grace, member of the Elementary Librarian Exchange.

Bee-ing Happy is the second book in a series of imaginative stories with colorful characters. The fast-trending Unicorn Jazz™ brand also includes many bonuses. Take advantage of free unicorn books for kids curriculum, coloring books, character apparel and activities, songs and its kids show.


unicorn books for kids unicorn jazz seriesThe official Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio and other music channels. 


The Thing I Do song for kids is a huge part of THE THING I DO kids book is on over 30 music platforms.

unicorn books for kids series with unicorn jazz plush

The Unicorn Jazz unicorn plush toy is available on Amazon. 

About the Unicorn Jazz Brand

The Unicorn Jazz brand is based on the character Unicorn Jazz, a shy unicorn named Jazz who moves to a magical land but struggles to make new friends.   Each book incorporates her animal friends such as Woof the Crow and Bee Happy.

The magic of unicorns captivates children of all ages. Unicorn Jazz engages young readers while imparting valuable life lessons that support positive social-emotional learning.

Recommended ages for books can be as young as toddlers, kindergarten, first graders, second graders, third graders and fourth graders.  Fifth and sixth graders love the perspective on looking at stories and creating their own in ways that the author and illustrator created this literature series.

About Author, Lisa Caprelli

Lisa Caprelli is the kids show host of THE THING I DO. She has studied human behavior and communications for over 25 years. Lisa is a proud Latina mom who grew up with humble beginnings in the sun city of El Paso, Texas. She has lived in Southern California for 20 years. 

unicorn books for kids unicorn jazz series

Storytelling and Travel

She travels between states to serve educators, children, librarians and schools. This best-selling author is the visionary creator for the children’s unicorn brand, Unicorn Jazz™. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Psychology.

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