9 Social Emotional Intelligence Tips – How SEL is Shaping Kindness, Friendship & Feelings

/ February 17, 2022

Social Emotional Intelligence Books For Children and children’s well-being are important to parents, teachers and educators. SEL can be placed into five core competencies: self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

Social and emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own and others’ feelings – in the moment – and use that information to lead yourself and others. 

If feelings could talk, what would they say?

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Early childhood teacher, Victoria Strugatsky says:

We teach social emotional learning at a young age to help children navigate later on in life; to help them make sense of the environment and their community.  Kids as young as two, three and four year old should know the difference between right and wrong and have their boundaries.

They should be able to respect themselves and respect their peers.  Respect is so important to teach at a very early age, especially now where everyone worries about Covid and SEL are put on the back burner.

Kids needs to learn acceptance. Kids need to be taught respect. Kids need to be taught boundaries, personal space and what is right from wrong.

It is so important to talk about feelings.  We need to be teaching little ones to differentiate their feelings and how to read facial expressions.  Ask kids, “What makes you feel the way you do?”

We teach rules, not just classroom rules – rules that they take into their daily life.  These are life skills basically. We learn to respect one another; we learn to share. We learn to accept. Acceptance is huge a part of social emotional intelligence. We teach kids how to deal with their frustration and how to use their words to speak when something goes wrong. We teach them to use their hands for hugging one another, for giving thumbs up —  never for hitting – never for pushing. We teach children at a very young age that words can also hurt. So don’t do something to your friend if you don’t want it to be done to you.

Love, respect, appreciation acceptance — those are very  huge part of day to day learnings that are so important and crucial to manage stress to young kids.

9 Social Emotional Learning Points Unicorn Jazz teaches with children:

  1. Giving Back. We will share why it’s important to give back.
  2. Acceptance.  Educating children on acceptance of others and of themselves creates a sense of justice, when you have a sense of justice you create a better and kinder world.
  3. Sharing, giving back, kindness.
  4. Compassion.  Helping children understand what others are feeling, the impact of their own actions and the reasons behind why someone might feel a certain way is a valuable life skill for children because it: Encourages kindness, patience, acceptance and tolerance of the self and others. Having compassion cultivates a better understanding of others.
  5. Empathy; to love one another.  Empathy is important because it can help build connection, regulate emotion, and promote helping behaviors. For kids, empathy can prevent bullying, help them make friends, and help them receive help from others.
  6. Friendship; helping and taking care of each other.
  7. Everyone is different; everyone is unique.
  8. Everyone deserves the same kind of love  
  9. Respect. Even though others may not  look the same as you do, we need to respect their needs, culture, and differences.  Receiving respect from others is important because it helps us to feel safe and to express ourselves.

By discovering with research and studying human behavior, it is essential that we help children to grow up to develop confident, bold and self-acceptance. 

I wrote social emotional learning books because I wish I had these kind of stories when I was in elementary school. Because I grew up by a single mom raising a family of six, and with poor communication, we had challenging times. Book like this would have helped me to understand my world around me and how to adapt to feelings and emotions at school and at home. ~Children’s author, Lisa Caprelli


Includes Social Emotional Learning pages for kids

I am an inquisitive mind by nature.  Being the shy, introverted girl that people find hard to believe, I have grown up believing the way we communicate at an early age is important and can have a lifelong impact.Social Emotional Learning Books For Children

School librarians, counselors, principals and educators provide the data and the feedback is overwhelming:  schools are WANTING more books that have lessons incorporating social emotional learning and development at an early age.

Social Emotional Learning Books for children are an important part of Unicorn Jazz‘s stories and messages.

SEL can be places into five core competencies: self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making 

Children’s unicorn books by Author Lisa Caprelli.

My generation didn’t grow up with stories or social emotional learning books for children.  I made it a point to study human behavior my whole life. 

Social Emotional Learning Childrens books

I believe that there is transition thanks to innovative minds, thinkers and doers in the world. It makes me happy that the books I write do share messages woven through entertainment.  It is comforting to know that a story and/or song can convey kindness and the power of believing in others.  

By THE THING I DO show writer and children’s author,  Lisa Caprelli

Sharing with children how words matter is very important to me.  I have been doing virtual author visits and developing meaningful relationships on the subject of social emotional learning books for children,



Social emotional skills and development is key to every child’s education and mental health development. Schools are being encouraged to incorporate social emotional learning.  This then helps children perform better in their studies and also exhibit good behaviors at home. Social and emotional skills is the process through which children and adults:

  • understand and manage emotions
  • set and achieve positive goals
  • feel and show empathy for others
  • establish and maintain positive relationships, and
  • make responsible decisions.
Social Emotional Intelligence

Caprelli reading Bee-ing Happy to first graders

The “Social Emotional Learning“ is the art of teaching children on how to apply the relevant attitude and expertise in managing of their feelings. The program can be combined in the school program or it can be taught on online school programs.  It can also be taught at home and consists of the following categories:

Self Awareness

Self-awareness helps people to understand their emotions and their impact to their behaviors.Children who are aware of their emotions will not engage in destructive activities due to setbacks and anger.


Self- management assists an individual to maintain their feelings. The feelings include anger and setbacks.Self management therefore helps children to deal with the setbacks in a proper way.The means can include activities such as singing or reading motivational materials to manage the setbacks.

Relationship Skills

A relationship skill helps an individual to interact properly with other people.A child who has good relationship will always relate properly with other children, family and the people of the society.The child will not engage in activities such as peer fights.

Social Awareness

Social awareness promotes empathy for others. This is through understanding the uniqueness of other people’s problems.The child will always be willing to assist other people who are facing problems.


Decision Making

The decision making encourages people to make appropriate choices that will impact positively on their life and the life of others. Poor decisions make children participate in unlawful activities, thus affecting negatively on their education.

For more information on social emotional learning books for children and SEL, there are numerous resources and books online.  We are creating a list of books that relate to this subject.  If you are an author and would like to submit your book for our top 20 list of SEL books, contact us on this site!

Social Emotional Learning Childrens books

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We just read your book, Unicorn Jazz, as our morning read and may I say how much my daughter loves it. It has three of our favorite things: (1) Message: Loving the skin you’re in.  We are all different and unique and are supposed to be that way. (2)  Music: we are both terrible singers but love to sing our hearts out even when we don’t know the words and  (3) Animals: KayLynne is crazy about animals.  

Overall, the message of Unicorn Jazz is close to my heart because I truly believe that once I made the decision and owned that, “I too, have something to say, and that is why I am a writer.  I use my voice through books to let everyone know:

“You are more than enough, you were born complete, you are uniquely made and therefore you are beautiful.”  Thanks for writing such a beautiful story. -Karlene Froling, Children’s book author, KaysHeart.com

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