11 Best Unicorn Books for Kids – Unicorn Lovers Unite!

/ February 4, 2020

Here are 10 best unicorn books for kids, by children’s book authors and their wonderful illustrators!  Unicorns are very popular among children of all ages. Enjoy our list of unicorn books for kids!

UNICORN LOVERS UNITE with these 11 Best Unicorn Books for Kids with me. While I enjoy sharing the joy and imagination of magical unicorns with all my books in the Unicorn Jazz series, I enjoy connecting with other unicorn lovers.  After all, the world can’t have enough unicorn joy. Here are 11 books total that we are happy to share with children everywhere!  -Lisa Caprelli, children’s book author

Best Unicorn Books for Kids List - Being Happy (Front and back cover)


Author: Lisa Caprelli  Illustrator: Davey Villalobos

 It is hard to not be happy with “Bee Happy” and all the animal friends, including Unicorn Jazz and Woof the Crow that are found in this colorful book with kid-like art on every page.  When children’s book author, Lisa Caprelli, visits elementary schools, students make up their own “Bee-ing Happy is…” with ideas on what makes them happy in simple things like enjoying family, friends, being creative, games, playtime adventure and more!   The author also has available free activity pages for school librarians and teachers for the asking.



Best Unicorn Books for Children List - Unicorn Jazz (front cover)



The first book in the unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz’s magical talent which is pointed out by a new friend she meets after moving to a new land, Woof the Crow, is her voice in song.  With a musical note for a tail, discover why this fairytale is one that children enjoy reading over and over again.  Beyond the book, you can find the Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song to sing out loud.  It’s a very catchy song you may find yourself clapping and dancing, too as well.  Don’t forget the first Unicorn Jazz book in the series and the coloring books along with the Unicorn Jazz plush stuffed animal for hours of playtime and imagination. 

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book?   I created the Unicorn Jazz books to share positive messages about being UNIQUE… UNICORN made sense.  Because I always enjoyed singing to my kids, I wanted to include fun songs (we are creating more) that resonate with kids that help you fall in love with the characters, giving them meaning. 



Best Unicorn Books for Kids List - Eye See You (front cover)Unicorn Jazz EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness

A kids’ favorite unicorn with a musical note for a tail is back with friends old and new in the Unicorn Jazz series! A picture book with hand-drawn, kid-like art that teaches kids to be humble, confident, and proud of who they are.  This is a book for children and adults of all ages with some fun nuggets of humor. Woof the Crow comes back with another heart-to-heart conversation with Jazz … and it all began the moment he put on his first pair of eyeglasses. In addition to finding out more about Woof the Crow’s background and family!




Reader Review:

“The books in the Unicorn Jazz series are great for encouraging discussion with your kids about the qualities and abilities that make each one of them different. Being proud of their talents, interests, personalities, and physical appearances, as well as feeling confident no matter the situation, is a wonderful thing to teach.  This story is very relatable to children because what kid doesn’t go through a time when they feel different and long to be accepted? Teaching our kids that their differences are what make them unique and special can be a difficult message to teach your kids when others, especially friends, are telling them otherwise.” Kristal Leon, Mom Blogger, Influencer

11 Best Unicorn Books for Kids














Best Unicorn Books Kids List - Unicorn's Slime (front cover)Unicorn’s Slime Rescue

Author: Brenda Li Illustrator: Brenda Li 

Unicorn loved playing with slime. She was also kind and helpful. She ventured into the woods and bumped into a lot of famous nursery rhyme characters who were in trouble and needed help. Watch how Unicorn helped everyone with nothing but slime!  You can find/purchase this book by clicking Here

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book? My son loves unicorn and slime!



Reader Review:

“This book is super cute and has everything a kid wants – unicorn, slime, fun, familiar characters…! Rescuing, saving and helping people with slime? That’s every kids dream! Haha! Love that all the books in this series always have a little lesson at the end! My kids have the whole collection and they love them!” – Yvonne C.


Best Unicorn Books for Kids List - The Thankful Unicorn: Release Your Inner Magic (front cover)

The Thankful Unicorn: Release Your Inner Magic

Author: Hayley Rose

Illustrator: Lynx Animation Studios 

If you like unicorns, you’ll love The Thankful Unicorn! The coloring book and gratitude journal in one. This innovative and uplifting coloring book with gratitude prompts is all about building self-esteem, promoting positivity and inspiring creativity in young and old alike.

 This 128 page, coloring book/gratitude journal is filled with inspiring quotes, positive actions and whimsical unicorn scenes that will be sure to delight even the young at heart, leading to a more confident, kind and creative human.  You can find/purchase this book by clicking Here.

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book?  As a child I loved unicorns, mermaids and dragons.  This love of fun fantasy characters followed me into adulthood.  After the loss of my patents, I needed a way out of grief, and gratitude is scientifically proven to rewire the brain to make you happier.  I married my love of fantasy characters with gratitude, coloring to calm and help with anxiety, affirmations and self-love prompts to help with self-esteem, and goal setting.  

 The Thankful Unicorn has truly changed my life and I my goal is to help tweens, teens and adults become happier, kinder, more confident and productive.

Reader Review:

“This book was given to my daughter as a gift, and she loves it! Cute illustrations that she can color, and she can write positive messages and daily affirmations. Such a great gift idea…I’m all about the positive self-image encouragement!” ~ Shanrock-n-roll 


Best Unicorn Books for Kids List - Kai Can Do (front cover)


Kai Can Do

Author: Kathy V. Tran  Illustrator: Aiki Tran 

Kai Panducorn is a half panda/half unicorn who love to teach children they are unique just like him. You can find/purchase this book by clicking Here

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book?  From my 3 sons. They all have different personalities, but are essentially the same.  I wanted to share 9 positive affirmations consistently with them to remind them and other children how magical they are.  


Reader Review:

“We love the book! It was great for increasing vocabulary, teaching them to use their imaginations, and expanding overall language skills. We love the affirmations kids can use to increase self confidence!” ⁠- Mia Breaux, Valintean Pennick (Speech Language Pathologist, Houston Corporate Speech


Best Kids Unicorn Books List - Isadorn the Unicorn (front cover)


Isadorn the Unicorn and the Sloppy Dragon

Author: Angela Castillo  Illustrator: Indira Zuleta 

 Isadorn has a perfect life and a perfect world, but Dunfer the Dragon moves in next door bringing his sloppy, goofy personality. Can Isadorn tell him how she feels but still be a friend? You can find/purchase this book by clicking Here

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book? I wanted to create a story to show kids how to share their feelings in a constructive way instead of building anger and resentment. 

 Reader Review:

“I’d give this book six stars if I could. I really liked how imaginative it is and the lessons. I liked how it taught about talking things out instead of letting anger brewing. The rainbow mane was pretty. I would have liked to know more about where she lived.” -RJ Conte and her two children


 Best Kids Unicorn Books List - Dream of the Rainbow Unicorn (front cover)

Dream of the Rainbow Unicorn

Author: Paolo Mazzucato Illustrator: Paolo Mazzucato 

 A magical unicorn appears and invites a young girl on a fantastic journey.  They travel through the night on moonbeams and dance on the wind and the girl discovers that anything is possible when you hold fast to your dreams. You can find/purchase this book by clicking Here.

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book? The book began as a poem I wrote for my daughter to spark her young imagination and urge her to embrace life’s endless possibilities.


Best Children's Unicorn Books List - Arial the Astronaut (front cover)


Arial, the Astronaut 

Author: Mary Nhin  Illustrator: Jelena Stupar 

Arial flies to space, but on the way back to Earth something terrible happens. Will she be able to think quick on her feet and get her and the crew back safely? Find out in this beautifully illustrated space book for kids that inspires children to stay calm and empowers kids to problem solve. Sometimes, the solutions may lie right at your fingertips. You can find/purchase this book by clicking Here

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book? I was inspired to create an Arial series named after my niece.

 Reader Review:

“My children (11, 8, and 5) all loved reading this book with me. The illustrations are beautiful. In the book, Arial, who was introduced in another book, is playing on a regular old Tuesday. Suddenly, there’s an explosion and a rocket lands in her house and she gets thrown into an exciting ride to space. The colors are sure to grab even the smallest child’s attention. With preschoolers, there can be great discussions about make-believe, rockets, the countdown before take-off, and so on. There is a simple plot to this book, Arial is thrown into an exciting new “world,” enjoys some time there, something goes wrong, and there’s a good resolution. I highly recommend this book!”  -A. Barrett, Mom of 3

More Words by the Author:  Follow along in the series as Arial tries her hand at several entrepreneurial ventures. The UnicornPreneur Series fosters creativity, supports early readers, and encourages out of the box thinking. Arial the Unicorn, Arial the YouTuber, Arial the Yogi, Arial the Chef, Arial I Can Do Anything and a UnicornPrenuer Coloring Book.   


Best Unicorn Books for Children List - The Little Princess and The White Unicorn (front cover)


The Little Princess & The White Unicorn

Author: Claudine Darling  Illustrator: Cimi Pham 

 Chloe is a Princess who everyday dreams of seeing a White Unicorn.  Her wicked mirror tells her that she will never see a White Unicorn until she sees a White Lion. Her and Pinky, her Maltese dog set out to find the White Lion.  She asks all the creatures in the forest who say “no, they have not seen a White Lion. But then she does see a White Lion who tells her to close her eyes and say some valuable words…and then a White Unicorn does appear every time she says the value words. You can find/purchase this book by clicking Here

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book?  My Great Niece – Americus Adam who loves White Unicorns


Best Children's Unicorn Books List - I'm Basically a Unicorn (front cover)


I’m Basically A Unicorn

Author: Melanie Hawkins  Illustrator: Melanie Hawkins 

 The book celebrates what makes us all unique and special. It is a beautifully illustrated children’s book in poetry form. On each page spread, there is a child on one page and the child “as a unicorn” on the opposite page! From unique traits that make us look or just feel a bit different, to different abilities, this book is for everyone. It can help us realize that no matter what our abilities, strengths or weaknesses, each of us is precious, rare and beautiful! This wonderful book can open dialogue  about uniqueness, inclusion, and the hard things that many children are dealing with. It can also help us all learn to be accepting of others who are a bit different and realize just how similar we really are. This book highlights traits like hair and eye color, as well as different abilities and even a few illnesses… things such as being wheelchair bound, autism, ADHD/ADD, limb differences, Vitiligo, cancer, diabetes, Down syndrome, blindness. There is a secondary message in this book, and it is that all children want what every child wants. To be treated like everyone else, to have friends and to play like all the other children do! This celebration of our unique traits and abilities will help us all to realize that we are all basically unicorns! You can find/purchase this book by clicking Here.

 Where did you get your idea to include a UNICORN for this book?  My inspiration for this book came from the children that I have  interacted with at the school I teach at and through out my life. One day, a little red haired girl in particular was kind of sad. I asked if she knew how rare a trait her red hair and blue eyes were? I told her that I read that it’s the most genetically rare hair and eye color combination in the world… So basically she’s a unicorn… and my book was born! I was offered a contract to publish this with a traditional publisher, however they wanted to remove the “second page” with the unicorn, and that’s when I decided to bring my book to life! The unicorn is very important to this book, as it represents uniqueness, with majestic and rare qualities that are so incredibly special. Exactly like our beautiful children! My hope is that those that might struggle a bit with their differences will understand their incredible worth after reading this truly inspired book!

 Reader Review:

“I absolutely LOVED reading your book because it brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills reading about my sweet kids on your pages. I’m excited for children to read this story and get to know terms about other kids their ages and what they are going through. Selfishly, the only thing I wish you would have done is highlighted a blond haired boy with a hearing aid. Haha! When my son got his at 18 months old, he had many kids in his church class point and want to grab it out of his ear. He even now has a few kids in Middle School that still ask him why he wears it and it embarrasses him because he thinks they are making fun of him. I know that your book would be 100 pages long if you showcased every kid with a disability. I truly think you have done a beautiful job and it is so special and will be a treasure for those who decide to buy it. I will definitely be requesting a copy for sure!!“ – Tina Knudson (mother to special needs children)

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