15 Best Free Children’s Books for Kindle by 9 Authors You Want To Grab for Gifts!

/ December 9, 2019

Nine children’s book authors came together to bring 15 children’s books to young readers.  Please share these free children’s books and the love of literacy and reading with other moms, dads, teachers, librarians, grandparents, family and friends!

What a great way to celebrate the joy of reading with these 15 children’s books on Kindle!  Whether you love unicorn books, magical moments, winter books, animals, sea creatures or social emotional / feelings books!  If you are giving your child the gift of imagination with picture books, you will want to download to your Ipads, tablets, Kindles or digital devices.

Note this group of books was made available for two days only for FREE (Free On Kindle – Only December 9th and December 10th, 2019.  After this date, you can still purchase it with the same links below!)

Imagine the joy your child will receive to have their Christmas gift opened with 15 outstanding children’s books!   Please remember to leave REVIEWS!  We appreciate it.  Enjoy!

best unicorn books for children

A children’s unicorn book series also available with the unicorn plush toy doll. Available in hardcover, paperback or Kindle.

unicorn book and plush gift set based on childrens book unicorn jazz

Unicorn Plush toy, Unicorn Jazz, is available as a gift set. Click to purchase on Amazon today!











Unicorn Jazz

By Lisa Caprelli, A best-seller, Unicorn Jazz is the most unique unicorn in the world. You can also grab the Unicorn Jazz Plush toy with this book for the perfect gift. Celebrating individuality, play, friendship, belonging and the power of believing in others!


When grabbing these FREE books on Kindle, please click on “BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK” it will still be $0.00 this helps all of us, author’s rankings.

I absolutely love the Unicorn Jazz picture books! They will instill a mindset of being the best you you can possibly be and teach children the importance of friendship and appreciating the differences in others. As a mom, teacher, and author of educational curriculum I highly recommend this entire series! –Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

best unicorn books for children

Bee-ing Happy With Unicorn Jazz and Friends

By Lisa Caprelli

Amazon.com/unicornjazz  Imagine the joy your child will receive to have their Christmas gift opened with 15 outstanding children’s books! 

Unicorn Jazz and animal friends in this happiness book with a bee named BEE HAPPY, who all show imaginative happy ideas for kids.




free childrens books


When You Feel Better: A Get Well Soon Gift 

By Misty Black


Your favorite patient will love cuddling up to this sweet get well soon story showing the power of empathy and kindness. 

This book is perfect on so many levels. It turns a subject like sickness and hurt, which is usually so sad, into something that you can find hope and optimism in.  –Karlee–5 stars



best unicorn books for children


Unicorns, Magic, and Slime, Oh My! 

By Misty Black


Mystery, magic, and mishaps make for an exciting story your kids won’t want to put down.

I absolutely love and recommend this book for kids of all ages and cannot wait to see what other fun stories will follow in the Fizzle Fun Series. –Reviewed By Amy Raines, Readers’ Favorite–5 stars


free childrens books


Your Thoughts Matter

By Esther Pia Cordova


Your child’s mindset matters, more than they realize. Help them understand the power of a growth mindset.


best books for children


Little Bears Can Do Big Things

By Esther Pia Cordova


Is it okay for boys to feel afraid? Is it okay for them to need help? Jimmy shifts his thinking, faces the challenges and is able to make good choices with the help of his friends. He’s even brave enough to talk about his feelings with his Dad




Little Narwhal’s Day

By Angela Castillo


Learn about secret creatures of the arctic with Little Narwhal and his adorable friends.




best childrens books on kindle


Tiger’s Can’t Open Doors

By Angela Castillo

Join two brothers as they evade a goofy-shape-shifting monster and learn the importance of imagination and creativity.

Click to download




free childrens books


Save the Ocean

By Bethany Stahl


Learn about the importance of recycling with fun ocean friends including a loveable sea turtle and a mermaid!

“Very informative book with lovely illustrations about pollution and the ways to reduce it. Recommended!” -Julie – 5 stars


best books for children


Save the Arctic

By Bethany Stahl


Go on a journey with a polar bear, beluga whale and little girl to learn about renewable energy as we help save the arctic!

We had fun reading the book, it’s great way to introduce the idea of renewable energy to my toddlers.” –MJ – 5 stars


free childrens books


Flip, the Fainting Goat

By Alicia Stenard


It’s a hard life for a fainting goat. Loud noises make Flip faint and he can’t control it. Will he ever fit in?




free childrens books


Little bug and the Noisy New Neighbor

By Melanie Hawkins


What will happen when a very noisy new neighbor moves in next door and disrupts Little Bug’s quiet, simple life? Can he learn to get along with such a bug? 




free childrens books



Little Bug and the Christmas Surprise

By Melanie Hawkins


Will a big snow storm ruin Little Bug’s Christmas party? This is a sweet story of friendship, dealing with disappointment, and finding our what truly matters at Christmas time!


best books for children


Marien’s Wish

By Cinthia Wild and Colin Wild


Three incredible friends – a Firefly, a Dragonfly and a Dung beetle work together as a team to fulfill a dream for their friend Marien, a Ladybug.



free childrens books for kindle


It’s not easy being Santa! A Christmas tale about kindness!

By Pragya Tomar


“Ever wonder what Santa’s job is like? Wishes do come true…”





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This article was written by Lisa Caprelli, author of the children’s unicorn brand series, Unicorn Jazz.

15 Best childrens books free


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