13 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids Under $25

/ December 16, 2019

Here are 13 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids Ideas or Stocking Stuffers for Kids under $25.  These make last-minute gifts or great children’s gift purchases for those who get gift cards.

The week before Christmas brings the search for last minute Christmas gifts for kids.  Mid-December can be a busy time of year and with so many choices of gift shopping for children.  We put together a list of children’s gifts under $25.  At Unicorn Jazz headquarters, Lisa Caprelli and Aisha Armer put together these 13 Christmas Gift Ideas for the busy parent or last minute shopper, or something to add to your 2020 wish list with those gift cards your children may receive.


Named the most unique unicorn in the world, we are very proud, this season, to be able to offer the new limited edition Unicorn Jazz Plush toy; a stuffed animal for you among the other holiday present ideas listed below. Unicorn Jazz is right out of the storybook and children’s unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz. Cuddly soft, huggable, lovable, pose-able and perfectly sized at 12 inches, Unicorn Jazz makes the perfect stocking stuffer or plush toy gift.


Mission: To create and share meaningful and positive stories to entertain children and to encourage imagination through reading, writing and communication to build a strong, positive global community.

Where to Purchase:  Amazon.com/unicornjazz

THE STORY BOX TIME by Keyana Martinez

The Storytime Box is a unique book box for children, designed by an experienced teacher. Each box contains a children’s book, a learning & development guide, and special perks such as toys and craft projects. Books and activities are carefully selected to enhance your child’s literacy experience. We offer four different boxes based on age/reading levels: The Little Tot Box (0-2 years), The Preschool Box (3-5 years), The Easy Reader Box (6+), and The Elementary Box (8+). You can choose the box that is best for your child. Try our family bundles boxes for up to 3 children!

Mission: The Storytime Box promotes reading, dramatic play and subject areas including Science and Math. We believe that Storytime is more than just words on a page. Young readers can think outside the box and let their imaginations run free with The Storytime Box.

Where to purchase: https://www.thestorytimebox.com/

MY BOOK BUDDIES by Sheena LeMay-Nelssen

Book Buddies are small pillows with a pocket for small kids books. The fabrics of the pillows are intended to match the books that are put in them! Sheena, the creator, also makes Dr. Seuss book pillows, and hopefully soon Unicorn Jazz pillows!

Where to Purchase:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/stitchingstardesigns



Proudly launched this season, Busy Brains Activity Packs has created activity cards to give parents ideas of things they can do with their babies, toddlers and children (up to five years old) to support their development. Each pack contains 30 cards including a milestone card, details of the key developmental changes to look out for at each stage and plenty of fun activities to do together. Some cards have multiple activities on them, so it is difficult to say exactly how many activities are in each pack as it varies.  

Mission:  Creator Lauren Brown’s aim is to help all parents be their child’s best first teacher. The activities are fun and easy to do and are designed to use resources that parents will likely already have in the home, negating the need to buy expensive toys. 

Where to purchase:  https://www.busybrainsactivitypacks.co.uk/


UNICORN JAZZ MUGS by Party Lovers Crafts 

Okay, we are a little biased with listing another item by Unicorn Jazz ™, but it is our blog gift giving guide, after all.   Nowhere else can you purchase your very own Unicorn Jazz ™ limited edition mugs. How can we resist adding these cute unicorn mugs in varied designs.  Made by founder, Debra Moreira, the Unicorn Jazz ™ mugs are a great addition to your kitchen, for the coffee, tea or chocolate lover. Coffee mugs are durable and sized at 11 oz, Material Used: Ceramic White Mug with Sublimation Image.  *** DISHWASHER SAFE *** MICROWAVE SAFE *** Made and Shipped from Texas, US! Made by order!

Where to Purchase: 

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/partyloverscrafts

Web: http://picpanzee.com/partyloverscrafts



SophiesBoutique08 is your one stop shop for beautiful doll clothes and accessories for every little girls favorite American girl doll! Creator Lynda Newman has a passion for finding new and adorable fabrics to seamlessly create doll clothes and accessories from start to finish. Her creations are cherished, for her, being able to design clothing and accessories for dolls; makes the doll a little more special! We couldn’t agree more! Lynda, began this journey in creating something meaningful because she understood the importance of dolls, as well as the impact and significance they can have on childhood.

Where to purchase: https://www.etsy.com/shop/sophiesboutique08/


ZDOUGH by Kira Rama

ZDough is excellent for young children to play, build fine motor skills and explore their creativity! An added bonus is that ZDough is also used by adults looking to de-stress by keeping their hands busy while their minds wander.

Created by a former elementary special education teacher, this product is used by teachers, occupational therapists, and art therapists. Unlike traditional play dough, each ZDough variety has its own scent. These come from the essential oils, spices and baking flavorings that add a new sensory experience to the fun of playing with the dough. It’s perfect for young children who explore the world with all of their senses. We hope you enjoy this vintage-made-modern favorite, because we sure do!

Where to Purchase: http://www.z-dough.com



Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kid Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kid








Three Little Greens created these amazing ABC Affirmation Flashcards. The purpose of these flashcards is to teach children to speak positively. Each set contains 26 Positive Alphabet Affirmation cards with adorable Positive & Negative Characters. Each card has a memorable Positive (+) Character, a letter, and an affirmation. While the reverse side combats negative (-) affirmations the child may hear with a positive reaffirmation. These flashcards are designed with Child-Friendly Corners and bright colored artwork for visual stimulation and brain development. We are featuring these positive affirmation flashcards but Three Little Greens is also a fun apparel, accessories, gifts, and much more for all children!

Chermaine W.: Highly recommend. Antonia has amazing clothes for kids and her personality is amazing. Will most definitely order from again!

Where to purchase: https://www.threelittlegreens.com/products/abc-affirmation-flash-cards


Creator Kátia, makes handmade crochet hats and headbands for children; as well as adults. What makes her designs so special and unique is the heart shaped top knot (no other shop has it). These gorgeous hats and headbands are made with the most buttery soft fabric! 

Sarah Howard: This little headwrap is perfect! The print is adorable and the quality is absolutely amazing! I definitely want to buy more of the other styles. The Customer service is always incredible and the quick turnaround is unbelievable!

Where to purchase:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/brazikat/

LITTLE REBELS by Majo Spitalnik

Little Rebels is a collection of plush dolls inspired by great women that have changed the world. The dolls are 100% plush made and stuffed with high quality stuffing; passed all the safety regulations! Any doll that you purchase comes with an application that allows you to scan your doll, using augmented reality; sharing the dolls story in an interactive way.

Mission: To empower girls and make sure that every girl around the world has access to education. In order to achieve that, we partner with foundations that are working with girls education and we donate part of our revenues so they can keep their mission going. With that in mind, we partnered with the Malala Fund and are on our way to close more deals. 

Where to purchase:  wearelittlerebels.com


This cute handwriting, coloring, drawing and reading with sight words 40 high frequency words activity book is perfect for little girls and boys in Pre-K or Kindergarten or 3-6. When children are learning how to read, it is easier to get familiar with a list of short words to aid them in reading. This Series which is part of the Jesus Loves Kids Pet Addition Vol.1 collection, features different pet animals such as a cat, dog, bird, horse, fish, bunny/hare, turtle/tortoise and a duck for coloring. The collection is personalized with letter initials so you can pick the letter that corresponds to your child’s first or last name! This is something that you can keep forever as a memorabilia or a souvenir for your child while they are growing up.

Stacy Murphy: just received our book today.  I love the cover art and the positive messages throughout the pages.  My 4 year old daughter loves the pictures. We are saving it to color during church, though she wants to color it now!:)  I also like that when she tired of coloring, she can switch to practicing her letters. It will keep her busy! I’m looking forward to her brothers book arriving soon. I highly recommend this book for parents. 

Where to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=wewen+kids+collection&i=stripbooks&language=en_US&linkCode=sl2&linkId=991fc623e343d6455b28f15ebb91ce9b&tag=sueperwoman-20&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

PURE HAVEN by Alyssa Jackson

Every parent wants to protect their children, which is why we Alyssa Jackson highly recommends using Pure Haven personal care products! Pure Haven has non-toxic children items such as their four piece baby care bundle. This bundle includes baby cream, baby massage and body lotion, baby wash and shampoo and mom balm.

Mission: To educate consumers about pure, safe, alternative personal care choices that empower people to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Their baby and kids products are made with only the safest ingredients that you can feel 100% comfortable with using on their delicate skin. 

Where to purchase: https://purehaven.com/


Lizbeth Trinidad makes faux leather earrings and hair bows! All of her pieces are handmade from her home office and they are one hundred percent hypoallergenic. She tries to add new patterns and color combinations each week! This is a fabulous gift for girls. 

Where to purchase:  https://handmadecreationsbyliz.com

For future gift giving guides or children’s book gift ideas, including plush toys and best recommended books for holidays, birthdays, baby showers or schools, visit us often for new updates.



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