4 Eye-Opening TED Talks for Teachers & Educators

/ November 6, 2022

From having to teach curriculum while getting students to settle down, to formulating and grading tests outside of the classroom (not to mention fulfilling administrative tasks), working as a schoolteacher can quickly become quite a demanding position. While educating our youth has been (and always will be!) a vital role in society, this crucial position is often overlooked when it comes to other careers due to the numerous pressures that come with the teaching environment. However, it is always important for our teachers of today to keep in mind why they are in the field and why their job is important, not just for them, but for the hundreds of students they have in front of them throughout the day.

After all, there are so many reasons to cherish being a teacher, but don’t just take my word for it, just take a few moments to listen to what a few professionals in the field of education have to say about what an impact teachers have in the lives of students and children everywhere, and why teachers should stand firm in their mission to educate our young children.

1. Understanding Your Value, Calling, & Purpose as an Educator | Power of a Teacher – Adam Saenz

Licensed psychologist and substitute teacher Dr. Adam Saenz speaks about the hardships of getting to know students on a more personal level while also being a serious educator in the classroom. As a psychologist who consults with teachers in schools, Dr. Saenz decided to dip his toes in the field of education as a substitute teacher just to get first-hand experience into what his clients are faced with on a daily basis.

In this TedTalks lecture, you will come to realize the admiration that people have for the impact educators have on students, including what Dr. Saenz’s teachers did to help him become an eventual Ph. D-holder in his lifetime despite his troubling background. In the end, it really is all about making a connection with students and giving them the courage to pursue more education when it matters most, and all teachers everywhere are held responsible for encouraging the love of learning in everyone.

2. Influencing the Learning Process | What is the Most Important -Influence on Child Development – Tom Weisner

In this video, Tom Weisner encourages educators to challenge their thinking process on how we come to teach our growing learners. Teachers of young children should all care about the topic of this Ted Talk lecture as it ties in directly with the responsibilities of the occupation.

Understanding the circumstances our young students live in and the chances that we have to influence them almost every day is a surefire way to help mold a young one’s learning process for their particular environment, and that’s something a child takes with them for life. This can be done by taking a perspective within the difference of culture between you and your students, especially when it comes to their contextual learning. Weisner emphasizes that teachers can use their influence on students as a caring mechanism, not only when it comes to their education, but to their fundamental well-being.

3. Molding Leaders to Build a Better World | What Kids Wish Their Teachers Knew – Kyle Schwartz

In this emotionally groundbreaking presentation, Kyle Schwartz reminds teachers to hand students the power to learn in their own unique way. The reasoning behind Schwartz’s method is that each of our students live lives outside of the classroom that are just as complex and chaotic as working adults despite their young age.

In other words, our students require our help to concentrate in a collective way by giving them the headspace needed away from their responsibilities at home. This Ted Talk geared toward educators serves as another advocate for the impact that teachers have on a daily basis. By making sure that our students feel safe and cared about, we are not only opening up voices, we are also instilling the value of community in learning.

4. The Ones Who Don’t Quit | The Teachers We Remember – Julie Hasson

Julie Hasson’s heartwarming lessons during her time as a schoolteacher serve to show that the actions we make as educators matter. It’s true – you never really know what your students will remember, and most of the time, it’s not what you taught that stays in their minds, but rather the things that you did for them, including opening up their minds.

In the end, we remember the teachers who help us change the way we look at the world. We as people remember the times when we were transformed, and the people who reached out to assist in our growth. Being a teacher means intentionally looking for moments to leave an impact on our students, and making them feel that they not only belong but are not alone on their journey.

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