8 Year Old Musician and Storyteller Finds New Ways to Share Her Talent With the World

/ July 15, 2020

Nicny is an 8-year-old musician and storyteller. She loves traveling and watching documentaries, as well as seemingly countless activities. In her free time, she loves creating stories and songs, playing piano, and singing to express her thoughts and feelings.


Besides being a Musician and Storyteller, Nicny has her own podcast channel, where she shares her stories, knowledge, quizzes and love for music with friends.  She also has her own music Instagram where she shares short video clips of her playing musical instruments, her composing works, and performing arts. 

Nicny will be giving a star-studded performance on the next THE THING I DO show on July 23, 2020 at 11am PST.  You can read the full guest line up – click here!

“Truly be yourself no matter what!”


When physical distancing became serious — towards the end of March 2020 — school was closed, as they were for many in the world.  Music classes were all stopped. 

Nicny was very curious about what other kids were doing and wanted to stay connected with friends, new and old alike. 

Her mother started uploading and sharing Nicny’s piano playing to Instagram which allowed her  to see what other great musicians and authors were doing. 

Originally Nicny’s Instagram was to showcase the stories that she had created and voiced over.

Nicny also has an old YouTube Channel where she shared joyful nursery rhymes music and videos singing everywhere she traveled. Nicny hopes to reactivate this channel again to share more of her videos.  (Perhaps, she can share some of that amazing video content with THE THING I DO kids show!)


Now most of Nicny’s Instagram posts are focused on music and cute performances that can bring joy to her followers. 

In the past 3 months, she has met many fantastic people around the World through Instagram, and has close to 600 talented inspiring musicians, authors, artists and kind-hearted people as followers.

She is so blessed to have created a following in such a small amount of time. 

Nicny  is very impressed with Tim Minchin – the award winning and super talented composer and lyricist of Matilda the Musical. She  loves all the songs composed and written by Tim Minchin especially Naughty, When I Grow Up and the Revolting Children. 

Musician and Storyteller

Nicny is also inspired by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul: Pasek and Paul website.  Get inspired with their backstory here — THE ONES WHO DREAM BIG – click  

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

These two very talented songwriters, composers, and lyricists wrote the songs for the Greatest Showman musical. Her favorite songs are Never Enough, This is Me, A Million Dreams and The Greatest Show. They also wrote her favorite song in the film Trolls “Get back up again.” 

Nicny loves the creations of Rodgers and Hammerstein, the famous songwriter and lyricist for famous Broadway musicals like The Sound of Music and Cinderella. Her favorite songs by them are My Favourite Things, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, and So Long Farewell in the Sound of Music, and The Stepsister’s Lament in Cinderella. 

One of Nicny’s inspirations is Julie Andrews. She loves her for her amazing talent and ability to perform a variety of musical types perfectly. 

As for pop music, Nicny likes Taylor Swift. She admires the fact that she writes her own song, plays guitar, and she sings very well. Her favorite video is Look What You Made Me Do. Nicny loves that Taylor is not afraid of the snakes in the music video

Nicny also enjoys songs written by Den Reynolds of Imagine Dragons.  She loves the lyrics of the song “Believer” the most.  It makes her feel like she can be herself, make her own decisions and allow her dreams to come true. 


Nicny wants to be known as the fun, inspiring and cheerful girl that brings joy to the others through her singing, dancing, composing, stories, adventures, dramas, piano playing, ukulele, drawing, interesting facts, podcasting, video hosting and performances. 

When she grows a bit older, Nicny hopes to have a chance to compose and write great songs and scripts for musical theatre and shows. 

musician and storyteller

I love the fact that your shows are also shared with kids in hospitals, we hope by sharing some little songs and stories and ideas would bring some rainbows to those little ones that need some love. ~Nicole, Nicny’s mother


Nicny really loves that Unicorn Jazz showcases shows to children in the hospitals. She is so proud to be part of this good cause. We love Unicorn Jazz!  Unicorn Jazz understands that kids love to be creative, messy and love to share, and the lovely idea that the shows could reach children’s everywhere and especially the hospitals as well.

Follow Nicny (through her mother) – www.instagram.com/nicnyhermione

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