9 Free Christmas Books and Help Others Themed Books For 2022

/ December 8, 2022

December is here, and that means Christmas is just around the corner! A season of giving and taking the time to appreciate the people and things that matter to us, the holidays aren’t just about receiving presents for ourselves — it’s also about what we can do for others too through the joy we give them!

Free on December 9th & 10th! After this date, you can still grab the Christmas Books and Help Others Themed Books on Amazon or ask for them at your favorite bookstore!

Free Christmas Books

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To spread the love and joy of giving this holiday season, we at Unicorn Jazz have partnered up with several children’s book authors for a free e-book giveaway on stories that share the theme of helping others this Christmastime.

  • Unicorn Jazz’s “Help and Give Back” – By Author Lisa Caprelli & Illustrator Davey Villalobos

Free Christmas Books

Unicorn Jazz and friends are back with new ways to spread joy to the world! Join our most beloved characters including Jazz the Unicorn, Trezekke the Zerbacorn, Woof the Crow, and many others as they put their minds and efforts together to create dazzling ideas on how to make the world a little brighter by putting a smile on someone’s face. Help and Give Back” teaches children and families about the importance of community, belongingness, and knowing that our actions can make a difference in the world!

“A fantastic picture book about sharing and caring given the times that we’re in, Help and Give Back is yet another installment of the Unicorn Jazz series that focuses on a particular aspect of social-emotional learning, this time with a focus on community building. Parents and educators can ask what acts of kindness are done on each page as the Unicorn Jazz community goes around helping those friends in need of support.” – Amazon Review

  • “Smile Lil Peter, It’s A Gift” – By Authors Tasche Laine & Peter Valdez, Illustrated By Mei Mei Leonard 

A children’s story about the true spirit of Christmas, “Smile Lil Peter, It’s A Gift” centers on spreading Christmas cheer with kindness and a smile. Join Lil Peter and his brother, Marty, as they spend Christmastime with their Grandma Phyllis and discover the true meaning of giving this holiday season.

“This book really got me in the holiday spirit! It has so many nuggets of pure wisdom…. The vibrantly detailed and colorful illustrations brought all the precious moments to life. Many empowering lessons to be learned and another hit book from this remarkable series!” —Carly Sunshine, Amazon reviewer


Be sure to check out the Lil Peter Instagram page to find out more about the Lil Peter children’s book series!

  • “Grandpa’s Cracker Won’t Go Bang” – By Author & Illustrator Becci Murray

A laugh-out-loud, rhyming picture book, “Grandpa’s Cracker Won’t Go Bang” is perfect for sharing with grandparents to create some new giggle-tastic memories this Christmas!

“Everything stops at my house when a new Becci-book releases. This one is a delight. I’m so happy grandpa was able to get some much deserved attention. Written in rhyme and illustrated with ridiculously hilarious humor, this is sure to make a kaboom in your house too.” – Kim Wilch, Author

  • “When The Elves Took Christmas Back” – By Author Daniel Williamson & Illustrator Kleverton Monteiro

Free Christmas Books

In “When the Elves Took Christmas Back”, Naughty Santa becomes the VILLAIN in an alternative and humorous picture book about GRATITUDE. Children have to BEHAVE in order to stay off the naughty list if they want to actually receive presents on Christmas Day! The Elves are watching after all!

“Wonderful! This is the second book my daughter has had by this author and it was just as brilliant as the first. Beautifully written and illustrated as a gorgeous Christmas story. It left us feeling all festive and fuzzy inside!” – Hayley West, Reviewer


Be sure to check out author Daniel Williamson’s Instagram page for more info on his children’s books!

  • “The Christmas Crew” – By Author & Illustrator Francesca Watt

An unfortunate bout of reindeer flu means Christmas is in BIG trouble! Santa must call upon some unlikely heroes to help save the day! Can THE CHRISTMAS CREW work together to deliver the gifts in time? Or will it all end in disaster? An inclusive, humorous, rhyming picture book, “The Christmas Crew” shows just what’s possible with determination, resilience, and the help of good friends!

“When Father Christmas’s elves are all struck down with the sniffles and sneezes, there’s only one way to save Chrimbo…enter ‘The Christmas Crew’! A magical rip-roar of a present delivering tour with lots of our well-loved Christmas characters. Such a fun Christmas story that children will return to again and again. Wonderfully bright, fun illustrations and it even includes some Christmassy activities like spot the difference and a Christmas code breaker at the end!” – Victoria Smith, Reviewer


  • “The Christmas Snow Angels” – By Author & Illustrator Marcela Brué-Lotz

Believe in the magic and wonder of the Christmas season with “The Christmas Snow Angels” story, a heartwarming Christian children’s book celebrating the true meaning of Christmas; the birth of Jesus. The story takes place on a snowy Christmas Eve when siblings, David and Emily discover some Christmas magic. They meet two special angels and share important moments from the night Jesus was born.

“A wonderful book about the magic of Christmas, perfect for young readers who are curious to discover the true meaning of this celebration. With illustrations done by the author herself, the story offers everything, representing the perfect choice for family time on Christmas Eve. With Christmas drawing near, I was happy to come across this book. My daughter is four years old and she is just discovering this holiday, showing a genuine interest in books written on this topic. The story introduced her to angels, which she found fascinating. I also liked the fact that we were able to use this book to discuss about the true meaning of Christmas. The way I see it, this is the kind of book that you read snuggled under a warm blanket, looking at your child smiling and enjoying the story all the way through. I absolutely loved the cookie recipe the author included, it was such a nice touch. The story was simple enough to follow and it got my daughter interested in Jesus, and religion in general. There was another reason for which I loved this story. Reflecting what lies inside the author’s heart, it encourages children to look for wonder and have hope that magical things are going to happen. It inspires them to believe in miracles and embrace the right values from a young age. Plus, who can resist making snow angels? We can’t wait for snow, so we can give them a try! This was a lovely read and I am so glad we had the opportunity to enjoy it together, during mommy-daughter time! Not only does it highlight the true meaning of Christmas, but it inspires children to look for miracles, starting with the most important one, the miracle of life. Well-done!” – Alexandra Antipa, Author & Blogger

Be sure to visit author/illustrator Marcela Brué-Lotz’s Instagram page for more information about her works!

  • “Cutie Sue and the Christmas Miracle” – By Author Kate Melton & Illustrator Ira Baykovska

Free Christmas Books

The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner and Cutie Sue makes her wish list for Santa Claus, but there is something she is looking for on Christmas eve above all the gifts. Will her Christmas wish come true this year? Find out by picking up your copy of “Cutie Sue and the Christmas Miracle”.

“I read a lot of books with my kids and this was such a great read. The story was a hit with the kids. They loved all of Cutie Sue’s kind acts and the ending was very sweet. The flow and rhyme of the story was so well done too. We will be reading more of Cutie Sue in other books! Highly recommend!” – (SAS), Review

Be sure to visit author Kate Melton’s Instagram page for information on her children’s books!

  • “Gingersnap Snatcher” – By Author Vicky Weber & Illustrator Svitlana Liuta

Abuela made cookies to eat after school. The gingersnap kind, just the thought made us drool! We rushed home excited. We opened the door… The cookies were missing—just crumbs on the floor! The question is…who is the Gingersnap Snatcher? Reminiscent of Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar, this humorous rhyming story features a diverse family on a mission to discover the ravenous thief. Was it Mr. Wiggles the cat? Sadie the family dog? Or someone unexpected? You’ll just have to read “Gingersnap Snatcher” to find out!

“The story is sweetly fun and the ending is definitely a surprise I did not expect.” -Vivian C, Reviewer

Be sure to visit author Vicky Weber’s Instagram page for more information about her children’s books!

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