Handmade Jewelry by 5th Grader and Founder of Tu Snaps

/ November 22, 2022

Isis Idiokitas is an online entrepreneur with own her handmade necklace line. The most impressive part about it? She’s running her own business all while only in the fifth grade!

Isis: The Business Owner

Isis created her company, Tu Snaps, from her bedroom in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was spending a lot of time building her Legos and realized how many pieces she had just lying around after, so she put her creative mind to the test and found a way to make use of the extra blocks.

“I have heard of jewelry made from Lego but not as unique as Tu Snaps, so I thought I could create necklaces that are more like art,” says kid entrepreneur Isis, whose family and fans often rave about her confidence in opening up her own business at such a young age.

“I want kids to know that if you have a good idea you can make it a business and you don’t have to wait until you are a grown-up. And I want parents to know they should support their kids if they have dreams to start a business.” – Isis Idiokitas, Founder, Tu Snaps Jewelry

Unicorn Jazz Children’s Book Series Author Lisa Caprelli Wearing Her Own Tu Snaps Neckpiece!

Isis: Writer, Gymnast, & Interior Design Enthusiast

What most people don’t know about Isis is that she loves to write her own novels and wants to be known as a best-selling author during her lifetime. She got into writing last year when she was in the fourth grade, writing for the NaNoWriMo program challenge. Spending most of her recess periods inside her school’s library to spend as much time writing, Isis eventually ended up completing the challenge, and even got her submitted piece published!

Aside from her novel-writing and jewelry-making, Isis spends her time competing in tumbling and trampoline gymnastics. When she’s not reading a good new book, she enjoys looking at wonderful homes for sale online and loves interior design.

To find out more about Isis’ online jewelry brand, Tu Snaps, be sure to check out her online store at TuSnaps.com and the Tu Snaps Instagram and TikTok media pages for additional info.

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