Anti Bullying Children’s Book Author and El Paso Native Lisa Caprelli Returns for School Author Visits to Promote Reading, Writing and Growing Non-Profit Partnership with Lucid Love to bring Love, Faith and Kindness to the El Paso Area!

/ January 6, 2020

Anti-bullying children’s book author and El Paso Native Lisa Caprelli Returns for School Author Visits to Promote Reading, Writing and Growing Non-Profit Partnership with Lucid Love to bring Love, Faith and Kindness to the El Paso Area!

EL PASO, TEXAS – January 6, 2020 Best-selling author Lisa Caprelli (formerly Hernandez) will be presenting at local area schools the week of January 21, 2020. Caprelli’s presentations include her children’s book series, Unicorn Jazz, created with El Paso illustrator, Davey Villalobos and the concepts of team building, social emotional skills and finding the enjoyment of learning through reading and writing.   Her next book Eye See You: Choosing Kindness has been well received to be a wonderful anti-bullying children’s book author message.

Since 2019, Unicorn Jazz book donations has had a reach to over 24,235 children in schools.  Caprelli is excited about teaming up with Microsoft Office where she teaches beginner and advanced children’s writing workshops.

“I enjoy coming back to my hometown to share the joy in doing what you love while helping others find and celebrate what makes them unique along with the messages of kindness and love as inspired by Lucid Love,” said Caprelli. “My roots are in the warm culture of the El Paso community, which helped shape me into a creative writer. I am very grateful to be able to spend time giving back to m

Unicorn Jazz, sets in El Paso while it features a long-time El Paso Zoo favorite, Mona the Elephant in the first books introduction. This book has been turned into a classroom/theater play by El Pasoan, Christian Diaz. The second book, Bee-ing Happy, is simple and meant to evoke conversations and happiness in simple things.  The third forthcoming book, Eye See You, shares the importance of choosing kindness. She continues to write more stories and aims to turn these wonderful stories into an animated series. Unicorn Jazz can be found on TV/video via Amazon Prime


Caprelli also has turned her books into Spanish.  Many of her books are available on Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover and sold in over 22 Barnes and Noble book stores and wherever find books are sold.  Her student STEM curriculum, coloring pages and El Paso Zoo field trip guide are free to school librarians and teachers as resources that go beyond the book. In 2019 she was nominated by Del Norte Elementary for the Power of One PIE Award for outstanding commitment to this school at the local “Partners in Education.”  She believes in reaching children with her continuous book tours which sometimes include children’s hospital visits. 

About Unicorn Jazz

Unicorn Jazz a series, is about a shy unicorn named Jazz who moves to the magical land of El Paso but struggles to make new animal friends. With encouragement from her mother’s special song, Jazz learns to be brave, confident and, most importantly, herself.

Unicorn Jazz engages young readers while imparting valuable life lessons and social emotional intelligence such as learning about the power of confidence, the value of diversity and why we should celebrate what makes us unique. The imaginative stories include colorful hand-drawn characters – not computer generated art – that children enjoy over and over.  The Unicorn Jazz brand is on track to achieve success parallel to the most well-known brands in children’s literature and goods.   Including messages about kindness and anti bullying is just one of the many social emotional lessons we can share with children.

”Students appreciate the social stories and animal characters and they absolutely love the Unicorn Jazz picture books! They instill a mindset of being the best you that you can possibly be and teach children the importance of friendship and appreciating the differences in others. I highly recommend this entire series!” -Jennifer Quattrucci, Mom, Teacher and author of educational curriculum

In addition, Unicorn Jazz features the “Friendship Song,” a series-original track is sung by radio personality Kerri Kasem

About Lisa Caprelli

Lisa Caprelli (formerly Hernandez) has studied human behavior and communications for more than 25 years. She taught at Long Beach State; former host of the Happy Lifestyle Online Show and she continues to inspire youth audiences from elementary to high school.  Originally from El Paso, Texas, Caprelli currently resides in Huntington Beach, Calif., with her family, and is a best-selling author of both fiction and non-fiction books.  She believes in promoting kindness and anti-bullying messages.

Her book and journal Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds draw from decades of research and entrepreneurial interviews during the course of her career in radio broadcasting, public relations and marketing.    

Media Contacts:

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Veronica Cabada, Founder  (915) 342-8907

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Lisa Caprelli

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