Be Bold, Be Brave: Show Up to Your Confidence!

/ May 12, 2023

I have been called many things in life. Persistent, vulnerable, stubborn, impatient, tenacious, go-getter, but only recently a friend told me.  “You are so confident, and that’s what is attractive about you.” 

“Really?” I replied. “I have never been called confident before.” I laughed.

“No one has EVER told you that, Lisa?”

“Um, nope.” I thought long and hard and I appreciated being called confident.  That was a compliment to me.  Oftentimes, when people tell me how they admire my STRENGTH, after hearing my life struggles and testimony  – the word STRENGTH is not a compliment to me. I never want to be told how strong I am, for it is hard to be strong. I get no pleasure in having to be a single mom, in having to be the one to drive the forces of nature to at sometimes seems to be survival mode.  So to tell me I am strong, no, I wish I had more help and that others led the fort to go, go go.  

But as the mantra goes, “If it’s meant to be; it’s up to me,” I can’t sit in bed, waiting and wondering how life will move mountains for the great work and life that is present and ahead.

So that is what makes me a no-holds-barred go-getter. Being a young mom at 19, I quickly learned the importance and tenacity of being independent and working hard. 


When aiming to come up with a simple tagline for what Unicorn Jazz means to me, I had this long sentence that I had to sum up into 6 words or less for the licensing expo we have. To be in the company and space as magnificent brands like Hasbro, Sesame Street, Nike, etc. and when you think of their great taglines, I knew I had to think hard about what Unicorn Jazz world means in 6 words or less.

With that, I love the tagline for Unicorn Jazz:

Be Bold, Be Brave,” 

This is what the world of Unicorn Jazz represents.  From the books in our series, to the songs we sing, and in the content and series we create for kids and families, our intent is to ignite positive emotions and inspiration. I wish as a child, and I wish for all children to receive the learning in how to do the things they want in life without having to worry about any perceived limitations.

The Science Behind Eliciting Confidence

A study conducted by Bagienski et al. (2022) has shown that many people often underestimate their own abilities while overestimating the difficulty of a goal. The results of the study also showed a positive correlation of completing a set goal that was once thought to be impossible with an increased belief in a person’s individual ability to master new skills, or in other words, a stronger sense of confidence for the long-term.

Growing up EXTREMELY shy (til college age), I was able to turn the way I responded to life circumstances to build the confidence needed in my adult life.  I pushed myself to finish my social psychology at the age of 40, so that I can push forward with what was to come with incredible and life-human interaction and emotional self-awareness. 

Being bold and brave can be summed up by the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “You must do the thing you cannot do”, or in my own words, “Do the things you FEEL you cannot do!”

Be Bold, Be Brave: Prosper and Thrive 

Confidence breeds resilience and courage in the face of uncertainty and adversity. In fact, it is during these times when we may feel unsure and challenged, that we must assure ourselves that we are indeed capable of exceeding our own goals and persevere.

Being bold and brave (and therefore confident!) builds a certain trust within ourselves that we can do the best we can with the resources that we do have in any given situation. So, kids, with that in mind – be bold, be brave, and do what others tell you is impossible! In fact, those who do what others say is impossible are the same people who help the world advance to a more progressive future. 


Why Teaching Our Kids to be Confident is Important

Confidence is a positive emotion, and that is what we inspire with Unicorn Jazz!  The achievement of happiness and finding unique ways to be more, create more, and do more is what we can offer to the world and those around us. 

Although we as people gain confidence from achieving our goals, we also need confidence to inspire others, “to do the things they cannot do,” despite what trials or tribulations we may face. I believe it is impossible to go at it alone, find someone who believes in you …. Hey, you be the one to believe in someone.  To give of oneself is so important not only for you first, but for fellow mankind.



The most influential tech companies of today once began with less than a handful of people, with stories of working out of their garages. Those companies went on to become major known brands and employers around the world, such as Apple, Amazon, Baby Einstein, Microsoft, and Disney!

Alternatively, a lack of confidence may mean putting limits on the things you can achieve. 

While an influx of confidence breeds inspiration.  It can also help others, too! Not only are we helping ourselves by being more confident, but we are also helping those close to us in turn. So, don’t be shy and unconfident because you feel you don’t know how to accomplish a certain task, be confident, bold, and brave as you find the path to your own success!


Surpassing Boundaries by Being Bold and Brave

According to the study done by Bagienski et al., “The greatest achievements often arise from challenging the status quo of what is thought to be possible. These types of achievements require certain beliefs about one’s capabilities, whether it is setting a new world record or developing a technology that surpasses human ability, they all start with a belief in one’s capability of transforming the ‘impossible’ into reality.”

Put simply, believe in yourself and VISION what you want to achieve. It is the same manner of asking God for something and trusting in Him.

^^DO not lean on your own understanding… BLUEPRINT quote  

We all require the same confidence, boldness, and bravery to do well on an important exam, to nail that desired job interview, and even to attract those like-minded people we want within our social inner circle. However, keep in mind that overconfidence is not a virtue either. While extreme introversion may breed minimal to no results, being overly egotistical and unrealistic in our own skills won’t work either, and both can be an off-putting characteristic that may lead to loneliness.


Being Bold & Brave Inspires Others Too!

Being bold and brave breeds an enthusiasm in ourselves and others that can be described as a combination of a range of positive emotions such as humor, awe, intrigue, and joyous explorative curiosity that only accomplishing a seemingly impossible task successfully can elicit (Bagienski et al., 2022).

Just think of the wondrous magic you can create in your life! 

I am excited about how YOU can inspire others in your life, to accomplish seemingly impossible goals thanks to your radiant CONFIDENCE!

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