Children’s Book Author Visit Making an Impact in Orange County, California

/ January 3, 2020

Children’s book author visit and author visits by Lisa Caprelli are the best part of her work in creating and writing imaginative children’s stories.
Watch the story’s art and words come to life with its Audible and Amazon Prime video – with voices and narration by voice actress, Tiffany Marz, and sing along with your children, the beautiful “Friendship Song” right after you hear the full story. The song is a super fun, catchy and memorable tune, sung by our friend Kerri Kasem.

A children’s book author visit is engaging for children and fun made by best-selling children’s book author, Lisa Caprelli, from Huntington Beach, California.  Caprelli’s mission is to reach as many children as possible so traveling to other cities, states and countries is not unusual for her.
Unicorn Jazz, sets in El Paso, Texas (the author’s home town), while it features a long-time El Paso Zoo favorite, Mona the Elephant in the first books introduction. The second book, Bee-ing Happy, is simple and meant to evoke conversations and happiness in simple things.  The third forthcoming book, Eye See You, shares the importance of choosing kindness. She continues to write more stories and aims to turn these wonderful stories into an animated series. Currently Unicorn Jazz can be found on TV/video via Amazon Prime.
Since 2019, we are grateful to have placed Unicorn Jazz’s books into the reach of over 24,235 elementary age students and are excited about growing in 2020 and beyond with more forthcoming books! Unicorn Jazz has also been turned into a full play script with its song for schools, classrooms or local theaters. Please write Lisa Caprelli, Author, if interested or for more information.
childrens book author visit
We grateful for the beautiful hand-drawn art for all the characters created by illustrator, Davey Villalobos. It is a wonderful thing when family talent and inspiration collaborate.  Doing a children’s book author visit in El Paso and other states is where Caprelli stays motivated to write and teach social emotional learning.
Caprelli and Villalobos are both cousins who were both born and raised in El Paso, Texas. Caprelli resides in Southern California today and enjoys traveling as much as possible to reach children everywhere. Read more about our growing outreach and ambassadors on our website, like Aisha Brooke, Thanecha Anderson, Sophia & Lizette Ruiz, Natalie Sepulveda, Kanani Lutz; our family, contributors and more.
THANK YOU to all who are making our dreams and visions come true for a brighter future and the love of the arts, reading, writing and literacy!
Our Mission: To create and share meaningful and positive stories to entertain children and to encourage imagination through reading, writing and communication to build a strong, positive global community.
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