12 days of Christmas Silly Poem for Kids

/ December 24, 2019

So this is what wakes me up at night. The next story, silly poem for kids and more that pop into my head at 2 am and yes, I get up and write them all down. I grew up shy and felt like my only voice was on paper, which is probably why my creativity and ideas flow easily and fast.  – Children’s book author, Lisa Caprelli
Here is my recent Original 12 Days of Christmas Silly Poem for Kids.  And yes, it is silly, sometimes rhymes.  I wrote it in one night.  You can see the full Instagram daily videos – click here.


On the first day of Christmas

As you head

Off to the ZOO

Sing a Carol

Some classic fun

Even if it

Doesn’t sound

like YOU. (that didn’t sound very good)..

best silly kids poem

On the 2nd day Of Christmas


To play with friends

Bring some laughter

Some Christmas cheer

You seek and

I shall HIDE.

silly poem for kids 12 days of christmas

silly poem for kids unicorn jazz

On the 3rd day of Christmas

As you wander

Into some SNOW

Bee happy

Bee silly

Stick out

Your tongue and GO!

silly poem for kids


On the 4th day of Christmas

Write letters to

Dear loved ONES

Tell them you’re happy

You’re wonderful

Put it in the

Mail at ONCE!

sillu poem for kids

On the 5th day of Christmas

Play a game


Be present…

And team up

You can win

Or lose with ME (Glee)

On the 6th day Of Christmas

Make a house

Of gingerBREAD

Add crayons

And glitter

Gummies in

Green, orange and RED

On the 7th Day of Christmas

Make your

Masterpiece that SHINES

Get creative

It’s worth it

Have fun

And make it RHYME

silly poem for kids

On the 8th day Of Christmas

Close your eyes

Imagine NEW!

Reflect on it

See your vision

Oh, yes,

It’s going

To happen for YOU!

silly poem for kids

 On the 9th day Of Christmas

Observe —

Who needs a HUG?

Hold gracefully

And happily

Don’t tell —

You’ve got a BUG.

kids silly poem

On the 10th day Of Christmas

Bundle up!

Festive lights! It’s time!

As you’re sharing the moment

Shout out

Here is my slime.


kids silly poem

On the 11th day Of Christmas

Find a choir to cheer…

Hurry home

Put pajamas on

Leave cookies out

Santa’s reindeer are near!

kids silly poem

On the 12th day of Christmas

Eat a meal

With candleLIGHT

Tell jokes and laugh

Play songs and chat

Enjoy that

You’re out of SIGHT

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