Creating a Legacy of Inspiration to Uplift Spirits with Author Jeff Kubiak

/ March 3, 2023

Jeff Kubiak is an educator, author, and speaker from Northern California who now serves youth as an Elementary School Vice Principal. His 3rd book as an author, “Monsters Have Manners”, is by far the most special for him to work on as his 14-year-old son, Braden, designed the original sketches of the monsters themselves! Although 14 now, Braden drew the original designs between the ages of 8-12.

Taking Care of Others

Jeff has always been passionate about serving and helping others, and he carries that same passion over to his mission as an educator and author. “I am inspired to write books that carry a positive message, are fun to read, and perhaps, help make someone’s life better than it was.” Says the “Monsters Have Manners” author. “I believe our world can embrace and share more kindness, compassion, inclusion, diversity, and manners. While many people say ‘It’s easy to do’, we don’t always see it happening.”

Jeff recalls getting this passion for helping others from his parents, who were selfless and kind enough to invite over 30 in-need foster children over a span of 18 years to live in their home. Through his upbringing, Jeff learned that while taking care of one’s self is important, is also just as important to know how to be a good human and to serve the world.

Creating a Legacy of Inspiration

Jeff would like to be known for inspiring others and for being someone who is selfless and serves to empower children, and adults. He thrives on solving problems and challenging students to dig deep and discover the awesomeness they have inside, and to show that manners and kindness are always possible. Not easy at all times, but always a choice nonetheless.

Jeff loves to help all people, but especially those that may not know they need help, from children from broken homes to people that have little to nothing in terms of clothing, books, food, shelter, and loves to help close minded people listen, pause and perhaps marinate before responding.

Joy, Happiness, & Interesting Things

The things that bring Jeff joy and happiness are his family, friends, and traveling with them, especially to places like beaches with lots of water for surfing and mountain areas for trail-hiking.

A few wildly interesting things about Jeff are that he has swam with dolphins in Australia, has jumped out of a plane at 13,500 feet, has eaten exotic foods such as alligator, bear, moose, and snake, loves to cold plunge with an ice bath, and loves his epic wife, Piper, and his kids, Keeley and Braden.

To find out more about author Jeff Kubiak and his work, be sure to check out his website,, or his Twitter (@jeffreykubiak) and Instagram (@jeffkubiakauthor), for further info.

About “Monsters Have Manners”



“Monsters Have Manners” is a fun story about a boy named River that is so enamored with monsters, he actually thinks he is one! River acts, talks, and dresses like what he believes monsters are, but little does he know, the monsters working to correct his misinformation about monster behaviors, and help River instill manners in himself!

About Braden, Illustrator of “Monsters Have Manners”

Braden is a sports enthusiast, and plays competitive Lacrosse, and Basketball. He loves being outdoors, going to school, hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and playing sports with his dad. He’s always loved to draw pictures of monsters, and is excited for his illustrations to come alive!

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