Unicorn Jazz Celebrates National Tell a FairyTale Books Day – February 26, 2023

/ February 20, 2023

What is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day?

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day is an unofficial annual observance dedicated to all things fairy tale. It takes place every year on February 26th with the purpose of drawing more attention to the genre, discovering new fairy tales, or even going over your past favorites.

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day is important to us as people since it’s no secret that humans have been telling each other magical stories of things unknown that we can relate to, but also learn from, for thousands and thousands of years! Furthermore, like a fairy tale itself, the origins of this holiday are unknown and shrouded in magical mystery, including who thought of it first, where in the world it was founded, and why they chose February 26 as its celebratory date.

Why Celebrate Fairy Tales?

Why are fairy tales so important to us? For the simple reason that they have been known to teach people, young and old alike, the morals of our times. A moral, of course, is a term used to decide how we are to act or behave to become a better person. 

Fairy tales exist to teach us to be wiser, kinder, and more understanding of how to reach our goals, while also realizing where we might have been wrong and needed correction along our journey. In short, fairy tales help us better ourselves — not just for ourselves, but for the other people around us too. That’s why at unicorn Jazz, we love not only telling fairy tales but also listening to them too! Can you think of any other ways that fairy tales are important to you?

Celebrate National Tell a Fairy Tale Day with Unicorn Jazz in El Paso, Texas

This National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, on Sunday, February 26, 2023, come down to Desert Oak BBQ in El Paso, Texas where the award-winning author of the Unicorn Jazz series, Lisa Caprelli, will be sharing the joy of Unicorn Jazz and friends with an autograph book signing and selling event!

To find out more info about Desert Oak BBQ, be sure to visit their Instagram page (@desertoakbarbecue) and website, DesertOakBarbecue.com, for further details.

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