DIY Button Dolls – She Always Loved Playing With Dolls and Making Their Clothes

/ November 12, 2022

A UK-based doll-maker, Maria Rippingle, has always loved playing with dolls and making clothes for them. Even as a child who didn’t have much in the way of sewing skills, or even the proper materials, Maria would quickly learn to get creative by cutting up her own outgrown dresses.

We are so excited to lead this story because children’s author, Lisa Caprelli, reached out to Maria Rippingle to create a one of a kind button doll for her forthcoming children’s book: YOU ARE GOD’S MASTERPIECE.  The main character in this new book is a girl named “Joy” who shares art and messages from meaningful scriptures found in the Bible.

The word JOY is something I am always wanting kids and adults to find despite their struggle or challenges. Seek to find your JOY! ~Lisa Caprelli

unicorn doll

Meet JOY, created by Maria for the forthcoming book: YOU ARE GOD’S MASTERPIECE

Let’s Meet Maria Rippingle: a DIY Button Doll-Maker of “Maria’s Wings of Enchantment”

How Maria Became a Doll-Maker

Maria’s love for dolls stemmed from her maternal grandmother who was an avid doll collector. Maria would often visit her throughout her childhood, spending most of her time at her grandmother’s admiring the array of different dolls through the glass of the cabinets she kept them in, hoping one day to create her own unique style of doll clothing. However, it wasn’t until about 15 years ago when Maria would meet the doll that sparked her creative imagination, Daisy, a doll made of buttons she noticed sitting on a dresser in her friend’s kitchen.

Intrigued by Daisy’s simplicity, Maria asked her friend where she had purchased such a doll. Not surprisingly, Maria had found out that her friend had made it herself, and was just one of her many beautiful button-made creations. Thankfully, her friend offered to teach her what she knew, and Maria learned how to make the different styles she’s always to create, such as the inclusion of wings on her dolls! From then on, Maria would begin her journey of starting her own doll-making business, “Maria’s Wings of Enchantment”.

DIY Button Dolls

Daisy – The cute little button doll that started Maria on her journey of making button dolls and creating “Maria’s Wings of Enchantment”.

“I created Maria’s Wings of Enchantment because I’d like for others to enjoy the endless possibilities in making a button doll and feel the sense of joy it brings. But most of all it’s the instant smiles they create and childlike wonder.” — Maria Rippingle

DIY Button Dolls

The “Purrrfect Appreciation Cat Collection” Dolls

Like every entrepreneur, Maria had to push her creative edge during the 2020 lockdown. As someone who had no technical knowledge before, Maria made the effort to teach herself how to create her own website so customers can order her dolls online. Furthermore, she also designed a new collection of button dolls inspired by her best pal and roommate throughout the pandemic (her cat, Lori), called “The Purrrfect Appreciation cat collection”. From there, the whimsical “Purrrfect Appreciation” fairies with cat button faces started to take form, with each one holding an inspirational pendant in its hands to convey a sentiment. Maria created the “Purrrfect Appreciation” collection as a reminder to appreciate the little things around us, considering the times we were in, where people worldwide needed a spark of positivity to brighten up their days.

DIY Button Dolls

“You see, for me, it’s not just about selling. It’s about putting smiles on faces and uplifting each person who sees one of my creations. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind creation and can convey a lasting visual sentiment. They can be created for special occasions too. So, if one of my whimsical button dolls makes you smile, then that is priceless to me. But imagine if the same reaction you decide to gift one to…that would be even better.” — Maria Rippingle

Magical Moments & Enchanted Gardens, by Maria

Ultimately, Maria would like to be known for her doll-making skills and as someone who is caring and kind who just wants to spread positivity around the world and create smiles. To her, magical moments happen within the daily tasks of our lives, like when she wades through her vast amount of materials and finds that one piece of ribbon or fabric that sparks a new creation.

DIY Button Dolls

“I just can’t imagine ever not making button dolls now, and giving others the chance to make them too. Doll-making has always been a part of my life and always will be.” — Maria Rippingle

When she’s not making dolls, one of Maria’s favorite things to do is spend time in her communal home garden. She loves gardening and spent two years restoring the one she has now, removing many overgrown ivies and posting a newly-structured wood fence around it. To add a spice of magic to it, Maria dug flower borders and made an enchanted fairy door for the garden too! She hopes to one day turn her garden into a magical and enchanting experience for everyone who visits, even the local wildlife!

Going Forward – Something New is Coming

Do you ever wish you could escape from the stresses of the adult world for a while and just tap into your inner child and be creative and playful? If this thought intrigues you then read on!

Just imagine how much fun you could have when each month you can:

  • Receive a button doll sewing kit to make a whimsical character and feel the satisfaction of making something with your own hands.
  • Be in a community where you can form friendships with members who are also enjoying the playful creative process.
  • Create a journal to document your journey through creativity that is surely destined to become a family keepsake. (There will also be something for the youngsters too!)
  • Downloadable projects for rainy days or quiet time.
  • Felt, paper, and button craft projects.
  • Downloadable paper dolls to decorate.
  • Children’s story time to ignite their imagination with guest speakers.

If you would be interested in paying a small fee for all this and more, then join be sure to join “Maria’s Wings of Enchantment” waitlist to be notified when the doors open.

Meet Maria Rippingle: a DIY Button Doll-Maker of “Maria’s Wings of Enchantment”

Click here to visit the “Enchanting Dolls Circles” waitlist.

You can also find out more information on “Maria’s Wings of Enchantment”, or Maria the doll-maker, by visiting her website,, and her Facebook page.

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