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/ January 11, 2022

Nychol Lyna is a woman with many inherent talents. As the children’s book author of “Forgotten Baby”, she too is a business consultant, grant writer, producer, activist, and founder of her very own dream-come-true business – The Dream North Foundation.

Nychol would like to be most known for being the mother and friend who sacrificed her own comfort to help uplift the lives of others who deserve so much more from this world than what has been offered to them given their circumstances.

The Dream North Foundation – The Wish Upon a Star that Came True

The Dream North LLC conglomerate is a company that aspires to promote the advancement of minority individuals and communities while also emphasizing the importance of bridging cultural gaps through collaboration and artistic expression, the mission of Dream North is to provide opportunities to as many at-risk youth and minority-owned businesses as possible with the resources at its disposal.

Furthermore, a primary goal of the newly established Dream North Foundation is to shed light on the foster care system and the circumstances that our youth (and foster parents) endure while also promoting literary efficacy. Over the next 6 years, Dream North Foundation intends to donate a minimum of 5,000 books to at least 1,000 at-risk youth per year through various projects and partnerships.

the Forgotten Baby

Founded in 2016, the concept of Dream North came from the desire to encourage others to look to the North Star for strength to push forward and fulfill their dreams. Through the works of The Dream North Foundation, Nychol is dedicated to helping others bring their vision to life while encouraging women, youth, and community empowerment across the United States and beyond!

You can learn more about The Dream North Foundation and its wonderful charitable purpose at the following links:

“Forgotten Baby” – Tales of a 16-year-old Foster Child

the Forgotten Baby

“Forgotten Baby” is a children’s book for readers aged 8 and up, following the touching journey of a young 16-year-old girl named Mytaé who learns to deal with the hardships of losing her mother at a young age as she enters a new life in foster care.

Nychol created this book with the idea of it becoming a series that provides true-to-life insight into the modern-day struggles that children and teenagers face while growing up without their biological parents. Real, honest, relatable, and sincere, “Forgotten Baby” is a story that is known for moving its readers to tears in a positively eye-opening way.

the Forgotten Baby

“‘Forgotten Baby’ is important to me because it signifies the struggles that we endure as a people while trying to survive in this world without the support and guidance of others.”, says Nychol, who credits her co-author, Arthur Romeo, as a creative and motivational inspiration for the book as someone who has been through the foster-care system himself.

Forthcoming titles in the “Forgotten Baby” series are:

  • Book 2 – “Forgotten Baby: Mytaé & Marta”
  • Book 3 – “Forgotten Baby: Mytaé the Amazing Dancer”
  • Book 4 – “Forgotten Baby: Who Will Love Me?”
  • and Book 5 – “Forgotten Baby: Mytaé the Rebellious Rulebreaker”

To find out more about the Forgotten Baby series and brand, be sure to visit the following links:

Story Time with Dream North & “Forgotten Baby” – A Writing Contest for Foster Kids

Each year Dream North Foundation will be offering a “Story Time Book Contest” scholarship opportunity for 12th grade foster students. These exemplary current or former foster children will have a chance to enter their children’s book manuscript and/or illustrations submissions to win cash prizes, featured credits as Co-Authors/Contributors in a published book of the “Forgotten Baby” series, as well as mentorship from various industry professionals and influential figures during their 1st year of college!

This year’s “Story Time Book Contest” title will be “Mytaé Prepares for College” (the projected title for Book 6 of the “Forgotten Baby” series) and the setting should take place in high school with Mytaé (Hispanic & African-American descent) as a 10th or 11th grade student.

To find out more about this event visit https://dreamnorthfoundation.org/story-time-with-dream-north/

Nychol Lyna – The Helping Hand of Solid Support

Nychol has been actively doing outreach and volunteer work since she was 14 years old, tutoring at her local church and youth program trips to Jamaica. As invested as she was into volunteer work for the greater good during her youth, it was only a matter of time until she established her very own mission-based company which she got when she founded Dream North Entertainment nearly six years ago.

Taking into account all her time volunteering and spearheading the visions of Dream North and Forgotten Baby, Nychol has had the opportunity to work with some amazing programs throughout her eclectic career, partnering or providing support to leading organizations such as the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE), Headstart, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the Los Angeles Police Museum, Destination Angels International, FAMLI Inc., Green Dot Public Schools, and many more!

Nychol Lyna – The Woman Behind Dream North & “Forgotten Baby”

Nychol grew up in the cities of Carson, Eastside Los Angeles, and Inglewood, California. An only child raised by a single hard-working mother, Nychol had to find ways to keep herself busy. She quickly found her solace and self-entertainment through creative writing and volunteer work. After graduating high school in ‘05, she moved to Hampton, Virginia where she worked towards a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

After spending much of her youth and early-adulthood volunteering and assisting organizations such as the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Nychol went on to California State University Dominguez Hills to obtain her second degree, an MBA in management in 2010. Later, she realized it was time to expand her horizons and moved to Spain for one year in 2015 where she obtained another business degree, this time in international business, from Schiller International University.

Being raised by a single mother and knowing what it is like to struggle due to limited opportunities, Nychol has devoted her life since childhood to helping at-risk youth and women across the globe, and despite all the work she’s done already, she feels that she’s just getting started with her life’s purpose. Nychol is excited for what’s to come with Dream North and officially going global in 2022 through its Bahamian partnerships, with projections to expand to Jamaica and Africa by 2024.

When she’s not striving to offer a helping hand or doing her part to uplift our underprivileged youth and women, Nychol is a restaurant enthusiast and food aficionado in her own right, the friend that you can always rely on to let you know the tastiest dishes around town.

Eventually, Nychol would like to retire to South America, where she can peacefully enjoy the two things in life she loves most, writing good stories and spending time with her step-daughter, Zemirah, and her best friend, partner, and fiancé, Kennie.

Nychol’s Advice to Kids

“If there is anything that Nychol would love to leave with our young readers who have goals of going into business for themselves eventually in life,” says Nychol, “it would be these following five points of preparation:

  1. Create a specific timeline for your goals! Don’t just dream about it happening, make it by the next week, month, or even New Year depending on how big your goal is.
  2. Ask for and listen to advice from others, especially when you feel stuck on what to do next.
  3. Create your own personal peace. Whether it’s reading a good book, listening to your favorite song, taking a stroll through the park, or keeping yourself healthy with good, tasty food – make sure you take the time needed to do what makes you feel calm, safe, happy, and most of all, confident!
  4. Never forget to celebrate yourself for the kind and generous things that you do, even when others don’t notice, and be sure to help others with support when you see or sense someone in need.
  5. Always remember what’s most important to you and your purpose – don’t let others define or determine your goals for you!”

“I’d like to encourage all current and aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, especially those who came from similar upbringings as myself – Be proud of yourself! Clap for yourself! Love yourself! And never stop looking towards that North Star that will guide you to your desired journey, growth, and happiness!” – Nychol Lyna, Founder of Dream North LLC, Dream North Foundation, & Author of ‘Forgotten Baby’

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