Exploring Marine Life For Kids Under the Sea with Laura Petrusic

/ July 31, 2020

Laura Petrusic is a marine and environmental science educator who loves to use digital illustrations and platforms to provide science-based educational opportunities.

Exploring Marine Life For Kids

Exploring Marine Life For Kids on the thing i do show

Young kids interested in exploring the environmental impacts on our planet enjoy Laura’s marine biology perspective!

She uses social media and other digital platforms to continuously build online communities dedicated to science lovers and teachers on how to provide further educational resources remotely for learners with multi-media.

Exploring Marine Life For Kids

Laura’s Background

A mother of three children aged 11, 9, and 3, Laura grew up in the suburbs of Chicago as an avid ocean and science enthusiast with dreams of exploring the vast sea like her childhood hero, Jacques Cousteau.

She eventually went on to obtain her undergraduate degree in marine science at the University of South Carolina.

From there, Laura worked, taught, and volunteered at several environmental education programs before moving to Florida, where she obtained a graduate degree to pursue a career in teaching.

After teaching biology for six years at a local high school, Laura decided to take some time off from teaching.  It was important to her to spend more time with her family to offer more in exploring marine life for kids, where she is at, full circle, today.

laura petrsulic


Time off with her loved ones was spent mostly camping and exploring Florida’s marine ecosystem.  This reignited her passion for marine science and ocean education.

This same passion has led Laura to design and create her very own marine and environmental science courses online for K-12 learners.

Creativity Means Improvising

Being creative means being able to come up with ideas given what resources you have in a certain situation.

This situation can range from a set of problematic circumstances (you have to make dinner with what is in the pantry and do not have time to go out to the store for supplies) OR a set of materials (such as paintbrushes, paint, and a canvas).

The most creative mind is that which knows how to improvise at a moment’s notice to reach an end goal.

Exploring Marine Life For Kids on the thing i do kids talent show

Laura will be sharing ocean animal facts and fun on THE THING I DO SHOW, beginning August 22, 2020.

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