Kid Influencers, Be part of this Educational Kids Unicorn Show

/ April 1, 2020

Do you have a positive message, lesson tip, anecdote, lesson or bright idea to make a child happy or laugh?  Submit Your Content to Our Kids Unicorn Show, Unicorn Jazz’s “The Thing I DoWhat’s The Thing that You Do? Be part of our Kids Unicorn Show!

kids unicorn show the thing i do

Kids Unicorn Show – Unicorn Jazz’s “The Thing I Do” is found Facebook live, or go to 

We’d love to feature YOUR child or kid appropriate and fun content.  This is for “The THING I Do” show for kids and families we created during social distancing as the need for fun and educational content for families is prevalent.
We also donate and share the show with a local children’s hospital to share the show content that gets recorded and can be seen on our show blog as well as YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook and Twitter.
Our small team at UNICORN JAZZ wanted to do their part to create more in our series!  The feedback for the show has been phenomenal at best and it has certainly been a FUN and HAPPY way to engage kids of all ages!
Our next show’s theme is MUSIC, PUPPET KINDNESS, BEE FACTS, SLED DOGS, and more!  It streams live on Facebook and we always have different themes!
Moms or dads who represent your children, if you’d like to do a short “meet and greet” call with writer @LisaCaprelli please contact us today. We are in PST time zone so let us know where you are. To learn more and see our recent show’s episode about PUPPETS & HAPPINESS, go to
kids unicorn show


If you are a teacher, school librarian, educator, principal, mom, dad, grandparent, influencer, writer, journalist, speaker, author, artist, psychologist, or counselor, we would love to hear from you?  This could include hearing from you if you are an animal lover, lover of life, scientist, doctor, photographer.

What about reader, cook, kid, leader, singer, artist, musician or lyricist?  Yes, you, too!

Below is a preview of Unicorn Jazz’s THE THING I DO SHOW.


How fun it is to give and share a message to child(ren).  And we may not have listed your area of expertise or hobby, but we still want you!.  THE THING I DO is looking for original fun and engaging content.

Our recent show topics can be found on our unicorn blog.

kids unicorn show

Please contact us today for what YOUR THING is.  Our show producer and/or small virtual team will contact you right back for our gmail to send it to.  Sometimes it is nice to jump on a short ten minute or so call to meet and greet!

the thing i do kids show live


Well, it’s not hard and easier than you think.  If you get a child to help, that helps.  Just send us an original  30 to 90 second or so video or short clip.  It does not have to be a video.  It must be your original work and not copyrighted.

It must not be promotional (like selling a book or product, that would be a commercial and we will be accepting commercials and sponsorships soon.)

You can also send us  your original photographs, writing or way we can showcase it on THE THING I DO.  And let our creative team do the rest.


If selected, “the thing you do” will appear in an upcoming show and show blog and we will notify you well in advance.


If you have anything unicorn related, we are interested!

Unicorn Jazz children's book series unicorn art zebracorn


National Unicorn Day was April 9, 2020. We had 12 year old Broadway Performer, Julian Lerner read Unicorn Jazz PLUS play the song with his guitar, as well as had and more for unicorn day.

Future shows are featuring different themes.

Music, art, puppets, happiness news, Kindness. compassion, friendship, Legos, gardening, technology, communications, social emotional learning, and an ongoing list.

childrens author doing read aloud lisa caprelli unicorn jazz zoom calls

Social connection improves our physical health and well-being. During this time of social distancing, it does not mean you can’t reach out to people! Thankfully with FaceTime, Zoom and social media, we have the ability to continue one-on-ones!  These are some of beautiful people Children’s Author, Lisa Caprelli, connected with (with parent involvement & permission) and featured on top left is a teacher she met who is sharing our books & educational activities with her classroom.  They are all part of THE THING I DO show.


Everyone has a thing.  Even if you want to make sock puppets, or DIY paper doll crafts and role play a 30 second skit, that’s a fun thing we’d love.  Want to use our Unicorn Jazz and animal friend characters? Write us at, and we will gladly send you a free kit.

A boy asked me at a school author visit, “Is it hard to be creative?” After sharing all the visions to action steps that my incredible team has done for our growing Unicorn Jazz.  My reply was, “Is it hard to dream?” Everyone smiled.  Easy enough. -Lisa Caprelli

I am looking for ideas for my show I created for kids during social distancing. I have been getting some cool stuff from kids (with parent permission and involvement) and I’d love to hear from you!

Want some free unicorn stuff related to Unicorn Jazz books?  For Unicorn Books, coloring pages and activities, click here.

childrens book free curriculum

Teachers and Educators, grab our free curriculum today! Click here!

Disclaimer:  We require parent permission for submissions and a scheduled phone call is always preferred by one of our production team members.  Content that is sent in to us and accepted must be original, copyright free.  There is no payment or compensation for content used on our show.  We reserve the right to make edits, with your approval and to use the content in perpetuity on our social channels as it stays in our record archives by Unicorn Jazz, managed and operated by Happy & Fun Lifestyle, LLC.

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