Flamingo Paper Craft Easy DIY for Kids

/ March 17, 2020

Flamingo Paper Craft with our Flamingo Asia Paper Craft to make at home with your children or for school librarians, teachers and educators to incorporate into lessons with children’s books like Unicorn Jazz.

unicorn jazz flamingo asiaWe’ve already met Unicorn Jazz’s friends like Bee Happy and Woof the Crow. But have you met Flamingo Asia? Flamingo Asia comes from unicorn series Unicorn Jazz.  Eye See You Choosing Kindness is a graphic-novel kid book.

unicorn books

So let’s learn how to make our very own Flamingo Asia companion.

flamingo paper craft flamingo asia

What you’ll need:

  • Paper/ One-time Plate
  • Pink Paint
  • Black Marker
  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pink Paper

Step 1:

Use the scissors to cut the plate into the shape shown in the photo.

flamingo diy paper craft for kids

Step 2:

Use the paintbrush to color the plate pink. Don’t worry about making it perfect, just make sure you’re having fun!

Step 3:

Cut out a leaf shaped piece from the remaining part of the plate and paint it as well.

flamingo diy paper craft for kids

Step 4:

From the white paper cut out another leaf shaped piece, this one should be smaller than the previous one. Draw the mouth on this piece. This will be Flamingo’s beak.

flamingo diy paper craft for kids

Step 5:

Assemble the parts all together and glue an eye-piece or a googly eye to the face. Draw long lashes that make Flamingo’s eyes so fabulous.

flamingo diy paper craft for kids

flamingo diy paper craft for kidsflamingo diy paper craft for kids

Step 6:

For the final part we’ll need to cut two legs from pink paper. Once cut, fold them, like an accordion.

Then glue them to the back of the plate.

flamingo diy paper craft for kids

And now you have a Flamingo Asia to take on your adventures! Make sure you remember the lessons learned with Unicorn Jazz children’s book series and Choose Kindness!

unicorn jazz flamingo asiaWant more freebies? How about free coloring pages with some of our popular Unicorn Jazz characters?  Grab and download easily at free coloring pages.


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