Free Theater Playwright Scripts for Elementary School Students and Drama Teachers

/ October 7, 2020

Free Theater Playwright Scripts for Elementary School Students and Drama Teachers during social distancing. In celebration of the arts and to help during social distancing by writer of Unicorn Jazz, we invite you to use these resources!

Free Theater Playwright Scripts for Classrooms, Schools or Theaters is made available by the writer director Lisa Caprelli with Unicorn Jazz, an award-winning book!

The Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song and Lyrics is also available to accompany this playwright.

Free Theater Playwright Scripts with song

What would a children’s story be without a song? This is why we created this original song. Originally recorded by Kerry Kasem – America’s Famous DJ – Casey Kasem’s daughter.

Free Theater Playwright Scripts

The play script is available on Teachers Pay Teachers as a paid digital download.

However, if you’re a teacher, drama teacher or educator, you can get it free for the school year 2020-21 by emailing or going to and asking for it in the comments by mentioning PROMO: UNICORNJAZZFREEPLAY

It is available in the month of OCTOBER 2020 FREE – by clicking here

Free Theater Playwright ScriptsIMPORTANT:  If you do use the Unicorn Jazz playwright script, please let author and writer Lisa Caprelli know.  We APPRECIATE kids and students using it and would love to share on our social media channels.  Building relationships with YOU is so important! 

We can also offer group discounts on book orders.  Also, take advantage of SPEAKING / MEETING THE AUTHOR in a free Zoom session.  For schools that offer live presentations, Lisa Caprelli, can help!

Free Theater Playwright Scripts

Based on the Original book: Unicorn Jazz

Here is the Unicorn Jazz Video storybook – which is also available on Amazon Prime TV!

Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song with Lyrics make it such a fun and catchy song.  The song is also on Spotify, IheartMusic, YouTube Music, Pandora and 30 Music Platforms – ask for the music sheet to go with Free Theater Playwright Scripts!

Want more inspiration for The Thing I Do? Listen to this music video created with 19 kids and adults in May of 2020!


Free Theater Playwright Scripts by Writer and Director Lisa Caprelli is dedicated to bringing happiness to children of all ages.  Through drama or music teachers, writing and creating, she believes in fostering a joy of the arts and theater.

Unicorn Jazz believes in its mission statement of being unique and finding your passions at an early age, as shown in the book THE THING I DO.   The Thing I Do is also a song and started as a streaming show on Facebook and YouTube.


It is now  an Amazon TV show that was created during COVID-19 because she wanted children to connect regardless of the circumstances.

The El Paso Zoological Society has made UNICORN JAZZ curriculum a part of their packages for members.  “In August 2020, we were set to perform UNICORN JAZZ play script for audiences of all ages, however, Covid cancelled all future performances, temporarily.” -Lisa Caprelli

these eclectic writers get their work produced in middle schools, high schools, colleges, community theaters and professional houses all across America and beyond.

School Partnerships using Free Theater Playwright Scripts are an essential way to reach people who love theater, acting, drama and music.

If you would like a Christmas fun and easy song, contact us first about this song:


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