Kids Casting Call for Christmas Song with Unicorn Jazz

/ October 8, 2020

Casting Call for Christmas Song.  The 12 Days of Christmas – Details and How to Send Music Video Details | Pitch for 12+ kids/singers/dancers/musicians – Details and How to Send Music Video Details

Kids who are already selected for this project: Pick out your top 3 favorite verses and send to with your name and best way to reach you.  This is not a guarantee, but this will help us ASSIGN who will sing what.  We will also present a few other “lyric lines” that everyone will sing along to. Hang in there, as we work on all these details.

Unicorn Jazz wants to raise awareness in support of CHOC Children’s Foundation with this song and more to come!

childrens hospital of orange county charity

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We are excited to share Holiday Cheer this 2020 Holiday Season.

We love sharing happiness for kids and bringing together kid talent that can inspire other kids!

We created this original 12 Days of Christmas Song to bring holiday smiles to children everywhere.  We are grateful you have been part of our growth or have been referred to us.  This page shares as info and FAQ for creating a music video – virtual and successful.

Together, we can do it!!

In April, at the onset of Covid-19, we had the vision to bring 19 kids and adults together to create the music video – THE THING I DO.  It was challenging, it was back and forth communication and we learned a lot and we created a fun and successful music video with every day people.  They were not professionals.  And this is what we did.  Imagine what we can do with talent, fun and communication?!

Description for Project – Operation 12 Days of Christmas

  1. We are looking for a combination of children (contributor) (ages 6-18) boys and girls to a) sing a verse from the 12 Days of Christmas Song and also b) record video (in proper format for re-use by our film team) of said child(ren) singing the song.  Recording a creative video piece is encouraged!
  2. Each child will sing a verse from the song as well as sing collaborative lyrics in the song to be seen together in the music video.  (Similar to The Thing I Do music video on YouTube listed above).
    1. Sing it a) A cappella and also b) with the instrumental music audio file we will provide and c) videotaping your best singing with your verse (for the music video)
    2. Use headphones when singing and recording.
  3. Unicorn Jazz in care of Happy & Fun Lifestyle, LLC will donate 100% of all profits to Children’s Hospital of Orange County.
  4. Goals:
    1. To create a final beautifully made a) music video showcasing the 12 Days of Christmas Song
    2. Bring all children together to make a fun, entertaining and collaborative work for children.
    3. To have our team at Unicorn Jazz deliver one final musical recorded piece to share on music platforms (i.e. YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, IheartRadio, Itunes, etc) giving said credit of voiced and the work done.
    4. Awareness.  To bring awareness and showcase all the kid talent via social media, blog story (we will write a final blog story about the children who are part of this music video)
      1. Unicorn Jazz will deliver social media graphic posts to each contributor for their own social outreach.

We will deliver music sheets to children/parents upon acceptance of the project.

We will appreciate getting as many children/parents on one joint Zoom meeting call to discuss particulars, creatives and ideas for final delivery. (We did this with The Thing I Do music video).

Deadline for sending in video and song elements is on or before November 3, 2020 at 5p PST.  The sooner the better, as timing is of the essence to put together this magical song!


Kids Casting Call for Christmas Song

Here are the Lyrics, Written and Created by Lisa Caprelli, Director of THE THING I DO Show on Amazon TVThey will also be delivered via a Google doc denoting who will do what (individually) as well as collaboratively.

12 days of christmas music sheet unicorn jazz

The full music sheets will be provided to the ones selected.

12 Days of Christmas – Trezekke Silly Style

Written by Lisa Caprelli

Created to connect kids of all ages and adults for Christmas Spirit, Happiness and Fun!

On the first day of Christmas 

Write a cool haiku 

Sing a carol, a classic 

Your friends will join you …   

On the 2nd Day of Christmas

Jump it’s for play

Hop to the beat 

Move those hips – shout:   ¡Olé!  

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

As you wander in the snow

Bee Happy

Bee Silly

With Your Tongue –  catch some snow  

On the 4th day of Christmas

Write a letter in a pun  

Say, you’re happy:

“Write back!”

Put it in the mail AND RUN!   

On the 5th Day of Christmas

Play a Game with Family!

Guess The Thing

Grab a clue

You can win Happily 

On the 6th Day of Christmas

Make a house of Gingerbread!

Add Crayons 

And Gummy bears in 

Orange, Green and RED

On the 7th Day of Christmas

Make a masterpiece that shines

Be Creative – It’s worth it

Have fun 

And make it RHYME!

On the 8th Day of Christmas

Close your eyes – imagine New

Reflect on the vision

Believe! It can be You

On the 9th Day of Christmas

 Who needs a HUG? 

Hold merrily…   

Don’t tell you’ve got a bug!  

On the 10th Day of Christmas

Bundle up! Because It’s time!

As you’re sharing the moment

Shout out:

           Here is my slime!

On the 11th Day of Christmas

Find a choir to clap & cheer!

Put pajamas on..

Leave cookies  

Santa’s reindeer are near!

On the 12th days of Christmas

Eat a meal with candlelight

Tell jokes  

Play songs  

Enjoy all through the night!  

All proceeds for this song and music video will go to Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Unicorn Jazz in care of publisher Happy & Fun Lifestyle, LLC will give the following in exchange for providing your submission of a song verse(s) in the form of video.

  • Social media promotion to include your child along with co-contributors.
  • Profits that may occur from this music video will go to Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  While we realize it may take time, months or years for a song to “profit,” we wanted to define this.
  • No monetary compensation will be given for this song. However, if a scholarship or gift card is helpful for joint efforts, do talk to us – as we have spoken to some of you individually about our purpose for kids. (We have spent time, resources to create and produce a team (you) along with marketing efforts.)
  • Copyright will be owned by Happy and Fun Lifestyle, by Writer Lisa Caprelli.
  • Parent permission required and agreement will be emailed to parent for signature and acceptance.


Send final video pieces via Google drive (ask for our link) to upload content.


Call/Text Lisa – area code ( nine four nine ) 677-8288 or email

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