Giant Unicorn Plush at Chicago Toy and Game Fair: Unicorn Jazz Children’s Books

/ November 25, 2019

What was the name of the giant plush unicorn – the biggest unicorn in Chicago this past weekend? Well, none other than Unicorn Jazz, known as the most unique unicorn in the world or the most magical unicorn in the world.

CFO (Chief Fun Officer), Dr. Chris Herzig, who is tall himself at 6’7” helped the Unicorn Jazz star by carrying it around on his shoulders.  The giant unicorn plush toy in Chicago was certainly a show stopper around the town of Chicago. Towering at 9 feet, boys and girls wanted to touch the big unicorn plush.  And why would they not?  Unicorns are very popular, but there is no other unicorn in the world like Unicorn Jazz.

Giant unicorn with purple tail musical note

Dr. Chris Herzig, Lisa Caprelli and Aisha Armer at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair with the debut of the children’s unicorn plush toy that accompanies the children’s unicorn book series.

It’s so fun to see the smiles that the big unicorn with a purple tail, a musical note for a tail, and its purple mane hair can bring to people walking down the street, who instantly do a double look.

Creator and author, Lisa Caprelli, debuted the launch of the 12 inch Unicorn Jazz plushie, stuffed animal.  It is here just in time for the holiday season, right out of her unicorn picture book and children’s unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz, that entertains with her cast of animal characters.

While in Chicago this week, Caprelli visited elementary schools in Naperville, Illinois with engaging author visit performances for grades K-5 and up to sixth grade.

“I got my early start with the love for writing and reading in elementary school and it is so inspiring to be able to encourage young scholars to do the same.  I am proof that you can do anything you set your mind to with imagination, creativity and a team,” says author Caprelli.

It has taken more than an author an illustrator to create Unicorn Jazz and the impactful messages of positivity, kindness, friendship and the power of believing in others to spread to homes and school libraries in different states.


Aisha Armer, a graduate from USC in communications, also wears many hats while helping Caprelli and the Unicorn Jazz brand.  Aisha enjoyed passing around the cute Unicorn Jazz stickers alongside the giant unicorn plush. Armer exclaims: It’s such a fun symbol to wear and it makes people so happy, I’ve got to give them Jazz.   People will come up to me and ask for stickers or ask “What is this unicorn about?”


Caprelli met many educators this week and encourages going beyond the book with the free educational resources that Unicorn Jazz offers for school librarians, teachers, parents and children to use.  If you’d like to grab these, please contact us today!

For the best unicorn lovers gift or unicorn gift for children is the Unicorn Jazz gift box set available on Amazon!

unicorn book and plush gift set for girls

Unicorn Jazz is a children’s unicorn book series, children’s unicorn books for kids and can be found on Amazon with various books and an increasing merchandise brand.

Unicorn Jazz is a trademark of Happy and Fun Lifestyle, LLC

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