Laguna Road Elementary School Read Across USA Literacy In Person Author Journey

/ March 11, 2024

Laguna Road Elementary is receiving a fun and engaging school visit with books, stories, music and entertainment led by Unicorn Jazz creator, Lisa Caprelli.

Bee Happy with Laguna Road Elementary School and Unicorn Jazz Author Stories and Literacy Journey in Orange County, California!

unicorn jazz author visit

unicorn jazz author visit

Lisa Caprelli, a talented Latina author, hails from the vibrant city of El Paso, Texas. Despite her humble beginnings, surrounded by a close-knit Hispanic family and delicious cuisine, Lisa’s grandmother, with only a third-grade education, instilled in her the value of education. Encouraged by her grandmother’s wisdom, Lisa pursued her passion for writing and helping others.

Today, Lisa is renowned as the creative force behind the beloved children’s book series, “Unicorn Jazz,” a heartwarming journey celebrating individuality, kindness, inclusivity, and creative expression. Her dedication to spreading joy and education extends beyond the pages with the captivating Amazon TV show, “Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do.”

In her latest endeavor, Lisa channels her entrepreneurial spirit and storytelling prowess into “Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom For Young Entrepreneur Minds.” Through this insightful book, she delves into the lives of thirteen extraordinary entrepreneurs, offering invaluable lessons on finding happiness, meaning, and success in life. Lisa’s inspiring journey from a shy girl in El Paso to an accomplished author and advocate exemplifies the transformative power of following one’s dreams and embracing the wisdom passed down by loved ones.

Teacher and student activities – click here

The mission statement for Laguna Road Elementary, as provided on the Fullerton School District’s site is: “Our mission at Laguna Road Elementary is to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment. We will foster academic excellence, encourage positive character traits, and promote lifelong learning in partnership with families and the community.”

Based on this mission statement, Laguna Road Elementary is dedicated to offering a challenging yet supportive educational experience for its students. The school emphasizes academic achievement, the development of positive character traits, and collaboration with families and the wider community to support students’ lifelong learning journey.

Preview TO Share with Students on How Author Combines Imagination, Puppets, Stories and Songs from Her Original Book Series: Unicorn Jazz

Baby, I Love You (based on the book and song)


Behind the scenes what our author visits look like, THIS IS FROM a former ELEMENTARY SCHOOL appearance: Your school will be updated after author’s visit!

Bee Happy Book

Thanks to Mike McAdam for bringing Unicorn Jazz & Lisa Caprelli to our school!

rogers garden elementary school author visit unicorn jazz lisa caprelli

Author Lisa Caprelli, is happy to fulfill any book and merch orders here on Etsy with discount for our students, with some freebies and autographed by the author!

We have just released our YouTube kid friendly Season of THE THING I DO! Here is Episode 1:

Bee Happy Art: We’d love your students, too:

 Unicorn Jazz Elementary School Author Visit at Laguna Road Elementary

…a strong foundation for lifelong learning.


As part of the in-person visit to schools, author Lisa Caprelli will present a short 3-5 min video from “Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do” kids show on Amazon TV & and YouTube including:

  • Reading, writing, and behind the scenes from the Unicorn Jazz book series will be read
  • Teachers can share or read in advance of this visit, the Unicorn Jazz book one– storytime and the Unicorn Jazz Friendship song to get familiar with the characters and stories themes of friendship, belonging, kindness, social-emotional learning.
  • Teachers can take advantage of learning resources for Unicorn Jazz
  • Free resources for THE THING I DO book
  • Songs from 10+ music videos created by Lisa at
  • Additional 100+ -page variety of coloring pages, activities, and learning here.
  • SEL learning packet
Our Unicorn Jazz team, writers and directors are proud to donate these for use by teachers:

Thank you for your support of literacy and the joy of books and learning!


Grades 4-6 School Video & Learning Resources

  • Where do Good Ideas Come From. Teachers can play when Author is in classroom, click here
  • Behind the Scenes Journey of an author during the pandemic: click here
  • Skip a Step, Free Digital Journal for Students, click to download free
  • More for students interested in leadership: click here


  • The Thing I Do Song Created by Students and Adults watch
  • Dance and Sing With Me Music Video by children actors/singerswatch

To learn more about Lisa Caprelli’s entrepreneurial and speaker journey click here.


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