World Bee Day with Bee Happy Book With Happiness Ideas, Crafts and Worksheet for Elementary Schools

/ March 18, 2024

Native bees occur on every continent except Antarctica. Wherever there are insect-pollinated flowering plants—be it in forest, farms, cities, and wildlands—there are bees. Because HAPPINESS is Free!  I wanted to create a memorable “Love Is” book but that was taken.  So I created what happiness means to me, inspired by my childhood.  To love is to be happy and we have a free be happy kit for kids and parents to make at home.  Bee Happy shows you in my book Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends.

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World Bee Day 🐝 is celebrated on May 20th, and we’re calling on educators passionate about teaching the vital role bees play in pollination, essential for food production and maintaining biodiversity. This day also shines a light on the challenges bees face, such as habitat loss and the use of pesticides. In preparation for World Bee Day, we encourage teachers to integrate the following activities into their classroom to support and promote bee conservation:

 1. Create a Bee-Friendly Garden: Guide students in planting bee-friendly flowers and shrubs in the schoolyard or create potted plant projects that students can take home. 2. Awareness and Education: Develop creative projects, such as posters, presentations, or digital content, to spread awareness about the importance of bees and the threats they face.
3. Bee Conservation Events: collaborating with local environmental organizations or beekeepers for a hands-on learning experience. As an author committed to children’s education on environmental topics, I believe incorporating these activities into classroom learning can significantly impact our young learners’ awareness and actions towards bee conservation.

To love is to be happy. We all seek happiness and meaning. What a great happiness book for kids and a conversation starter with finding happiness in simple things like HOLDING A BALLOON, BAKING WITH MOM, or JUMPING WITH FRIENDS.  click here

Students, Classrooms and entire Elementary Schools Take Part in Bee Happy World Bee Day Art & Creative Writing

Above is an example of Bee Happy Book inspiration that inspires students of all ages to share what truly makes them happy.  Whether being happy is expressed in art form, or in writing or a combination of both, children’s author, Lisa Caprelli enjoys bringing out the HAPPINESS in You!

950 Students from an Entire Elementary School Took Part in Bee Happy

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1st and 2nd Grade Classroom Bee Happy Art:

Bee Kind / Kindness Certificates Awarded to Each Class Top 3 Students


Bee Happy and Kindness Certificates Presented to Students at Elementary School


elementary school visit by childrens author lisa caprelli

Kids at home? Home School parents, school librarians, teachers, educators, you can CREATE your own Bee-ing Happy page ideas as shown in the video above with this easy BE HAPPY DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE DRIVE CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT! 

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Flipgrid | Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends

  1. For teachers:  Click here to download – Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends free be happy kit.
  2. FREE COLORING PAGES for Unicorn Jazz Book – click here to download free.

Bee Paper Bag Puppet to love is to be happy

If you are feeling crafty, you can make this DIY Bee Hand Puppet.


Happiness comes from within

That’s just some of the creative happiness sayings and statements you will find in the children’s unicorn books series, Unicorn Jazz.

Happiness is a journey and not a destination.

It is important to teach children at a young age that you can be HAPPY without material possessions.  Being present and giving your time, energy and love is what really matters and what children will develop as part of their core sense of value.

We Bring Happiness with Stories, Music, Puppets and Literacy, Making an Appearance at a School Visit

Author Lisa Caprelli with Nurse and her older son, Matthew, a nurse, who also plays the role of Puppet Trezekke in The Thing I Do Show

Social Emotional Intelligence

Many elementary schools today are incorporating social emotional learning and emotional intelligence and topics that cover feelings and emotions.  It was without hesitation that I wrote the Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends to come up with many happiness sayings all packed in one beautiful and colorful book for really, kids of all ages

Ten Questions

We put ten questions at the back of the book so that when your child wants to read the same book over and over again, they can discover new ideas for their own happiness.

Students and Adults Share in Words what Makes Them Bee Happy:


bee happy book and bee kind

Sharing Happiness With News & Media Interview Thanks to School Visits:

bee happy book unicorn jazz

If you want to grab it in Spanish, Abejita Feliz, is available, too!


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