National Acts of Kindness Day 2023 with EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness Book

/ February 13, 2023

 Each year on February 17th, National Random Acts of Kindness Day grows in popularity. It is celebrated nationwide to encourage acts of kindness.

National Acts of Kindness Day 2023 with “EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness” Book Random Acts of Kindness Day takes place every year on February 17th and was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1995 by a non-profit group called The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Their goal? To get people to spread kindness wherever they can! A national day of observance that has gained a lot of traction on the individual level, Random Acts of Kindness has become a practiced observance by many schools, businesses, and organizations throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Unicorn Jazz & Random Acts of Kindness Day Book Giveaway on February 17th, 2023

This upcoming Random Acts of Kindness Day, we at Unicorn Jazz will be offering a children’s picture book from our main Unicorn Jazz series for free! On Friday, February 17th, kids, parents, and educators will have the chance to get their own copy of Unicorn Jazz’s “EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness” as part of our contribution to National Random Acts of Kindness Day 2023.

Why Do Random Acts of Kindness?

Want to hear a little secret? Being kind to others doesn’t mean being completely selfless – being kind to others means finding ways to make yourself happier too! After all, kindness and happiness are two-way streets that intersect. In other words, the kinder we are, the happier we are, and the happier we are, the kinder we tend to be! So sit down and think about it this upcoming Random Acts of Kindness day — what is it that you can do in your everyday life to spread a little cheer and joy out of the blue, not only to those around you, but for yourself as well?

Remember kids that kindness is contagious. Kindness and happiness go hand in hand!

“EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness” Unicorn Jazz Book Giveaway

Feel free to enjoy the Unicorn Jazz illustrated children’s book, “EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness” in audio and video below. Plus, be sure to check out and download our EYE SEE YOU companion activity packet for free, where children ages 8+ can enjoy common-core aligned STEM activities, learn ELA concepts, and enhance their critical thinking as well as their social-emotional development. Click here to download the “EYE SEE YOU:Choosing Kindness” companion activity guide for free.

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day 2023!!!

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