Col. Ben Narbuth Elementary School Author Visit in El Paso, Texas

/ February 18, 2023

The city of El Paso, Texas, is receiving a fun and engaging school visit with books, stories, music, and entertainment led by Unicorn Jazz creator, Lisa Caprelli, to Colonel Ben Narbuth Elementary School on Tuesday, February 28th, 2023!

Bee Happy with Unicorn Jazz Col. Ben Narbuth Elementary Author Stories and Literacy Journey in El Paso, Texas

This is what we share at every school assembly to discuss the behind-the-scenes makings of all our books, songs, characters, puppets, singers, and more:

Behind the scenes what our author visits look like, THIS IS FROM ADKISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.:


Bee Happy Book

Thanks to Teacher Pam Quevedo for bringing Unicorn Jazz & Lisa Caprelli to their school!

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El Paso is a city located within the Chihuahuan Desert that borders and neighbors both, the international territory of Mexico, and the U.S. state of New Mexico, from the westernmost point of Texas. Being a major Texan city close to the Mexican border, El Paso is known worldwide for its excellent and authentic Tex-Mex cuisine and dishes.

Lisa’s Author Journey Since the Pandemic reaching over 500,000 students:

El Paso is home to the natural and iconic U.S. wonder “The Thunderbird”, a long stretch of red-clay formation in the outline of a bird that can be widely seen on the North Franklin Mountains. The borderland of El Paso, Texas itself is known for being one of the oldest inhabited regions within North America. Archaeological evidence shows that humans were residing in the limits of El Paso for over 10,000 years! Today, the city is home to over 670,000 residents.

Eye See You Choosing Kindness: Story and Song

Unicorn Jazz & Col. Ben Narbuth Elementary School Author Visit

On February 28, 2023, the award-winning author of the children’s Unicorn Jazz stories and songs, Lisa Caprelli, will be presenting to the young learners of the Col. Ben Narbuth Elementary School in person! We at Unicorn Jazz are so excited for the opportunity to join up with the staff and students of Ben Narbuth Elementary as part of our virtual World Read Across America Tour!

Home of the blue and gold jackrabbit mascot, Col. Ben Narbuth Elementary is one of the 26 schools within the Socorro Independent School District. A relatively brand new school that has opened its doors for the first time this past year, Narbuth Elementary is committed in its school mission of optimizing students’ academic, artistic, athletic, and interpersonal skills by preparing them for high school and beyond through innovative programs and extracurriculars to help each child reach their maximum potential.

We at Unicorn Jazz are looking forward to presenting to the students of Narbuth Elementary as the school is centered on helping each student find their voice, a common theme found in the Unicorn Jazz stories, and author Lisa Caprelli is excited to share her message with the brilliant young minds of Col. Ben Narbuth Elementary through the lessons found in her Unicorn Jazz children’s picture book series.

Thank You Col. Ben Narbuth Elementary!

As part of the in-person visit to Ben Narbuth Elementary, author Lisa Caprelli will present a short 5 min video from “Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do” kids show on Amazon TV & KidsBeeTV and much more, including:

  • Order forms for books toward Ben Narbruth Elementary will be given in advance.
  • Reading, writing, and behind the scenes from the Unicorn Jazz book series will be read
  • Teachers can share or read in advance of this visit, the Unicorn Jazz book one– storytime and the Unicorn Jazz Friendship song to get familiar with the characters and stories themes of friendship, belonging, kindness, social-emotional learning.
  • Teachers can take advantage of learning resources for Unicorn Jazz
  • Free resources for THE THING I DO book
  • Songs from 10+ music videos created by Lisa at
  • Approx 7-10 min Q&A facilitated by author and teacher’s classrooms
  • Additional 100-page variety of coloring pages, activities, and learning here.
  • SEL learning packet
  • Unicorn Jazz & Zebracorn Puppets are available on Etsy for teachers/educators


How Far is El Paso, TX, from Huntington Beach, California, the HQ of the Unicorn Jazz?

Located a little over 805 miles east from our HQ, the city of El Paso is about a 12 hour and a half-hour drive from Huntington Beach, California.

Making Geography Fun

Fun Facts about El Paso, TX

  • El Paso is nicknamed The Sun City. This is because, on average, the city gets around 302 days of sunlight a year. That’s 7248 hours out of 8760 in a 365-day calendar!
  • The Magoffin Home, located in El Paso, is another building within the city’s limits listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The vast 19-bedroom residence was originally built in the late 19th century with unique details of abode materials and a Greek revival setting.
  • El Paso is the only major city in Texas that works on Mountain Standard Time (MST).
  • Last, but not least, El Paso is also the hometown of Unicorn Jazz author, Lisa Caprelli!

The Thing I Do Show 9 puppets

Thank you for your support of literacy and the joy of books and learning!


Col. Ben Narbuth Elementary School Video & Learning Resources

  • Where do Good Ideas Come From. Teachers can play when Author is in classroom, click here
  • Behind the Scenes Journey of an author during the pandemic: click here
  • Skip a Step, Free Digital Journal for Students, click to download free
  • More for students interested in leadership: click here


  • The Thing I Do Song Created by Students and Adults watch
  • Dance and Sing With Me Music Video by children actors/singerswatch

To learn more about Lisa Caprelli’s entrepreneurial and speaker journey click here.

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