Orange County Photographer Touching Lives with a Camera

/ March 13, 2020

TOUCHING LIVES WITH A CAMERA FOR FAMILIES is Lizette Ruiz an Orange County photographer changing families lives, with newborn and family photography.

Lizette Ruiz is a newborn and boutique family studio photographer. An Orange County photographer in Cypress, California, her previous professional experience in photography has included weddings, private events, and headshots. Lizette’s passion for photography is to “deliver a collection of flashbacks that could trigger the best moments in the lives of her families and clients.”

orange county photographer lizette ruiz

“My mom often told me, ‘one day you are going to touch lives with your gifts.’” 

Born in Hollywood and raised in Southern California, Lizette grew up with two siblings and a hard-working single mother. She first realized she wanted to be an entrepreneur and dive into being a photographer during her high school years when she developed negatives in photo class. Immediately, she knew that photography is an art form that she could learn.  And, boy, did she ever learn how to be creative beyond her wildest dreams!

Lizette became further inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and other black and white films that led her to dig deeper into the world of photography. 

Since becoming a professional event photographer, Lizette has had the pleasure of meeting several inspirational individuals, including journalist Maria Shriver, former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, and their children.

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Meeting Maria Shriver was a favorite moment for Lizette as they chatted for a few moments during an event in Santa Monica supporting the “Think Purple Now” fundraiser. Even though the encounter was brief, Lizette will never forget the appreciation Maria Shriver gave her to never give up on her photographic journey.

“A photograph captures timeless visions. It is a piece of time that easily triggers the best moments in people’s lives.”

Lizette’s Meaning of Family & Happiness

Outside of Orange County photography sessions, family is the most important thing in the world for Lizette. She feels blessed that she was able to take the role of a stay at home mom to raise her four children up until the time they entered school. 

“Financially, it was tricky but all worth it and I never gave up on my camera work”, says Lizette. During this time, she worked any chance she could as a wedding photographer on the weekends. Her best friend and husband, Alvaro, would encourage her to do so as an advocate for Lizette’s happiness in seeking personal development. The payoff for Alvaro’s support, Lizette says, is that “a happy wife equals a happy life.”

Lizette, the beautiful Orange County photographer  finds happiness by spending time with her family and dear friends.  Keeping connected with such, she also enjoys having romantic dinners and going to the beach with her husband, traveling, giving back to the community, dancing, and of course, photography.  When you see the two of them together, it is easy to feel the strong partnership between them.  


She especially loves doing quirky voice impressions of Disney movie characters for her kids to laugh along with.

Aside from Lizette’s career as a photographer, she would most like to be known for being a person who loved well, someone you can count on, and who never gave up on her dream as a mother, wife,  sister, friend, daughter-in-law, and successful business woman. 

Lizette also possesses a compassionate support of single moms during their tough times, especially when it comes to legal matters such as a divorce or a custody battle.

orange county photographer lizette ruiz 

On Making Memorable Newborn Photographs

Lizette describes newborn photography as “an art in itself because of the technique of wrapping (swaddling) then molding beautiful little beings in such a way to capture and appreciate the way they were when they were born. For example, a first-time daddy nervously holding his little daughter and singing her a lullaby while sharing tears and joy are so precious.  

Capturing priceless moments that surprise her clients is what Lizette feels also sets her photography art apart from others, along with her unique self-created backdrops. 

Newborn photography is something I feel takes a special kind of person”, says Lizette, “You can learn from books, tutorials and clubs all day, but if you don’t have the patience or the love to hold a baby and put them to sleep as part of your ‘work’ then it will show in your shot and designs. I personally do not struggle with this given that I just love the babies! Each one is an honor for me to hold.”

orange county photographer orange county photographer

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It is not wonder that a talented girl (Lizette’s daughter) Sophia has become brand ambassador for Unicorn Jazz.  Author, Lisa Caprelli, and Lizette became friends with the commonality as women entrepreneurs who wear many hats and Caprelli has enjoyed getting to know Sophia, and her beautiful personality.  “It will be a joy to see Sophia grow up and I am honored to get to know the Ruiz family as we all grow up, while staying young at heart!”- LC

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