Social Books for Children

/ June 26, 2020

Children – Find books to help kids understand their feelings and social situations. Shop our collection of children’s social and emotional themed books at Unicorn Jazz. 

Unicorn Jazz is an award-winning children’s book series. Kids enjoy the engaging content, witty humor, graphic like pages.  Kids love the books for its hand-drawn illustrations.  What you get is more than social emotional skills.  Confidence building is praised by teachers and parents.

Social Books for Children

Unicorn Jazz books and The Thing I Do

Social Books for Children are popular with diversity talks by parents, teachers and educators. The Unicorn Jazz social books for children can introduce a fun way to create meaning.

  • Being unique is an important social skill to teach kids.
  • Friendship is always important along with kindness.
  • It is important to believe in others, and teach them to believe right back!
  • The importance of belonging makes us all feel we matter.
  • Happiness and love are essential to all human beings.
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