Finding Inspiration, Meaning, and Purpose Through Children’s Unicorn Books

/ July 31, 2019


Discover why the author enjoys creating a children’s unicorn book series. 

Your Thoughts Matter

My passion for writing children’s books and more importantly children’s unicorn books in the Unicorn Jazz series is to extend values regarding positive communication to girls and boys of all ages early on in the stages of their social emotional development. Communication is the uttermost important and distinctive ability we have as human beings, yet so much effective and positive communication seems to be severely lacking from one person to the next across all areas of social interaction. This doesn’t just go for communication between people at home, or at school, or even at the workplace, this also goes for communication that people have with themselves internally as well. That’s why one of the main messages behind my first book in the Unicorn Jazz series is about being able to upkeep positive communication within ourselves and with others while also standing out among the crowd.

It’s not where you start in life that matters, what really matters is where you plan on going. I strongly believe that anyone who feels like they’re always at a disadvantage by their circumstance can change their emotional outlook around with the right purposeful inspiration, but they won’t be able to find that inspiration or put their best self forward on the way to success unless they feel generally good about who they are. By possessing the qualities of both positive external communication and positive internal communication I believe people can put themselves in a position to do their best all while being happy and having meaningful interactions along the way. 

Finding Inspiration, Meaning, and Purpose

Becoming a children’s book writer has changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine. When I first moved to Southern California from my hometown of El Paso, Texas, I sure didn’t think at the time that I would go on to bring countless smiles — 19 years later — to the faces of young girls and boys by sharing my values of effective communication and bold confidence through my stories.

Now when I go to visit kids at schools, hospitals, and community events, I get to see the impact my Unicorn Jazz stories get to make on a daily basis in the lives of others firsthand. The heartwarming feedback I receive from the kids, parents, guardians, and educators compels me to do more and find better ways to make young girls and boys alike be positively radiant about their unique qualities while also accepting and appreciating others for theirs.

Our Mission is to share positive lessons, gratefulness with stories and kind messages for the greater good.  Kindness brings people together and promotes happiness. 

Why Building Unicorn Jazz Children’s Books Are Important to Keep Creating

The main theme behind the Unicorn Jazz series is about stories that entertain and evoke emotion, communication and creativeness in the youth.  People and kids of all ages relate to animal characters well. It is so fun to read a story where you can sound silly making up a different voice or idea to kids.  They either laugh, ask more questions or have more ideas for me when I read aloud to kids in a small group or large classrooms, or hospital visits.  There are NOT enough places I will be able to go in my lifetime to share the joy and positivity that Unicorn Jazz is doing.  that is why I rely on influencers, readers, authors, parents, school educators and everyone I can talk to to spread the word and get the books.  

I have been asked to turn Unicorn Jazz stories into a cartoon animated series.  One day it will happen, mark my words!

One of the ways I incorporated this theme into the brand was by having an official Unicorn Jazz song studio recorded with the help of singer/songwriter/musician: Thanecha Anderson, who and Kerri Kasem, who sang the vocals. This seemed like a great idea to me considering how much kids love singing and the fact that Unicorn Jazz’s mom sings to her multiple times in the book itself.  It is now a sing-a-long very catchy tune that I am often told, “We can’t get it out of our head.” 

 “Our child loves singing and reading the book over and over again.”

I’m excited to say that this is just the beginning of the Unicorn Jazz brand. The second book in the Unicorn Jazz ™ brand series has more feel-good themes and new characters to the Unicorn Jazz world, and more books coming often!   My main passion and love is WRITING! My illustrator, Davey Villalobos, loves the work and heart he puts into every page and story and we collaborate often.  He is very CREATIVE and intuitive, a rare thing.

Another book for our intellectual young minds co-written by me is Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Entrepreneurial Minds. Based on my 2.5 years research and interviews with over a dozen top professionals in their fields, Skip a Step is a 13-part anthology on the experiences and troubles that CEOs and other very successful people have had throughout their careers. As you can tell from the title, Skip a Step is targeted towards teens as to what they should look forward to and how to prepare themselves for future success on their business ventures without giving up along the way. 

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