10 Popular Unicorn Jazz Songs For Kids With Lyrics

/ October 1, 2021

Popular Unicorn Jazz Songs For Kids With Lyrics comes with our growing Unicorn Jazz The Thing I Do Song for Kids Album.

Popular unicorn Songs

Unicorn Jazz Songs are on 30 music platforms – click

Free or virtually free on Teachers Pay Teachers – 100 pages of curriculum.


Help and Give Back song, sung by Emily Isabel


Music Videos, Story and Sing-a-long Songs Lisa brings to life one of her stories through video and character voices.  She shares one of our original songs that accompanies a book with lyrics and music sheets for kids to sing along with or use in lessons.    

Songs also available on 30+ music platforms (Itunes, Spotify, Itunes, YouTube Music:  Some available in SPANISH!  


  1. Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song
  2. The Thing I Do
  3. Dance & Sing With Me
  4. Rainbow Song  
  5. Make That Smile a Little Bit Bigger
  6. Happiness News 
  7. Haiku Song
  8. Baby, I Love You
  9. 12 Days of Christmas
  10. Help and Give Back
  11. Twinkle, Twinkle Curious Cat

Popular Unicorn Songs

Dance & Sing With Me

The Thing I Do

Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song with Lyrics





Baby I Love You


Haiku Song

Make That Smile a Little Bit Bigger

Watch the original Unicorn storybook come to life with its song as featured on Amazon TV/Prime

Curious Cat Song and Music Video:

12 Days of Christmas

This is being made into a new music video just in time for Christmas 2020 with 12 children (kid singers and actors) who will each be singing a verse.  This fun and silly song is written by Lisa Caprelli.

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