Children’s Picture Books Based on Songs

/ August 24, 2021

Children’s Picture books based on Songs are so important to Unicorn Jazz. After all, music is life. And life is music! Take a look at these children’s books and songs that accompany their positive messages about social emotional learning.

Growing up with Unicorn Jazz and the messages were something I wished I had as a kid. Children’s Picture Books Based on Songs and sharing entertaining stories that create lasting conversations between kids and parents or kids and teachers is important!


With the stories, pictures, art and books, we bring them to life with songs!

Children's Picture books based on Songs

Official Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song With Lyrics

Be happy with your light, you are bold you shine so bright, a golden ray, you’re my sunshine. Let nothing give you fright, you are strong, your heart is kind and everyday you’re my my heart’s delight!

Rainbow Song


Make That Smile a Little Bit Bigger

If you’re feeling down, turn that smile around, make that smile a little bit bigger.  Don’t be sad, just give me a smile, say Eee!   Sung by Sheylan


12 Days of Christmas

This is being made into a new music video just in time for Christmas 2020 with 12 children (kid singers and actors) who will each be singing a verse.  This fun and silly song is written by Lisa Caprelli.

Dance & Sing With Me

Dance and sing with me, Move your Body. Just be Free. Sway your arms side to side. Step your legs– let them glide.  Rock ….Rhythm and Slide!

Dance and sing with me. Move your Body Just be Free. Hop to the beat. And shake those feet 

Get creative…You’re on your own. Feel the music —you’re in the zone

 Happiness News Ukelele Jingle

Happiness News ~ Where friends have no blues. You can count on happiness news!

We are working hard on much more children’s songs to create a UNICORN JAZZ song album as well as music resources for music teachers, classrooms, and non-profit children’s charities.  For more information, contact writer Lisa Caprelli today!

If you want our book one – play script – click here.



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