Dual Language Books for Kids with Unicorn kids book – Unicornio Jazz

/ June 7, 2019

Dual Language Books for Kids with Unicorn kids book is in English and Spanish with a FREE Spanish Kids song based on the popular children’s book series: Unicorn Jazz.

Dual language books for kids were launched in El Paso, Texas this year at Del Norte Elementary school has been very dear to Unicornio Jazz. With the new launch of the Spanish book, Unicornio Jazz, as well as the English book Unicorn Jazz has been well received with children and the classrooms.  

The role of family, teachers, counselors and peers can play different roles in shaping Spanish-speaking children’s school readiness and English skills that are vital to children’s academic success, research confirms. By 2030, 40 percent of U.S. students will be learning English as a second language, according to the Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence.

Available on hardcover – ask your local Barnes & Noble or local bookstore:  ISBN #9781646063505

Also, Available on Kindle & Amazon – click

My daughter is bilingual and I have recently been on the hunt for a Spanish children’s book that would interest her. She is simply obsessed with unicorns and once I found this I just knew it was the correct choice! The box is filled with colorful illustrations that really make the story charming and equally darling. I love the fact that this book teaches my child that it is okay to be her own unique self with no qualms.This is by far my daughter’s favorite book and she has requested that I read it to her several times a day since we received it. All in all, this is a quality Spanish children’s book that I would definitely recommend to anyone with a bilingual child!

Unicornio Jazz, es un unicornio que se muda a un lugar nuevo con animals: Jirafas, gecos y un Cuervo llamado Guauguau! Pero rápidamente describe lo difícil que puede ser hacer nuevos amigos. La mama de Jazz le enseña a celebra su singularidad mientras descrubre su talent con una voz mágica. Este es un divertido y alentador libro con una canción magia que todos los niños pueden cantar!This is the Spanish version of Unicorn Jazz based book on the original Unicorn Jazz.

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