Unicorn Cookie Decorating Party in Huntington Beach, California

/ August 21, 2019

Unicorn Jazz & Tumbeler Cookies Unicorn Cookie Decorating Party!

Get ready for this awesome back-to-school event!

Sunday, September 29th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm with Unicorn Jazz and Tumbeler Lindenberger!!!!  

chilldren's unicorn booksABOUT:  The children will then be given a complete unicorn cookie sheet with frosting, decoration and fixin’s to create and take home their very own custom Unicorn Jazz cookies.  The cost of this one-of-a-kind party includes an autographed book by Lisa Caprelli, along with Unicorn Jazz stickers, bookmarks and coloring pages!

Boys and girls welcome!  This is an event that has a maximum capacity of 15-20 kids.

Thanks to owner of Tumbeler, Tumbelliná.  Did you know Tumbellina built this successful cookie business after years of baking for family, friends & co-workers.  She decided to take a risk and start a cookie business. Her passion for cookies grew in 2013, when she began working out of the Hood Kitchen Space & selling at the OC Market Place. 

And Lisa Caprelli Author also changed her life to become a full-time children’s book author and serve children, educators and parents to share the positive messages with stories and the loved Unicorn Jazz and her cast of animal friends, including Woof the Crow! 

Unicorn Jazz is a popular children’s book and unicorn kids brand trendsetter that is set out to be a global unicorn brand.  See what the rave about unicorns is and be part of this not to be missed event!

Lisa will be kicking off our fun event with a Unicorn Jazz story followed by a fun sing-a-long for your child(ren)! 

UnicornJazz.com   | Tumbeler’s cookie website  https://www.tumbeler.us 

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