Children’s Unicorn Books Create Connection and Creativity

/ August 20, 2019

Children’s unicorn books series Unicorn Jazz – a Foundation for Life inspired by being unique, best-selling author tells us!

Children’s Unicorn books, as found in my series of Unicorn Jazz, can create connection and creativity not just for their younger years, newborn to age 2, then the toddler years ages 2-5, ages 6-8, children’s ages 8-10.  Kids of all ages, even adults enjoy how these best-selling children’s books create an everlasting foundation for life.

Children’s Unicorn Books

Best-selling Unicorn Jazz, children’s unicorn book series by children’s author Lisa Caprelli. Available in paperback, hardcover and Audible on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and other fine book sellers sites.

The amount of wonder, insight and questions that a children’s book brings is infinite. 

The experiences and perspective that you, the parent, teacher, grandparent, librarian, principal, educator, relative, or friend bring when you pick up a story and read to your child(ren) is priceless.

childrens unicorn booksWhat would the world be without picture books to a child?

It is hard to imagine that.  Stories that children love to read over and over again can bring smiles, an inquisitive nature and even spark their own creativity.  





A Treasure Trove – “It’s called Reading!”

In my research and publication of the book Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom For Young Entrepreneur Minds, I asked best-selling author, Michael Gerber, “What is the number one best thing a young person can do to get ahead?” And as simple as it sounds this is his answer, the excerpt is taken right out of the book:

reading children's books is important, michael gerber

Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom is a book for children of all ages by author, Lisa Caprelli

The #1 best thing you can do right now to get ahead: 

There’s a completely underutilized treasure trove of information that people use less and less. It’s called Reading! 

Michael Gerber is over 80 years old and has spent a lifetime creating, learning from others and publishing multiple books.  He is one of the most engaging people I have ever met. Every word he chooses when he speaks kept me hanging on to the next chosen phrases and so forth. 

I believe that we all have the ability to become better at speaking, writing and storytelling and story making because of reading. The people in a child’s life who foster the love of books can really encourage so much at a very young age.  Now that is a magnificent gift in life. It is one of the top reasons that my favorite audience to right and convey meaning for is children. 

Here is more (from Skip a Step) of Michael Gerber’s take on reading:

I’ve always read, ever since a young age because it took me to another world in my pursuit of finding answers and meaning in life. I highly encourage you to read as well. It’s a valuable resource that doesn’t require capital. Educating yourself will help develop your potential, giving you an edge in life.

It’s easy to do. I’d suggest finding an author whose work captures your attention. Dedicate yourself to reading all of the material they’ve written. If that one book connected with you just imagine the potential goldmine of information the rest of their work can contain.  

It’s also critical to practice the information digested from reading, regardless of what it is. Excel with practice. I’d recommend finding other people you can talk to about what you’ve learned through your readings. It’s important to engage in what you’re learning. Immerse yourself in new ideas, language, and meaning. Dive deeper past superficial meanings to absorb the deeper contents.

Where he says, “Find other people you can talk to,” why that can mean a child speaking to a friend, a parent, an educator and so on.  It can mean the parent discussing any given book or story with a child.  

Stories like Unicorn Jazz’s children’s unicorn books and its series can create conversations, laughter, sorrow, strength, confidence and a plethora of feelings and emotions which leads to connection.


unicorn book series

This best-selling 2020 Unicorn Book Series is inspired by children’s author, Lisa Caprelli’s stories, upbringing and values for children to have social emotional learning.

Stop and think about what a story book is meant to do? There can be so much underlying meaning in a picture book.  Reading to my children began for them as babies. Of course, the soothing nature of my love for them was given in every word and book I picked up.  Like many parents, I would read over and over and over the same books that I once enjoyed as a child, only to discover an infinite world of books out there. 

unicorn book series

Featured here is Abigail who loves the Unicorn book series by Unicorn Jazz, with her limited edition unicorn plush toy.

Discovering new kids books, like Unicorn Jazz’s children unicorn books, was like going to an amusement park for me. I often wondered why adults outgrow the picture book part of chapter books. I always wanted to know the imaginative visual the author had in his/her head while I read a great story, be it a bedtime story, fairy tale, fiction or whimsical children’s book!

Great children’s unicorn books can bring a child so much in the form of connection that comes from reading.

In conclusion, when it comes to Bonding With Children’s Unicorn Books, this social emotional activity can bring better:

  • Social Emotional Learning for kids
  • Connection with humans and the world around him/her
  • Animals and ocean animals learning 
  • Appreciation for outdoor adventure and nature
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Values that can vary from culture to culture
  • Imagination which can fuel infinite possibilities
  • Resilience which creates character
  • Conversations that can last a lifetime
  • Confidence in oneself
  • Understanding of infinite possibilities
  • Perspective of one’s experiences
  • And so much more!

I can never imagine what you, the reader, would build upon this list, but I welcome hearing from you, too.  For more information, please connect with us today.  

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